The Sandman Series

The Sandman Volume 1So I haven’t posted anything for a while now because I have been on the task to read an entire graphic novel collection, which has 12 volumes, and these are not small comics. The majority of the volumes are 200 hundred pages worth. The graphic novel series I decided to try was the Sandman. This series had been recommended to me awhile ago and I had decided now was the time to try it out. I was told specifically to start at the beginning of the series with volume one, The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes. This series is written by Neil Gaiman.

Well the story is basically about this man who wants immortality and decides to imprison Death. Though something went wrong and they captured Death’s brother. Dream was captured for a human’s lifespan but then will find a way to get out of the prison. Now that was just the first volume. Things will continue with the character Dream and Death. There were will many stories that will interconnect and many of them are definitely weird.

Alright first thought about the graphic novel series was that I liked but it did not start out like that. I will say the beginning I felt lost and confused with the story. I was like that with the other book that I read from Gaiman which was Stardust. I had liked the book, but I liked the movie better, though it definitely was strange. He is not an author I would run to read but every now and then try I would try another book. Well back to the graphic novel, so I was able to get into the stories and follow along through all the dialogue, and there were some stories that I really liked. Some stories were more on the gruesome side which surprised me.

I found that with reading the graphic novel series the illustrations reminded me of the old comics which I read when I was a kid, and that made sense as the majority of the stories were published in the 90’s.

So overall I thought that the Sandman series was worth reading and Neil Gaiman created a strong fantasy world where many strange things happened.

When Lightning Strikes and Code Name Cassandra

Vanished 2I am back with Meg Cabot as I am re-reading the series 1-800-Where-R-You. I read this series as a teenager and it was one I loved. As I was reading the Mediator series I wanted more from Cabot so I went in search of these books and for me I still find the series pretty amazing. Meg Cabot writes this series with some flair, humor, sarcasm especially from Jess, and some pretty cool powers. At my library I was able to find all five books to the series so I can re-read the series all in a row. This first book which is titled Vanished is the first and second book to the series.

When Lightning Strikes

Jessica Mastriani or known as Jess was not having good luck with keeping out of detention but her luck will only get worse as she will find herself in a big storm under the school bleachers. When lightning strikes Jess will be hit. The next day she will know for sure that a kid who was missing will be found thanks to her dream she had the other night. Jess will find herself with powers to find people who were missing but that will come with its own consequences.

This was the first book to the series 1-800-Where-R-You and I loved it. Jess is a girl with a tough side who will stand up for those she cares for. She has spunk but she is not always as brave as she lets on. I liked that when she got her powers she in no way wanted that celebrity status, and that will get in her way when the government comes calling. I was reading this part and thinking don’t be stupid to agree to go with them but she has to do it to help her brother from having another episode.

With the government you knew they were using her and they didn’t see anything wrong with that. She does get her justice in the end with them which was pretty funny. I was kind of annoyed with her mom and sometimes her dad. Her mom was all excited about this celebrity status and getting rewards for what Jess was doing. I wondered why they weren’t more concerned that their daughter was hit by lightning. They were good parents though, I guess the mom was just caught up in it all.

Then there was the love interest which was Rob. I like his character as he looks like the bad boy, well acts like it at times, but he is a kid who made a mistake and was doing what he could. This book didn’t have him making too many appearances but he will be a character that will be in all the books of the series.

Code Name Cassandra

After claiming her powers disappeared Jess is taking it easy. For the summer she will be a counselor for gifted kids at a music camp. Jess thought everything was going fine when a desperate father will come to the camp asking for help. Jess will help reluctantly but this time she is going to investigate and make sure the kid wants to be found. But helping out will be getting Jess into more danger and have the Feds on her tail once again.

As a sequel goes I thought Cabot wrote this one well as she kept Jess with the defiant attitude and spunk she had in the first book. I liked that Jess was playing the game that she lost her powers when of course she didn’t. It was interesting that they will get stronger especially when she has to help find a kid fast.

Rob is back in the book as I knew he would be. I liked that he was doing everything he could to help Jess but he still wouldn’t go down that route to date her as she was too young, 2 years, but with him being 18 it can matter.  Well with these little adventures they take the two of them will get closer to becoming more.

I would say there is a little more danger with the threat of the man who will be after Jess in this book. Before it was the government, who didn’t want her killed just obtained and used. This man wanted to beat her and kill her for what Jess did. The Feds are still around and insisting that Jess is lying and they are going to keep watching and waiting to catch her in the act and these guys are persistent.

I am going to start the third and fourth books next as they are once again combined in one book. I pretty much remember all that will be happening in these next two books and can’t wait to re-read them.

Final Target

Final TargetMelissa Riley comes to her sisters country home to find her sisters patient, the Presidents daughter Cassie, who is in a catatonic state. Melissa has a gift which will connect her and Cassie and make a bond. She will be able to communicate with Cassie in the shared dreams but trouble will come to find Cassie who witnessed the bloodshed that put her in the catatonic state.

Michael Travis is ruthless and gets the job done especially when it is profitable. He will be making a deal with the President which involved keeping Cassie safe and stopping the man who was behind it all.

Final Target is the fourth and final book to the series Wind Dancer by Iris Johansen. I have loved this series since I have read them years ago. There is action, drama, betrayal, violence and love all in the mix. But the act of love is hard for the characters especially in the previous ones. I will say that as a whole the series was great. This book was great just not my absolute favorite of the series, but it was well written and it pulled me in the action that took place in the book.

I liked Melissa and this different ability she had. These dreams and visions she had was interesting and it made the book more for me. I liked how she had created that bond with Cassie and one with Michael, which was really Cassie’s bond. Michael was shifty at times but you knew he was a good guy. He just was a little ruthless when it came to getting things he wanted. I like how Johansen spins her story but I felt that with the romance that happened between Melissa and Michael was really more of an after thought. For me I thought the romance wasn’t even needed because the story for me was all about the dreams and these bad guys that were after them. You did not need for Melissa and Michael to start something during that time period. Of course I still liked that they were together and had that happy ending as it resulted all the characters to have a good conclusion for all the good guys.

Stop Me

Stop MeRomain Fornier has lost everything he held dear in life and became a shell of a man. He will not be interested in looking back on his daughters murderer but he will find himself being pulled into the case by Jasmine Stratford. She claim the wrong man was killed and that his daughters murderer and her sisters kidnapper are the same person.

Jasmine Stratford has been searching for her sister for sixteen years and she will never stop until she finds a body to bring home. She will be lead to New Orleans and find that the case might not be dead and that her sisters abductor was now taunting her after all this time.

Stop Me is the second book to the series Last Stand by Brenda Novak. So from this series I have read the first, the fifth and sixth book. I will say I am captivated by this series because it is not simple. There is a lot of violence that goes through this book and a great deal of mystery and suspense where you will be wondering what will happen next.

I very much enjoyed the book with Jasmine’s character as she was a psychic you could say. Her gift will be used in this process of trying to find the man who is taunting her. I liked her feelings or her dreams she had as they were vivid but didn’t happen every time and she was even wrong some of the time. This gift was not an exact science. Romain was a man living in his own hell. He is brought back thanks to Jasmine who gives him a purpose to live again and to find the true murderer of his only daughter. Now there is that steamy connection that happens between Jasmine and Romain and it will get intense but because of their situation it is not very easy. I will say it was interesting when Jasmine was able to tap into Romain’s dream and that got very steamy.

The mystery of Kimberly and was she alive or not was the major question through the whole book. You really don’t know much but as the story goes along more clues on what happened to Kimberly were revealed little by little. I thought Novak does a good job with Kimberly and you will will find out for once and for all what happened at the end of the book.

The villains are pretty clear in the book as Novak lets us in on their parts in the book. They are some pretty horrible people and sick minded with what they were doing. You wanted justice for all those victims who could not find justice for themselves. Now what is unclear is this mystery person who is kind of like the guiding force of this group. There are several possibilities and I was shocked to find out the identity of this person because I was not expecting that person.

I am reading the third book, Watch Me, next which is with Sheridan.

The Perfect Hope

The Perfect HopeRyder Montgomery is the carpenter of the family and is helping restore the Inn with his own hands. He will be frustrated with Hope from the moment she gets the job. A relationship will start to define after a New Years Eve kiss. He will want more from Hope but will not know how to handle it or her.

Hope Beaumont never thought this Bed and Breakfast would keep her happy when she had lived in D.C. and worked as a manager to a very glitzy hotel but she was. Her happiness steamed from her friends and having a purpose. All she had to deal with was Ryder who she couldn’t get along with, that is until they kiss and things changed.

The Perfect Hope is the third and final book from Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. I liked this book. Now did I like this one better than the other two, I would have to say no as I thought they were all equal. Each brother was a little different in attitude but even with that difference you knew they were clearly brothers and that was what I liked about the books. Ryder I will have to say was one brother who liked to brood and be sarcastic and was good at that. He is kind though as it could be seen by the way he treats his family and his dog. Also he was a man who wanted a certain justice to happen when something bad happened. He used his fist to help deal with some issues. Now Hope was not perfect as she made a mistake which will cause problems with her new life. Although with her friends and Ryder by her side she weathers the problem.

The ghost definitely is played up in the last book which makes sense as the series is coming to an end. Eliza is communicating more and more as she longs for her love, Billy, and a lot of this communication is with Hope as they are family. The group had to find out who this Billy was which was next to impossible. With hints from Eliza and Hope putting the pieces together they will find out his last name shocking everyone when the truth comes out. There were moments with the ghost, towards the end, was getting a little sappy but it was a reunion that was long overdue.

You can tell that Roberts wrapped up the series as each brother have now found the woman they belong with and the ghosts now had peace. I will probably be taking a break from Nora Roberts but I will be back for more.


Rajmund Gregor is a powerful vampire and unofficially is in charge of New York as his master is slowly becoming weaker and weaker. Rajmund will be summoned by his Sire back to Buffalo, New York to help find out where these missing girls have gone to and more importantly if vampires are the ones responsible. Rajmund will take on the task but will find himself being helped by Sarah who is not all she says she is.

Sarah Stratton is on a new job in Buffalo, New York as a professor. She should feel great but that is not the case as Sarah is not sleeping well with nightmares of a girl named Regina screaming for help. Sarah has been down this road and thought it was over, she will find that its starting all over again but she can’t let anyone know. This includes her best friend and the new vampire in her life, Rajmund.

RajmundD B Reynolds third book to the Vampires in America series is Rajmund and it was fantastic like the last two books. I have to say that I was a little surprised to find Cyn and Raphael interacting in the book as well as Sarah and Rajmund which I did not mind at all as I love Cyn and Raphael’s characters. I thought their story would be over but it looks like they will be continuing throughout the series which would be fantastic.

The main characters are Sarah and Rajmund. Sarah was unique with her dreams as they were real woman who were scared and in trouble. Sarah though was not the hero you would expect. She was scared of those dreams and ran away from them. She still is cowering from these dreams but has a little more backbone as you go through the book making her character grow. Rajmund was running from his self as well. He did not like who he had been and vowed never to be that way again. He was a hard man who took responsibility very seriously. In the beginning Reynolds gives this couple a flirtation and lustful feelings it grows almost cold and untouchable throughout the book. There was lust and attractive but it was like it was never the right timing. Of course as the reader you pleaded with the characters to find a way to make that happen. Reynolds will not disappoint but it’s a close call as it happens right at the end.

 Now what got me glaring at the book was the very last page right before the dreaded to be continued and that was the shock of what was happening to Raphael with all the blood and pain. Reynolds does not give us any answers on that situation but I am sure the answers will be given in the fourth book Sophia at least I hope.

Valentine’s Day That Never Ends

Reliving a day over and over is not something that is always positive when trying to find what to fix. Stephanie Bond will bring in her character Carol Snow to find out just how hard it will be to relive days in Her Sexy Valentine.

Carol Snow is not loved at her job. She is know as the Ice Queen with her chilly attitude. Carol had been in love and reckless but that was long gone as she got her heart broken.  A rugged coworker Luke Chancellor now threatened that reserve but today was going to be long as it will never end. Carol relives her day Friday the 13th, a day before Valentines day. Carol is reliving to change her attitude about love and giving chances.

Stephanie Bond gives a spin off of a Christmas Carol in this modern romance story, Her Sexy Valentine. I like Carol and how she is playing scrooge. It was cute that is was about Valentine’s day and all about finding love and herself. Stephanie Bond gives a heated and passionate story which heats up the pages between Carol and Luke. You will want to finish to find out how Carol will prevail and find herself.