Dukes Are Forever

Dukes are foreverEdward Westover, Duke of Swarthmore has lost his brother in an accident and Edward was bound on revenge against the murderer. He would stop at nothing to get his revenge against Benton and he will succeed, he just didn’t know that through the revenge he would encounter Kate Benton.

Kate Benton loved her home and would do anything to protect it, especially against her father who took everything away. Kate will be stunned when she hears she had been given as a ward to Duke of Swarthmore. She will try to make the best of things but it will get complicated when she starts to feel things for Edward.

Dukes Are Forever is the first book to the series The Secret Life of Scoundrels by Anna Harrington. I really, really liked this book. Right from the start I had gotten into the story and I wanted to know what would happen next.

Edward was a solider through and through and even though he was rough around the edges, at least in the beginning, I really liked him. He shows his good side with trying to be kind and doing what he could to help Kate. Now he could have consulted her on a few things but he was doing it to help. Now Edward did have his fault which was that he was too angry and wanted revenge. Kate’s character was a loving girl who wanted to believe in the good and to help. Kate was also stubborn and protective especially when it came to her farm and the people that worked there.

The villain was obviously the father. He was a user and he used his daughter especially as he preyed on her kindness. He was a character that would never learn from his mistake or change.

I was able to pick up all three of the books at once so I am off to read the second book next.

I Kissed a Rogue

I Kissed a RogueSir Brook Derring was considered a hero but all Brook did was his job. Brook will have to find another person but this time he will not be happy with the person he has to find. Lady Lillian-Anne Lennox was once a woman he had loved but she had made fun of him. Brook would do his job and leave but he will find that he will have to play bodyguard until the villain was captured.

Lady Lillian-Anne “Lila” Lennox had been taken by a villain and on the same night she had witnessed a murder. Lila will be shocked and distraught, but the changes in her life will not be over. Once she is rescued she will find herself sticking close to her rescuer until her kidnapper is captured.

I Kissed a Rogue is the third book to the series Covent Garden Cubs by Shana Galen. I really liked this book.

Brook’s character was not boring by any means but he was very serious. He was determined in his work and wanted to do everything right. I hated that he was heartbroken seven years ago as that harden his heart. Though I liked that he was opening up again especially when he finally understands that Lila was not the same as she had been. Lila’s character had been that spoiled brat, a character trait that I really of course dislike in heroines. Luckily she grows up due to a tragedy and she is not selfish or mean spirited like she used to be. Of course for Brook to forgive her will not be overnight but I liked how Lila never gave up.

As far as the villain in the book was was obviously Beezle but Galen will give a twist in the end that I actually did not see coming. Of course thinking back to the events that lead up to the end I should have suspected the twist, but I was too engrossed in the novel to analyze every scene.

A Groom of One’s Own

A Groom of One's OwnSophie Harlow had been left at the alter which was heartbreaking. She moved on with her life and became a writer. She would write about all the society weddings but her recent job will be difficult when she starts to have feelings for the groom.

Duke of Hamilton and Brandon was getting married to the perfect girl. She was beautiful, undemanding and was not in love with him. Brandon will find himself in trouble when his eyes drift longingly towards the writer who is doing the exclusive on his wedding.

A Groom of One’s Own is the first book to Maya Rodale by Writing Girls. I really enjoyed this book. Having already read the third book of the series I knew that I liked these woman and Rodale’s style of writing. Her writing is fun and she brings some humor to these characters with the situation they were getting themselves into, especially at the end.

So Brandon was engaged to Clarissa but he wanted another, Sophie, and she wanted him as well. Then Clarissa wanted her prince but was stuck being engaged to Brandon. It sounded like a play but these characters are clever enough and driven by love so they will find a way. Now there will be a problem with some secrets which are on Clarissa side. These secrets are a problem which threatened everyone from finding happiness. I will say I was a little surprised by the secret but it made sense.

I thought all characters had a place in the book and liked them all, well except for Lady Richmond. She was a piece of work and you wanted her to back off and let Clarissa find her own happiness.

Now the romance was something I loved in this book. It was a forbidden romance but I liked that even though the romance was forbidden no one was being really hurt because Brandon loved Sophie and Clarissa loved the prince.

I am reading the second book next.

Some Like It Wild

Some Like It WildPamela Darby needed to earn money fast for herself and her sister. To solve their problems they needed a man who perhaps was more brawn than brains. They needed the man to play the part of the long lost heir to a powerful duke. She will find the perfect man, Connor Kincaid.

Connor Kincaid was a notorious highwayman and in all his years being one he never was propositioned to play a part of a long lost heir. He will agree to the scheme but will find that when Pamela’s task is up he wants to keep her close and will make sure she stays around.

Some Like It Wild is the second and final book to the series Kincaid Highland by Teresa Medeiros. I really loved the book. There was some humor, mystery, some action, and of course romance. I thought it was a good conclusion to this short series.

Pamela was the daughter of an actress and did not know her father. She has done everything she could to make sure her sister and her survive. Now Pamela was not a villain by any means but she was a woman who did what she needed to do which meant she would have to lie to get what she needed. Connor was a good man but he had given up on life it seemed. With the scheme it seemed that Connor was back with some fire and definitely passion when it came to Pamela.

The villain was obvious even before I knew the twist. There was just something devious about the character that had you guessing they were up to no good.

This book had a surprise which had me questioning if it was even possible. Medeiros explains the situation rather well throughout the end of the book and it makes sense. I liked the twist as it made it all the more possible for a happy ending.

The Trouble with Being a Duke

The Trouble with Being a DukeAnthony Hurst, Duke of Kingsborough, is hosting the annual ball that has not been seen in his house for the last five years. He will be obligated to dance with potential brides but only one will stop him in his tracks. He will pursue her and end in an embrace that is until she runs out on him. He will look for her and find her fairly easily but she will not leap into his arms. Their happy ending will take some persuading.

Isabella Chilcott was meant for another but she wanted a night to forget what was needed to be done. She will find that night at the Kingsborough ball and in the arms of the Duke himself. She knows that the fairytale cannot last and she will flee before she wants more. She thought that night with the Duke would be the last she saw of him but he will be persistent and she will have to decide to follow her honor or her heart.

The Trouble with Being a Duke is the first book to Sophie Barnes series Kingsborough Ball. Overall I liked this book. At first that was not the case as I was almost indifferent, I just wasn’t getting into the story. I guess the beginning didn’t really capture my attention but as I kept turning the pages of the book I was pulled into the story of Isabella and Anthony.

The couple were very different in status and it would be unthinkable of a Duke marrying so low beneath but Anthony will fight through what society thinks and pursue the woman he has come to love. So as I am a sucker for romances Anthony was an ideal man for wanting Isabella despite her ranking. Isabella I liked for the sole reason was that she was honorable. She was going to marry a man she didn’t love to help her parents. Even when she started to have feelings for Anthony she would still do her duty to her family, but not too worry as this is a romance novel and a happy ending will come for the characters.

There are bumps in the road that happen, one is status but the other is the villain aka mean girl. Lady Harriett is a definite mean girl who wants Anthony and will do what she can to ruin Isabella. Barnes will not let Harriett prevail. Barnes also gives a little twist that is something that you could have guessed thanks to some clues.

I will be back for more from Sophie Barnes.

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's HeartJuliana Fiori has lived with scandal since she set foot into London. She will find most are two faced with the exception of her brothers. She will be heart broken when the man, Duke of Leighton, is very much like the rest of London. She will be determined to show that the Duke of Disdain has passion whether he liked it or not.

Duke of Leighton, Simon Pearson, or the Duke of Disdain as he is called needs to marry to make sure his family’s reputation survives. He will find the perfect woman to marry but he keeps thinking about one that is not suitable for someone of his station. Simon will fight the attraction but he will be shown a new side of himself thanks to Juliana and its one he wasn’t too sure he wanted.

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart is the third and final book to the series Love by Numbers from Sarah MacLean. It was a book with up and downs with the characters who were fighting their attraction every step of the way.

So I really did like the book but Simon got under my skin. He was all about a good reputation and he looked down upon anyone who was not his equal. He was stuck up and very proud. He kept hurting Juliana even though he truly wanted her. I felt bad for Penelope who was engaged to Simon and how she did not get her happy ending but know that she has her own story in MacLean’s other series, Rules of Scoundrels, and a happy ending will be hers. Though it still takes years for Penelope to get to that point so it was heart breaking but I wouldn’t want her to be in a loveless marriage especially when Juliana and Simon were meant to be together. Juliana was a spitfire and determined to make her way into society even with all the cruel things people say behind her back and too her face. I liked that she was determined to make Simon to feel passion. Now the ending was perfect as Simon was not the perfect Duke but a man who was now flawed and loved a woman without caring about her status.

There is a little surprise with the St. John’s mother coming back to England and its kind of horrible at how bad of a mother she really is to her children. I liked that Juliana finally saw that she was nothing like her mother.

Now since I am finished with the series of Love by Numbers I am switching to the series Rules of Scoundrel. I am first going to re-read the first and second book then move onto the third book, No Good Duke Goes Unpunished, which is sitting in my pile of books.

Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord

Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a LordLord Nicholas was considered to be a catch among London and at first he liked the attention now he wanted to get away from it. Helping find the Duke of Leighton’s missing sister seemed perfect. He was not expecting to find a woman that vexed him to no end and then make him lust after the next moment.

Lady Isabel Townsend was used to taking care of everything in the household and has been doing that for years. Everyone relies on her and Isabel does not want to let them down. At first she thought Nick was a sign to help them but will find that he is there under false reasons. She has too much too lose if her secrets come out.

Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord is the second book to Love by Numbers series from Sarah MacLean. I have only read the first book of this series along with rereading the first book to get back in with the family St Johns.

The second book to me was just as good as the first and something that I wanted to keep reading. I thought Nick’s character was charming to a fault but it was almost a defense mechanism to hide what he had went through with his past. Isabel has a good heart and is determined never to marry or to love anyone. She is blindsided when it comes to Nick but it still takes the very end for her to trust. I liked that it was almost a role reversal where Nick was giving his love but was rejected by Isabel. It is usually the heroine that is being rejected by the rogue when feelings are coming out into the open. Love will conquer all when it comes to these two characters giving them a happy ending.

There were several side characters to the story but the one I liked best was Rock. He was a friend to Nick and was the one who saved him from the prison.

The third book is next with the brothers half sister Juliana who will be up against the Duke of Leighton.

The Duchess Diaries

The Duchess DiariesMiss Charlotte Boscastle has wanted Gideon for over a year and in her diary she created that fantasy that he would be overcome with love and lust for her. Charlotte’s reality was anything but that is until her diary goes missing after the Duke read several pages. By trying to recover the diary she will find herself compromised with Gideon and only a marriage will make the problem disappear.

Duke of Wynfield, Gideon, did not want to be marry again in fact he was off to claim a new mistress but it was the words in a diary from Charlotte that had him stopping. He will soon find Charlotte in his arms only to have her family finding them behind a closed door. The only thing he can do is marry her but soon he finds out that will not be such a hardship.

The Duchess Diaries is the third book from Jillian Hunter’s series Bridal Pleasures. From start to finish I kept reading this book. There was something about Gideon and Charlotte that kept me drawn towards them the entire time of the book. I want to read more from this series and from the other one, Boscastle Family, which is Charlotte’s cousins. Within the book you get to meet several members of the Boscastle and from these scenes I have a feeling I am going to like this family.

Gideon was a rogue and liked it that way. He was not a bad man just someone who had no desire to marry again. I liked that he was going for a mistress but after reading several pages from Charlotte’s diary he decided against the mistress. He was intrigued by Charlotte and no other women would do at that moment. Charlotte was a strict headmistress and she needed to be. I loved that she had another side to herself and that came out as she wrote in her diary. She would write the truth and then write her fantasy of what she wished had happened in that situation. It was interesting that her diary was stolen but it made sense why when you found out who hired the thief. The culprit was pretty easy to decipher but nevertheless it was an engaging story.

Jillian Hunter will be a new author I will be actively looking out for to finish up the Bridal Pleasures series and starting the Boscastle Family series which I am excited to read.

To Pleasure a Duke

To Pleasure a DukeSinclair St. John, Duke of Somerton, is expected to marry someday and that day is not today even though he meets a woman who had him lusting after her. Sinclair wants Eugenie as his mistress as he knows she is not to be his duchess since she is of a lower class but circumstances will bring them together.

Eugenie Belmont lived in a chaotic household but they were her family. She has an objective to marry well even though she knows it is impossible especially as she said she was going after the Duke of Somerton. Eugenie will find herself in way over her head as things start to spiral out of control.

To Pleasure a Duke is the third book to Husband Hunters Club by Sara Bennett. So first off I did like the book but I wasn’t sure if I would. The story was good but it was Sinclair that I wasn’t sure about. His character was a little annoying at times but he does get better throughout the book. He seemed a little too upper class which made sense but I didn’t like it when he was with Eugenie. Then it gets better and he shows more of the man he truly is with his painting. I liked Eugenie and how she knew her quest was impossible to get married but I loved it more when she did not take the offer of becoming his mistress. Of course she still couldn’t resist him for most of the book. They do get it right at the end but it still takes a little persuasion.

I have a feeling I will be coming back to more with the series Husband Hunters Club.


IrresistibleClaire Banning was on her way home when her carriage was stopped and she was grabbed. Claire fought hard to get away only to be taken by a different man. She is thrust onto a ship and finds they think her to be spy.

Hugh Battancourt grabbed the woman he thought was a french spy but as he spends time with this woman he is not so sure. Soon he will believe her and let her go but he knows that he will be seeing her soon.

Irresistible is the second book to Banning Sisters series from Karen Robards. I loved this book. It was definitely romance but not an easy one where nothing bad happens. There was more mystery and a lot of adventure that flowed through the book, which I loved reading.

Claire was the beautiful one of the sisters but probably at this point the most miserable one of the sisters. She didn’t love her husband and was now kidnapped. I liked that she didn’t give up and kept trying her best to tell them that they were not the woman they were looking for. Hugh was a mystery. He was a spy for one thing and took his job very seriously. He was hard but had a sense of humor and a seductive way about him that made Claire melt eventually. The spying played more into the story than the first one and it was well done. Chemistry was also really well done by Robards. It was steamy between them once they were through with the kidnapping but it was not instant as they were both strong characters and did not give up easily.

I was not sure how this book was going to continue when Hugh was to be out of her life but there is a twist with who Hugh really is which was well done. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a happy ending with the two since Claire was married but there will be once again a twist that will give Claire and Hugh a happy ending.

Now the villain in the book would have to be the person who was attempting to kidnap Claire in the first place or it is really the person who ordered the men to kidnap her. I was surprised by the villain but Robards explains why they were doing this to Claire.

Beth’s story is next and I can’t wait to read how her story will go.