The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

The Lost Duke of Wyndham is the first book of Julia Quinn in the series of the Two Duke of Wyndhams. She is a new author I decided to try. I always saw her by the books Amanda Quick but never took her book.

Jack Audley is in for a surprise as he tries to rob the wrong carriage. In this carriage he finds a young woman and an elderly one. Instantly he wanted to know this young woman but there will be trouble as the elderly one seems to recognize him. Jack does not know it but he could be the actual Duke of Wyndham.

Grace Eversleigh who is the compaion to the Dowager who could be Jack’s grandmother is stunned by the highway man. The one kiss gets under her skin but she knows that if he is the Duke nothing would ever come of it.

Julia Quinn is definitely becoming a favorite of mine after just one book. Her wit in the characters is refreshing and intriguing. They make you laugh at the byplay they have, Jack and Grace.

Quinn brings humor to the pages throughout the whole book. There is trouble between the characters and the side characters are just as important like Amelia and Thomas who will be in the sequel.

Romance readers will love to read of the flirtation between Jack and Grace and how the plot unfolds to find out who is the real Duke.