Duchess in Love

Duchess of Girton “Gina” is in love with herĀ fiance but has to wait for her husband to now annul their marriage. She will be shocked to find herself starting to lust after her husband who has come back to give her the annulment.

Duke of Girton “Camden” comes back to England to find the wife he left behind had blossom into a new woman. He will not like the new suitor but knows marriage would not suit him, at least a real marriage but Cam will be thinking twice about that when he is starting to feel things for his wife.

Duchess in LoveDuchess in Love is the first book of the Duchess Quartet series by Eloisa James. She is new to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I liked the concept of the story when I was checking it out but frankly it left me wanting more. I think what made me not as excited with reading the book is how immature the characters of the females were. I get that they would be immature at twenty one but it was played up a little too much with the characters especially with Gina. I get that with the women they should feel free to enjoy life as their estranged husbands but it just seemed annoying at times especially with how they acted. There were also four different stories being told throughout the book and as each character had their own identity it felt sometimes too much going on. Eventually I did finish the book and found myself liking it more as it was close to the end. I think it was because you did get to know the characters more and understood why they acted as such. I know that I will want to find out more on the series to see if it is like the first book of the series, but at a later time.