Duncan has been by his Sire’s side for decades but now it is time for him to branch off on his own. Duncan will go to Washington D.C. and make a power play by eliminating the Lord Vampire Victor. Duncan will accomplish this task but another will be thrust on to his shoulders when Emma comes to his doorsteps pleading for help.

Emma Duquet’s best friend is missing and she knows that its serious as Lacy would never leave without phoning where she was going. Emma went to the Vampire Lord Victor but instead found a new Lord, Duncan. She will find help in Duncan and his men as she is pulled into a world she only heard about from her friend.

DuncanD. B. Reynolds brings us the fifth book, Duncan, in the Vampires of America series. I have been waiting for Duncan to have a staring role since the first book. Duncan has always been the lieutenant for Raphael and usually very serious but you saw that there was a softer side to him. Now you get to read about him and see almost a different Duncan, which I loved. He was more playful and strong now that he was on his own. Emma was a spitfire when she got going and she was strong but still needed help. I liked their banter together as it goes to lustful to almost an old married couple bickering.

What was different with this book was Raphael and Cyn were only in the very beginning and very end. Their names were spoken so not to forget them (as if they could be forgotten)  but it was really Duncan’s story, which was nice as you certainly got to know him.

Now Reynolds keeps you involved with the question of who is the bad guy. You discover some and then are mislead to another person. Reynolds keeps you going in twist and turns to find out the bad guys and especially who the mystery woman is. For me I instantly thought of one woman who would be the bad guy, of course I was wrong. Reynolds will give a final twist on who the woman behind all this mess.

Vampires in America is one series that will have me reading again and again and hope that it is an ever growing series.