Just One Kiss

Just One KissJustice Garrett  is back in Fool’s Gold, a town he stayed at briefly when he was a teenager but he knew that this was home especially with Patience. He is coming back to make a life for himself in this small town and will find that Patience has not changed and his attraction is still there.

Patience McGraw has had dreams all her life but things have gotten in the way. Now she will have a chance to open a small coffee shop. Patience will be thrown however when the boy she had a crush on, now a full grown man, comes back to Fool’s Gold.

Just One Kiss is the eleventh book to the series Fool’s Gold by Susan Mallery and she brings a little more dangerous action to the book. Justice left the town because he was in hiding from his father and was placed in the witness protection. We think the danger is over but Justice will have danger surrounding him thanks to his job as a bodyguard. There is a twist towards the end of the book that brings danger to Justice and Patience. Now Patience seems very meek and a little shy but there is more to her character. She is strong for herself, her daughter and her mother, even Justice when she needs to be. I love that she always has her own fashion sense that is very quirky with color and cartoon characters.

Now I have been on the path of Susan Mallery reading one to eleven and I really loved each one. It was a complete heartwarming/heartbreaking stories that always ended with the couple in love and looking toward the future with plenty of obstacles that the couples had to work through. Mallery keeps producing books with the characters she introduces and now she is bringing in more tough guys like Justice, Gideon, Ford and Angel. She also counters these men with female characters who you know will be connected to these guys later on when they each have their own story. I am looking forward to more of her stories, but I am taking a break right now and letting the series grow once again.

Highland Sinner

Sir Tormand Murray is a lover of woman and many women would fall at his feet. Now Tormand has a problem as a few lovers he had been with have now been grotesquely murdered. Tormand is suspected but will not go down for something he has not done. He will find help in an unlikely woman.

Morainn Ross has been named a witch for all her live and has been kicked out of her town. Morainn makes a living with helping others with medicine but what keeps her alive is her visions. Now her visions are clear on the man Tormand and she feels it is her duty to save this man from death as it beats down his door and hers.

Highland Sinner has certainly reached a different level from the rest. Hannah Howell has spread her writing into the world of supernatural with this one. Although healing and visions have been talked about in the books this book goes into further detail. In fact this book focused solely on this for the plot.

I thought Howell did a nice job on making the supernatural world come alive and really horrific in the intense crime scenes.

The Immortal Hunter

Decker Argeneau is an enforcer for the council and is good at his job. He thought it was over when they found Grant but it turned out he wasn’t the rogue they were looking for. Now Decker and Justin will find themselves going after a group of rogues now know thanks to an immortal who used to be on their side. Decker will find Dani and problems will follow as she is the lifemate and her sister has been taken.

Danielle “Dani” McGill had been taken along with her sister. She thought the group of men were crazy but she knew they were definitely dangerous. Getting away with her sister was the only thing she could think of, but then she is saved and her sister is still kidnapped. Dani will have to put her life and her sisters life in the hands of Decker and Justin even if they think they are vampires.

The eleventh book, The Immortal Hunter, of the series Argeneau Family was yet another great book by Lynsay Sands. If you haven’t notice once I find an author I like I devour all their books. Now as I read this I truly liked it, it was just a little slower than most. There was a lot of action following the same procedure as the others but I felt something was missing.

I think it could have been the characters were now giving a new dilemma and it was drawn out a little too much. But I liked the new concept of the no fangs. It was different and gave new possibilities to the series.

The book followed right after The Rogue Hunter so rereading it was a good option for me. I liked Decker as a character of the Argeneau family (I need a family tree to know whose kid is who) and the same with Dani. The missing sister was a good plot and Sands will have a twist to show that the bad guys are far from over as the ever growing series continues.

The First Daughter and A Vampire

Love at Stake is a series that keeps going and I love it. Kerrelyn Sparks keeps this series going with new characters and old ones still very present. The eleventh book to the series is Sexiest Vampire Alive.

Gregori Holstein is a relatively young vampire and completely bottle fed which amuses most of his fellow vampires. Of course now that habit is what will help the vampires create an alliance with the President of the United States, there is just one catch. Gregori will have to play babysitter to the eldest daughter as they go on a dangerous mission. Gregori is willing to help as it will help their cause but feelings of desire make it difficult to stay on task.

Abigail Tucker or known as Abby is the eldest daughter of the President. She stayed out of the limelight by choice as she did not like the attention but then there was her mother. Her mother became too sick and Abby knew it was in her power to find a cure. Abby’s life is dedicated to help her mother and now with the help of a vampire she will be that much closer. The only thing Abby didn’t think would happen is the desire she feels as Gregori gazes upon her.

As I had started the series Gregori was just a funny young vampire who was amusing to read about. As the series progressed you started to like him more and more. Soon I had hoped he would have his own book and now Sparks delivers.

The character of Gregori was perfect. There was enough humor to love him and even though he had done something unethical to Abby you still wanted to love him. Abby’s character was a spitfire once she was able to let go. I loved how Sparks gave her to be the level headed one. It made the book amusing to read as she let her guard down and got caught up in the vampire life.

Now Sexiest Vampire Alive is not filled with only an amusing plot or characters, no, Sparks gives betrayal and heartache within the pages. Gregori betrays Abby in order to help the vampires that will have you screaming no! don’t do it! You knew that there would be trouble once he had done it, and of course it comes at the right moment at the end, but Sparks will not end it with tragedy. There will be a happy ending as with all of her stories.

Love at Stake series is a quirky, fun take on vampires living in the modern world and trying to get by. The next book will be all about the Dr. Phang and for those who have read the series you know what I mean. For those who haven’t it is another very new vampire who is part of Roman’s team.

MacGregors: The Perfect Neighbor

The last and final book of this series, The MacGregors, was just as well written as the last ones.  The book gave an ending but still a hope of the future for the MacGregor clan.  In this eleventh book, The Perfect Neighbor we met Cybil who is the daughter of Grant and Gennie Campbell.  They are family to the MacGregor and the children are elected grandchildren but to Daniel it is the real thing.

The Plot of The Perfect Neighbor:

“Brooding loner Preston McQuinn’s new apartment, like his life, was just the way he wanted it-dark and empty.  But when sunny Cybil Campbell came barging into his well-ordered gloom, he couldn’t deny a grudging fascination with his bright, bubbly neighbor.  Preston thought he’d closed the door on love for good, so why was he suddenly longing to open his heart to his incredibly perfect neighbor?”

Nora Roberts finishes the series in very much like the MacGregor fashion.  It was a joy to read as Cybil found love to a man who very much like her father just wanted to be left alone.  But Cybil would not give him that.  She found the way to his heart but Preston will find more and lose some.

A fantastic finish to a wonderful beginning.