Scandal and the Duchess

Scandal and the DuchessRose Barclay was hounded by reporters where ever she went. She was not good at dealing with them always but then Steven McBride will be there to help as he will provide a fake engagement. With Steven so close Rose will find herself falling in love with him.

Steven McBride was home for a mission which would only bring sadness to him and the receiver. Steven will delay the news when he stumbles upon Rose and will find it necessary to help her. Steven will find that with every moment he spends with Rose the more he will want her.

Scandal and the Duchess is a novella in the series Mackenzies/Highland Pleasures. This novella is number 6.5 in the series. I really liked this novella. It was quick and fun. I liked that Jennifer Ashley is continuing on with the extension of the McBride brothers.

Steven McBride is mischievous but you know that he is a good man. He works hard and is a man who understands honor. Rose is a young woman who has been through enough but she still finds herself able to help others. Together they are on a mission and things will get heated. It is lustful but there is a sweetness between them, and it builds to a sweet romance.

I liked the mystery of the two pieces of furniture that Rose’s husband left in his Will. I was intrigued with what the Duke had left for his wife and when you found out the mystery it melted your heart. I loved the thoughtfulness of the Duke, it gave Rose something in the end.

I am reading Rules for a Proper Governess next.

Any Duchess Will Do

Any Duchess Will DoGriffin York, Duke of Halford, was told by his mother he was to pick a bride out from Spindle Cove. He was against the idea but thought to use it to his advantage. He would pick the least capable girl for his mothers Duchess Training.

Pauline Simms was a barmaid in Spindle Cove. She had plans of owning her own bookstore for her town. Soon she will find that all the more possible when a Duke makes a deal with her to foil the Duchess Training his mother wanted her to do.

The fourth book from Spindle Cove is Any Duchess Will Do. Tessa Dare once again writes a story that has me stopping everything and just read. This book had a little more comical wit to it with Pauline who was just clumsy. I liked Pauline for that reason but it was also her attitude that never really changed. She knew what she wanted. She was determined to have her bookstore and not to lose her heart to a Duke. Now Griff was just determined not to marry. He had a lot of demons to work through, things he was hiding from. I liked that there was a carefree side that started to open up but only really when Pauline was around.

This is a story of improbability that a relationship would happen between a Duke and a barmaid but it was a story worth reading. I think I liked how Dare wrote the characters as they were walking into this scheme eyes wide open but soon feelings start to burst between them and gets a little more complicated.

A happy ending will happen for Pauline and Griff even though it seemed impossible but it happens. This was the last book that I had. There are two more novels on the series which I will be looking forward to reading and anymore that Dare decides to write.

The Duchess War

The Duchess WarMiss Minerva Lane has been hiding for twelve years hoping that she would be overlooked and her past stay hidden. Minnie though was screaming on the inside to be the woman she truly wanted to be. She will find herself through the eyes of an unexpected new alley the Duke of Clermont.

Duke of Clermont, Robert Blaisdell never wants to be like his father. He tries hard to keep away from everything his father would have done. It gets hard though when he finds lust for Minnie who isn’t of his class. He doesn’t want to be like his father to seduce and discard. Robert will have a whole different agenda once he understands his heart.

I have read the novella, The Governess Affair, for the prequel of the series. The Duchess War is the first book to Courtney Milan’s series The Brothers Sinister. At first it was a little slow for me. I suppose since I read the novella it was more fast pace but it had to be as there were less pages. Once you get into the story it zooms by with the intriguing characters who seem to be at war with themselves.

Roberts drive to not be his father was steady throughout the book. He kept repeating it over and over so he will never fall into his fathers footsteps. I liked that he helped out in his own way with the pamphlets. I was happy to read that Oliver was there as well in the story, I can’t wait to read his story. The brothers are a unlikely pair but they care for each other. I felt bad for Robert who only ever wanted a family like Oliver. I wanted him to find that happiness as he is a very good man. Robert never finds that until Minnie shows up.

Now Minnie’s character I found was unlike one I have read before. Her past is colorful of scandal but not because she was seduced or compromised. I thought Milan does a good job at giving her past a uniqueness to it. I found that I hated her father for what he had done as he took no responsibility for ruining his daughter. It was also heartbreaking to find out why she is afraid of crowds and what happened due to her fathers betrayal. I liked that she was able to not shy away especially from Robert. She was able to become the woman she was supposed to be.

I found that this was not an easy book where the characters found love at a drop of a hat. It was a struggle as there were many obstacles in their way, mainly themselves. I am definitely curious to find out what will happen in the next book and also in the novella where Lydia is the main character as she is someone I want to know more especially with the little parts that were written about her.

Bedding Lord Ned

Bedding Lord NedMiss Eleanor “Ellie” Bowman has been told over and over to find a suitor. It’s a problem though the one suitor she wants doesn’t even see her, or sees her only as a friend. Ellie this year will try now to find a suitor as she wants children, but as she does Ned will start to notice her as a woman after all these years.

Lord Edward “Ned” has been out of mourning and knows its time to find another. He never thought that his attention would drift towards his childhood friend, but since finding those red bloomers he has been seeing Ellie in a new light.

Bedding Lord Ned is the first book to Sally MacKenzie’s series the Duchess of Love Trilogy. Reading this book certainly brought on tons of emotion throughout the entire book. There was laughter, frustration, sadness, love, anger and lastly hope. MacKenzie does a fantastic job on this first novel. You get to know the characters very well  and find out what makes them tick. Ellie and Ned of course were the majority of the book as it was their story. At times I wanted to put the book down thinking that MacKenzie will never put them together as they were both cowards to admit their feelings or in Ned’s case to dense to comprehend his love for Ellie. But nevertheless there is a happy ending even with all the suitors at this house party.

The villains are not really villains only social climbers who turned out alright in the end, well expect for Percy who deserved what he got from Ned.

Now the matchmaking work of Ned’s mother, Venus was something I really enjoyed. She is a wonderful character full of life and mischief. She is calculated knowing what is going on in everyone’s life and uses that to twist the situation. At the end she gets her way the middle child. I am assume Jack will be next in the book as Ash is already married. MacKenzie does a good job at getting you interested though in Ash. He has been separated since the night of his marriage. I want to know what went wrong and why. Was Percy part of the trouble? Were lies being told. I hope that Ash’s story is being worked on as I really want to know what happened. Or maybe with Jack’s story we will know more.

As I was finishing up the book I noticed that there were about 90 more pages. There was a prequel, Duchess in Love, to this series staring Venus and Drew, the parents of Ash, Ned and Jack. It was a very quick to read but fun as it followed the same pattern but this time we got to read about the matchmaker when she was very young and meeting her match.

Duchess in Love

Duchess of Girton “Gina” is in love with her fiance but has to wait for her husband to now annul their marriage. She will be shocked to find herself starting to lust after her husband who has come back to give her the annulment.

Duke of Girton “Camden” comes back to England to find the wife he left behind had blossom into a new woman. He will not like the new suitor but knows marriage would not suit him, at least a real marriage but Cam will be thinking twice about that when he is starting to feel things for his wife.

Duchess in LoveDuchess in Love is the first book of the Duchess Quartet series by Eloisa James. She is new to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I liked the concept of the story when I was checking it out but frankly it left me wanting more. I think what made me not as excited with reading the book is how immature the characters of the females were. I get that they would be immature at twenty one but it was played up a little too much with the characters especially with Gina. I get that with the women they should feel free to enjoy life as their estranged husbands but it just seemed annoying at times especially with how they acted. There were also four different stories being told throughout the book and as each character had their own identity it felt sometimes too much going on. Eventually I did finish the book and found myself liking it more as it was close to the end. I think it was because you did get to know the characters more and understood why they acted as such. I know that I will want to find out more on the series to see if it is like the first book of the series, but at a later time.

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

The Lost Duke of Wyndham is the first book of Julia Quinn in the series of the Two Duke of Wyndhams. She is a new author I decided to try. I always saw her by the books Amanda Quick but never took her book.

Jack Audley is in for a surprise as he tries to rob the wrong carriage. In this carriage he finds a young woman and an elderly one. Instantly he wanted to know this young woman but there will be trouble as the elderly one seems to recognize him. Jack does not know it but he could be the actual Duke of Wyndham.

Grace Eversleigh who is the compaion to the Dowager who could be Jack’s grandmother is stunned by the highway man. The one kiss gets under her skin but she knows that if he is the Duke nothing would ever come of it.

Julia Quinn is definitely becoming a favorite of mine after just one book. Her wit in the characters is refreshing and intriguing. They make you laugh at the byplay they have, Jack and Grace.

Quinn brings humor to the pages throughout the whole book. There is trouble between the characters and the side characters are just as important like Amelia and Thomas who will be in the sequel.

Romance readers will love to read of the flirtation between Jack and Grace and how the plot unfolds to find out who is the real Duke.