A Duke’s Tempation

a dukes temptationSamuel Charles Aubry St. Aldwyn, Duke of Gravenhurst is a writer but unbeknownst to his peers. He relishes in scandal and rumors which is fuel to his writing. Samuel though will soon find himself catching a woman who is running from her own scandal and she is someone he wants.

Miss Lily Boscastle was ready to marry the man who was her friend for a long time. The problem was there was no passion and now it seemed that her friend had changed as he gambled more and his friends were not all good people. Lily will soon find herself witnessing a murder that everyone said didn’t happen. With her reputation ruined she leaves her family to become a housekeeper. She didn’t expect to land on the doorstep of the man who tempted her to no end.

A Duke’s Temptation is the first book to the series Bridal Pleasures from Jillian Hunter. I have read the third book for the series and absolutely loved it. The characters hooked me in and wouldn’t let go. I want to say it was the same for the first book but it wasn’t. I liked the first book but it took awhile to get into the story. It seemed strange to me at first and a little whimsical which doesn’t mean its a bad thing. Once I got into the book I was able to follow along easily and ended up liking Lily and Samuel. I think when I became invested in the book was when the supposed murder happened. That is when the story started to really take off for me.

It was interesting how the process was for Samuel when creating his characters. They were like real people for him which is what you have to do when writing.

I do have Jillian Hunter’s second book and will be reading it next which will conclude the Bridal Pleasures series.

The Sum of All Kisses

The Sum of All KissesHugh Prentice had a very good memory and a head for numbers which became his downfall and led him to a duel. For three years Hugh’s leg healed but he would always have a limp. This led him to close himself away from people but he will be surprised when Lady Sarah catches his attention.

Lady Sarah Pleinsworth hates Hugh Prentice because of what he had done to her family. Every time she is by him anger flows through her and she will be rude and/or yell at him. Then of course things start to change as she comes to knows him as a man.

The Sum of All Kisses is the third book to the Smythe-Smith Quartet series from Julia Quinn. I have read the first two books of the series a while back so I revisited them and was once again entertained by this chaotic family. The third book resembles the first two with its humor and wit that goes along with the characters.

Hugh’s story is recapped in the book so if you did not read the first two there was no problem understanding what had happened to get the duel started. I liked Hugh even though he was a little surly. I liked his sarcastic side that came out often in the book. Sarah was a good character although a little over dramatic at times and had her cynical moments. Of course she smiled plenty and had a lot to be happy about.

The two of them were almost like enemies for most of the story but the attraction that was between them started to build and once it was at the surface it bubbled over. When they weren’t auguring they were compatible with each other. On a side note I loved the character of Frances, Sarah’s little sister, as she was very sweet and got Hugh to lighten up.

The next book is of course not out yet but I wonder who will be the next of the Smythe-Smith family to be in the fourth book.

The Birthday Scandal

The Birthday ScandalDuke of Weybridge knows that everyone loves a scandal and a surprise, he will be planning one for his birthday that will involve his family. He will make sure that Lucien, Emily and Isabel will be given what they need to find their own happiness.

The Birthday Scandal is a novel from Leigh Michaels. At the start of the book I had a feeling how the story would be progressing and who was involved with manipulating the siblings to find that happiness that they never had. The one person was obvious and as the story went on the other was pretty clear, but it was a fun and a sweet story to read even as it was predictable.

The Duke was one that you liked and there was a funny surprise at the end that had me laughing. Now the actions of the siblings and the love interests were also engaging to read about. Most once again was predictable but you wanted to keep going with the story as it was enjoyable. Each sibling and love interest were intriguing to read about and the problems that were around them. I loved that each of them created a scandal at the party making the title relevant. The ending gives a new beginning for all the characters that leaves you smiling.

When A Scot Loves A Lady

When A Scot Loves a LadyLord Leam Blackwood was going back home to Scotland but with unplanned snow he was stuck at an inn with several of his friends and a temptation in the form of Kitty Savege.

Kitty Savege didn’t expect to spend the holiday at an inn. With the arrival of Lord Blackwood she found that her guarded heart started to beat a little more for this man who wasn’t all that he appeared to be.

When a Scot Loves a Lady is the first book to the series Falcon Club by Katharine Ashe. I had read one book from the author and I wasn’t floored by the story. I thought When a Scot Loves a Lady had potential.

The story was easy to get into but it was hard to understand at first. What was hard to understand was Leam’s words that were written. I had to stop and reread what Ashe had written as Scottish brogue is not something I read every day, but you do catch on. Other than that the story was easy to follow and I liked it.

It was fun to start of with a spy who was at the point of retiring but instantly getting sucked back into his old life. I also liked the band of men who were part of the group along with the one woman.

The character of Leam was all that you wanted in a hero as a handsome roguish Scotsman. Kitty was kind and had a wildness about her that sent Leam’s character spinning. It was fun to read as they interacted. Ashe will also keep you on your toes as there were several twist and turns throughout the book along with a happy ending for Leam and Kitty which was needed.

Mistress by Midnight

Mistress by MidnightMerryn Fenner had revenge on her mind since Garrick Northesk killed her brother in a duel. She will be getting her chance but a problem will occur when her thoughts start to drift romantically towards Garrick.

Garrick Northesk wanted to make amends for the past for the sisters who he ruined by killing their brother. Garrick will though have a secret he must hold on to as too many people would be hurt over the news.

Mistress of Midnight was more than I had thought when I first started reading, but it seems that all the books from the series Scandalous Women of the Ton have that element. Nicola Cornick does a good job writing Merryn’s and Garrick’s character and how their past and present are connected without them knowing all the details.

First of all I loved this book. There was anguish and guilt from both characters that had driven them to do penance for years. You don’t understand for what reasons right away but Cornick will slowly give us clues until the very end when you will know everything.

The love story within the story is not an easy thing. There are certainly steamy scenes in the story but the path is not an easy one. Of course once you get to that point Cornick romances Merryn and Garrick’s relationship.

What I have found out throughout the series is that Mr. Churchward, the lawyer, has always been there in the background helping someway. He does the same with Merryn to help her find the truth without telling her.

Now that I am done with the series leaving me now to go on a search for another series from Nicola Cornick.

Touch of a Scoundrel

Touch of a ScoundrelGriffin Nash, Earl of Devonwood “Devon” is the head of his family and does not take the responsibility lightly. He will use his ranking when his brother has found love to a woman who is not deemed suitable. Devon will be stunned though when he has a vision involving his brother’s almost fiance.  Lust will drive him but caution will be there as he cannot trust this woman or hurt his brother.

Emmaline Farnsworth was used to the life she lived. She was not proud of it but determination to get money for her father to stay healthy was her drive. Emma will be distracted by the older brother especially when he inserts himself into her life. She has much to hide and to lose if the truth would come out.

Touch of a Scoundrel  is Mia Marlowe’s third book to her series. As the series grows you learn more and more about these powers this family possesses. I liked Devon’s powers with the visions of the future he possessed when he touched an object. This was a little different but kept with the idea that touch brought upon these powers. These visions shaped the book which I thought was interesting to read especially as Devon had stated that once it was seen it could not be changed. Marlowe will use this fact which will give a little twist at the end. Now as far as Emma goes I loved her character. She worked hard at deceiving people and making up new lives for herself and her father. Marlowe does a good job at uncovering who the real Emma was throughout the book. I will be looking for more from Mia Marlowe in the future.


Viscount Rohan, Francis, is known as Heavenly Host which is know for debauchery and non stop sex. Francis has become bored with the normal routine which is why he is intrigued with Elinor. She comes into the pits of hell looking like an innocent lamb and he knew he would have her. Francis will go after her but there will be trouble following her and he will be caught in this web.

Elinor Harriman knew she had to find her mother before all their money was gone. She followed her into the pits of hell only to encounter the Heavenly Host. She wanted to be rid of him and to have nothing to do with him but there is something there. Elinor will be forced to endure his presence as he will be butting in, but when she finds herself without a home she will accept his contract. Elinor will find herself in the arms of the Heavenly Host with a new danger lurking around the corner.

I was appalled throughout most of this book, not in hate or wanting to throw the book down but out of frustration. Ruthless by Anne Stuart is not a bad book quite the opposite. I liked this book a lot. It was not a love story. There was betrayal, mystery and a lot of shock value for the character Elinor.

Throughout the most of the book I was frustrated as the plot kept going from bad to worse in regards to Francis’s character. You loved to hate the Viscount as he was a heartless man as the Heavenly Host. You hoped he would find love with Elinor but it kept being a game for him. He hurt her so many times through his words that you wanted to hate him. Of course I kept reading because even though you hate him most of the time he does something out of character to lure you back.

Elinor’s character had you begging for a happy ending. After all that she went through that was all you hoped for. I was frustrated at her interaction with the Viscount because at times you wanted her to find bliss in his arms, but most times  you just wanted her to fight back. I loved her protectiveness of her sister and her relentlessness of doing what she needed to do.

Stuart will get you involved with the characters with their past that is intertwined within the story. She also keeps the side characters alive with their own voice through the story. I liked how the villain of the story was not known, it was not Francis’s even though he acts like one, you are given clues but do not know until the very end.

There is also a very present passion that is filled throughout the story. It is filled with sex from the side of the Heavenly Host. It is gritty because of that and shapes Francis’s character.

Even though this book did take longer to read and was frustrating with the amount of cruelty I am intrigued to know more. Anne Stuart has several more books out for the series and it looks to be of Francis’s family.

Like No Other Lover

Julie Anne Long was an author I read a review on but did not try until now. At my library the only one available was Like No Other Lover, which is the second book to the Pennyroyal Green series.

Cynthia Brightly was looking for a match and with her looks it would be easy or so she thought. With little left to her name she came to a country party and would not leave until she had found a husband. But the heir Miles was going to be a problem. She knew he would never go for her but Cynthia felt a draw to him that overwhelmed her.

Miles Redmond was now the heir thanks to his brother disappearing. He was now told to find a wife and he was doing so with his fathers closest friends daughter but then Cynthia made her appearance again. He had wanted her when he first saw her but he was a lowly second son. He knew that they would not be able to marry but Miles found himself staring off into her blue eyes wishing something completely different.

Stepping into the novel I felt I was missing something with the older brother and this outstanding feud with this other family. So with those two things in the back of my mind it took me a few more pages to connect with the characters, but once you do its smooth sailing.

The main character Cynthia I almost wanted to dislike at first but then you were given insight to the person she was and how she came to be. Suddenly I wanted to cheer for her and for her to find that happiness she deserved.

The other main character Miles I liked from the beginning but I had wondered about him. I did not want him to fall in the traps of marriage to a young woman or in the clutches of one who was already married. The two together, Miles and Cynthia, seemed wrong but worked just right once they were able to talk and not judge.

Julie Anne Long keeps you waiting for the two characters to come together. I felt it was a little long in some parts but I knew that was so the scene would be built up and so the characters could shine. I liked that the book surrounded a stay at a country visit as it kept the book in one place in time.

Reading Like No Other Lover left me wanting to read more on the Pennyroyal Green series to find out more. This time I will start with the first book.

Slightly Dangerous

Christine Derrick is a widow for three years now and is happy with life as she is always smiling and laughing. She gets herself into trouble nowadays but she doesn’t care as she is not in society. Christine is an assistant schoolmistress and loves children she never goes out with the ton.

Wulfric Bedwyn is the Duke of Bewcastle and is hard and stubborn. He is lonely as his mistress of ten years died. He is going to this house party because of a friend but he finds a woman who intrigues him. She is always laughing, falling down and needing rescue. He thinks she is available to be a mistress but he is wrong. Soon Wulfric finds different feelings and wants her as a wife but still she refuses as she does not like his character. Wulfric will try to find a way to change and to get Christine.

Trying Mary Balogh again I was very much entertained by this book. The characters are funny and enduring as well as frustrating as you hope that they stop being stubborn.

I think I have Pride and Prejudice on my brain because the novel, Slightly Dangerous seemed similar to that classic novel in which our main heroine says no to advance her status in soceity. She says no because first it is to be a mistress, then marriage and he list out all the bad qualities first but saying he would want marriage. Not a great way to start a marriage proposal.

Well anyway I might be wrong but you decide and give Mary Balogh a chance in Slightly Dangerous. This is the last book of the series The Bedwyn Family.

Becoming a Mistress or Not

This idea is hard for Jane Ingleby as she does not want to become some mans whore even if he is rich. Jane is hiding from her past but she will no matter what speak her mind what is wrong and what is right. Even though Jane speaks her mind she will give into temptation but on her own rules.

The Duke of Tresham is temperamental and always gets his way which is frustrating when a lone woman invokes him and gets her way. He is enchanted by Jane and her stubbornness and knows that he must have her which he will but she will fight her passion the whole way. There is something she is hiding and Tresham will soon discover but will he be able to forgive.

Mary Balogh delivers a novel of two opposits where one or both will have to give in to become happy. In More Than A Mistress Mary Balogh creates her characters to be frustrating, stubborn and passionate. I have not read her books before but I have to say I was drawn into Jane’s brash behavior which left men shocked. I liked that Jane will decided on her own terms to become a mistress of Treshman and that she sets the rules. Her hidden identity leaves the reader waiting to have Treshman find out and see what he will do.