Vixen in Velvet

Vixen in VelvetSimon Blair, Marquess of Lisburne, has returned home to attend family matters but he knows that wouldn’t take all the time and a little seduction seemed like a good idea. Simon sets his sights on Leonie Noirot, the redheaded dressmaker who tempted him for more. Problem was she was helping transform his cousin, Lady Gladys, into a beauty.

Leonie Noirot has skills that make any type of woman show off their assets to the best advantage. She doesn’t want to be distracted by the seductive Marquess of Lisburne. She will make a wager to teach him a lesson but it might not go as planned as she will start to fall for the man.

Vixen in Velvet is the third book to the series Dressmakers by Loretta Chase. The last time I read a book from this series was back in January of 2013 so its been a while but when I started the book I wasn’t lost or confused. The sisters were once again alive in this book but of course it was Leonie’s time in the spotlight. I really liked this book. It was fun and had some of that quick wit banter which is always enjoyable in books.

Leonie liked to work behind the scenes and with the books but had a flair for making corsets that worked well for women. She is outspoken and does what she wants but is still timid and self conscious about her appearance as she doesn’t think she is a great beauty. I liked that Simon sees her as a beauty and works hard to make her realize that. Though he doesn’t go about doing things always the right way as his plan was to just seduce and then leave. Chase will not disappoint us with them not being together but there is a lot of resistance on Leonie’s side.

There are some cruel people in the book who would be considered the villains but there was no abduction or real violence. The trouble comes straight from scandal and rumors that are possible to ruin a woman’s reputation. Well thankfully damage is not overwhelming and causes anyone to leave London.

So I have to now try and find another novel by Loretta Chase and not let so much time go in between reading other authors, which is hard because there are so many authors out there to read.

Lucky Penny

Lucky PennyBrianna O’Keefe was alone in the world with her daughter and to save herself she invented a husband, David Paxton. She will send a letter to her fake husband asking him for help. She only hoped that there was no David Paxton in Denver.

David Paxton was on his way to possibly engaged when he receives a letter telling him of a child he never knew. When David meets the woman and his child he knows that she is his but Brianna denies it.

Lucky Penny is the fourth book to Keegan-Paxton Family series by Catherine Anderson. I have never tried anything from Catherine Anderson but I liked the book. I don’t always go for the wild west themed romances but I thought that this one was well done. I felt the environment and the troubles that came with the time.

Brianna was a woman with secrets and they were not secrets that were shared all at once as she was a guarded woman. I had a feeling about her big secret and I was right but I didn’t know about the circumstances. I liked Brianna who was a strong woman with all that she had to deal with. David Paxton was a good man but a little pushy especially when doing things his way. The relationship was in a way like a courtship but it was a strained one at that. They didn’t exactly trust each other with the secrets between them but love does blossom and will become strong.

I liked Daphne, Brianna’s daughter, but there was a mystery about her as Brianna said she was not Paxton’s daughter. The problem started as Paxton and her daughter looked very much alike. Anderson will give an answer to that particular problem but it will be right at the end of the book.

Throughout the book I was trying to figure out how the story would play out as the secret was told but David didn’t believe it. There will be two big obstacles that have to be gotten over and they will be conquered and a happy ending will happen for them.

When She Was Wicked

When She Was WickedMiss Anabelle Honeycote was a seamstress and very good at her job only the money was not very good. Anabelle found a more lucrative way of earning money which resulted with her blackmailing clients. She had done this only three other times before and on her fourth try she will be stopped by the Duke of Huntford. Her life will for the better because of his generosity but she will start to lose her heart to the him.

Owen Sherbourne, the Duke of Huntford, cares deeply for his sister and family which was why he would stop the extortion plan. He will surprise his blackmailer, Anabelle, and have her make his sisters an entire wardrobe. With every moment he has Anabelle in his house he will want to help her, to protect her and want her. Owen knows he can’t marry her but he knows he can’t lose her either.

When She Was Wicked is the first book by Anne Barton’s series Honeycote. I loved this book. I thought the writing was well done and even though the story line was not very different from ones I have read, it flowed and kept me reading until the very end.

What got me were the characters in Anne Barton’s book. Owen was really actually loveable. He was a very good brother who took care of his sisters. He wasn’t a blackguard but he was charming especially when it came to Anabelle who he wanted more and more. Anabella was a seamstress and blackmailer which was pretty interesting. I really loved her character as she was a survivor and she also loved her family as she would do anything to help them.

Romance between them was seductive and charming at the same time. I wanted them to have that fairytale ending and I wasn’t disappointed with Barton at the end.

I really liked the sisters on Owen’s side, Olivia and Rose. I was cheering for Rose to find her voice again and for Olivia to find happiness. Of course Olivia’s story will have to wait as that will be coming out in October of this year. No word on Rose’s story but I am sure that will be written eventually. The other sister is Daphne who is related to Anabelle. I liked her but I felt I didn’t get to know her that much so I am definitely looking forward to reading her story to find out more about her when I get it from my library.

Wedded in Scandal

Wedded in ScandalLady Helaine left society due to her father and the scandalous reputation he acquired with becoming the thief of the ton. To survive she becomes a dressmaker for the ton. She keeps her head down hoping that no one will ever recognize her.

Robert Percy or known as Viscount Redhill is in over his head when it comes to dealing with his family. He much rather loose his head over the dressmaker and he will. But soon he will find that she is not all she seems and holds a secret that would ruin her.

I liked Wedded in Scandal by Jade Lee. This is the first book to the series Bridal Favors. The series reminded me right away of the series Dressmakers by Loretta Chase, but Jade Lee holds her own with her voice in the story.

The story held backbone as it was about survival after ruination fell upon the family. I liked that Helaine did not back down and stays true to the person she is and has become. Robert is a good big brother and I liked that he was not conventional. I felt that Helaine was more featured than Robert but for me I loved her character so I was content. Lee will also keep the plot light with a little humor especially from the roguish Robert along with some silliness with how they all behaved.

I got the second book, Wedded in Sin, to the Bridal Favors series as I wanted to know more on the next character Penny who was introduced in this book.

Scandal Wears Satin

Sophy Noirot is a natural born saleswoman but now she must put her skills to another use, save the reputation of their most prominent customer. Sophy would team up with Clara’s brother Longmore in search of finding Clara before more damage was going to be done. She knew that going with Longmore would be tempting as she was finding it hard to resist the man any longer.

Earl of Longmore ears are ringing as his mother is always ordering and telling him things that are not going as they should. He became worried when Clara disappeared and was reluctant to accept help from Sophy but did as he knew she would be able to help. Having Sophy in close quarters was hard on Longmore and soon he would stop fighting it.

Scandal Wears SatinAfter reading the first book of Dressmakers series I wanted to know more with what would happen to Sophy and of course to Lady Clara. As Scandal Wears Satin is only the second book I have read from Loretta Chase I am still new to her but can tell you that I will be hooked on this author. The second story of the series once again swept me away with the story. There is humor and wit that burst through the pages. I loved the character of Longmore. I am not thrilled when the characters are portrayed stupid but for some reason it worked for him, well he wasn’t completely stupid just got distracted a lot. Chase made Longmore lovable with his nonsense of not always knowing the right thing to say but when it counted everything worked. Sophy was fabulous as well with her quick wit and a way with words. Once again it doesn’t seem like these two kinds of people from different stations in life but as they interact you only want them to find a way to make it work. The ending was wonderful and there is a little happy surprise with the all powerful mother of Longmore and Clara.

Now I want to find out more with the third Noirot Leonie who you don’t know as much as the other sisters just that she is  good with numbers. But Leonie is not the only one I want to know more, there is also Lady Clara who I hope that she finds a happy ending as it seems that in each book something bad happens to her to ruin her chance at happiness.

Silk is For Seduction

Marcelline Noirot is the greatest dressmaker in the world she just has to make sure the English woman understand that. With several clients her business was going well but she was setting her eyes on a bigger prize, the future wife of the Duke of Clevedon. All Marcelline had to do was go to Paris and convince the Duke she was the one to bring style to his future wife. What Marcelline did not expect was to find the Duke so attractive.

Duke of Clevedon knows that he must marry the girl he was promised to since childhood, it was understood. Clevedon wanted several more weeks of freedom which is when he saw the mysterious woman. He made it his mission to find out about her and was baffled that she was a dressmaker wanting his business or rather his future brides. Clevedon is confounded and tries to stay away from the dressmaker but she haunts him at every turn making her impossible to forget, and he has no desire to do so.

Silk is For SeductionI was captivated by Loretta Chase’s Silk is For Seduction which is the first book to the series Dressmakers. I have not read anything from her and was driven to finish the novel and was not disappointed. The two characters are from two different social status’s or at least on the surface. I liked that Chase kept the status alive between the two characters. It felt real as a duke does not marry a dressmaker but as you go on in the story you only want happiness for the characters as you are now invested in the story. They both fight hard to do the right thing, Marcelline more than the Duke but both still fought it. I loved the interaction between the two characters throughout the entire novel. It was fascinating to read how the Duke started to change from his quiet unobserving self. Marcelline did not change much but opened up for something more. Now Chase will definitely have those scenes of passion but they are few as our characters fight the attraction, of course when they come together there is no holding back.

Chase sets up the series to definitely have two more as the two sisters will undoubtedly have their own story which I can’t wait to read as the first book was refreshing and engaging to read.