Close Contact

Miles Dartman was an ex-MMA fighter and was starting new work as a bodyguard. He will be blown away when the woman who he had a couple one night stands with will be asking for his help. Miles is a little suspicious but he will quickly find out that she was telling the truth.

Maxi Nevar was never going to look up her one night stand but she had no choice as someone was after her. Maxi had received a large inheritance and a farm house since her grandmother and mother’s passing. She will quickly find that having that money will not always be a good thing.

Close Contact is the third book to the series Body Armor by Lori Foster. I liked the book. The first couple pages were very intriguing and disturbing. Maxi wakes up disorientated near her property as she had been drugged. That will be her wake up call to get help. It was an opening that pulled me into the story.

Miles character was a strong man who had been burned by a woman, but he just wanted another chance with her, especially when he sees her again. Miles will be very protective of Maxi and will be suspicious of many but mainly her family and ex boyfriend. He will stop at nothing to get to the truth. Maxi’s character was a woman who had been through a lot and needed to find herself again. It was hard when she thought someone had been after her. So the intriguing thing was Maxi’s character had received an inheritance which usually brings out people from your past, but there will be a twist that I didn’t see coming which I thought was well done.

The next book to Body Armor series is coming out in March, Fast Burn.


Blog BooksTeresa, Dowager Marchioness of Darnet is on the search for husband number four as she finds herself in a bind with a blackmailer. She searches for the right groom and found Owen to be perfect as he would not be able to function like normal men. Teresa though will be surprised that this marriage will not be like the others.

Captain Owen Purchase or now known as Viscount Rothbury found himself amused at the prospect of Teresa as a radical but even more so his bride. Owen will accept even though it was amusing his desire for her was building. There will be trouble brewing in the back ground that Owen will have to help Teresa with which test their relationship and find out who trust one another.

I have reached the fifth book of the series (only reading now three of them out of six) and I am loving this series still. I think Nicola Cornick wrote well when doing these books as each character so far has been well described and plotted out. All her themes are similar as it correlates to the title of the series Scandalous Women of the Ton. Each woman is scandalous in their own way but keeps most of themselves hidden. Teresa follows that similar guideline but in the public view she is brazen. There is a lot of depth to her character that I loved. Also her being part of the radicals was fun to read. Now Tersa holds a secret about her past which has damaged her. Cornick slowly uncovers it with little clues along the way. You can guess what happened through the clues but not how it happened exactly. Owen is a novelty. He was a Captain now he is a Lord. Owen stays true to his character as the knight in shinning armor which I loved. I knew though there would be a problem when he married Teresa as the topic of Joanna popped up. As he was in love with her beforehand it would break Teresa to know that. It is predictable and Cornick does it well. She made me dislike Joanna, who I loved in the first book, for a little as she seemed greedy for wanting Owen to still love her. It was an odd part in the book but it was settled and all would be okay once again.

As always there were side stories going on with the novels and the characters who surprised me were Emma and Tom. Emma was part of the radical which surprised me as her strength had grown. She was not the pampered little girl anymore but one with a voice. I liked her better for it. Tom was also a surprise. Now knowing some the the back story with Tom (a villain in the past who has reformed) I am a little sad at what happens to him, its understandable as he is the villain but I was starting to like him a little. Most likely his fate is sealed at the end of this book but I can’t help but wonder if Cornick will give a twist in the sixth/last book of the series. Either way I am excited to finish the rest of the series (second, third and sixth book) as this author has got me hooked.

Savor The Danger

Savor The Danger is the third book to Lori Foster’s series Edge of Honor.

Alani Rivers knows terror and never wants to feel that again or trust men again but one weasels himself into her life. Jackson Savor is a sex minded individual who only thinks that when Alani is around and is flattered, she finally has enough and gives in. The only problem now is that Jackson doesn’t remember their night when they wake up together. Alani is hurt and confused but gets over it and needs to find out what has happened to Jackson.

Jackson Savor waited for the day that Alani would give in. Finally it has come and he has no memory. It is disturbing he has no memory of the night. He must bring in Trace and Dare to have them help with his memory, he will also use Alani to give him details that only make her blush hotter. Jackson knows getting back into bed with Alani will be a pleasure for him.

Waking up in bed and no memory of the night was priceless. I loved how Foster starts off the book as there is humor and wit which goes along with Jackson’s character. I also loved how he was just a very sex minded man but only when it came to Alani.

The character of Alani was perfect. She became stronger and gave into the side she had been hiding. I liked how she was strong when standing up to her brother, it shows she has backbone and not to be messed with.

The villain wasn’t expected but an interesting twist. Never underestimate characters as they usually surprise you. There are two new characters also coming in Spencer and Arizona. Finishing up the book I looked up the series and was happy to see Foster is not done with the series and Arizona will have her chance as the main character along with Spencer. Can’t wait for their story. Hopefully their’s wouldn’t be the last in the Edge of Honor series.

Secret Star by Nora Roberts

In the last book, Secret Star, of the series of The Stars of Mithra bring Grace, M.J and Bailey all together.

Grace is a powerful women with little need for money. She is loaded but it is something she doesn’t want to have. Trouble starts coming Grace’s way when Bailey sends her a blue diamond and her cousin ends up dead. With the help of her friends and a Lieutenant Seth Buchanan the mystery client will be solved and the diamonds will be reunited.

The last book started out with a very intense scene. A body was found and I was confused. It couldn’t have been Grace but all the cops were sure. Roberts brings in the reader with this intense beginner and keeps the reader involved with the witty characters of Grace, Bailey and M.J.

The Stars of Mithra is a thrilling tale and worth reading.