Double the Pleasure

Double the PleasureDouble the Pleasure is a collection of four stories by four different authors. My drive to read this book was because of Lori Foster’s novella Deuces Wild. This novella is part of the series Winston Brothers and Cousins. I loved this series especially the story that had Joe in it. I liked this novella. It was short but overall it was good. The story was about twin brothers and Hart had to leave but needed Dex to stay and pretend to be him. The problem happens when Dex’s meets and girl and she thinks that he is Hart, and Dex goes along with the lie. I felt that the girl forgave a little too easily but it had to be done quickly with the story being a novella. I liked the twin brothers. With reading Dex’s story I am intrigued with Hart and what was going on with the girl he had been with then left. It might be awhile before I find his story but I will be on the look out for it.

The other authors and their stories are The Lucy of the Irish by Deirdre Martin, which is about a carpenter who has the choice of going home to Ireland or sticking around in New York. With this one I wished that it was a book because then you would have gotten to really know the characters. You got to know them but it felt way to quick. The next book is Your Room or Mine? by Jacquie D’ Alessandro. This one is all about coworkers who judge each other to quickly but with a weekend to bond things will heat up. I liked the story. Once again I thought it was too short but it was enjoyable. The last book of the collection is Double the Danger by Penny McCall which is with an FBI agent and witness protection. Personally I wasn’t that into the book. I read it but it didn’t really thrill me.

Overall I will have to say that this collection was an enjoyable read.

Double the Pleasure in “Deuces Wild”

Lori Foster continues the Winston’s through the next two cousins, Dex and Hart Winston.  These brothers are identical twins, both artistic.  Hart a painter and Dex a writer.  All in all the brothers were very similar in every way of their lives.  So when Hart needed Dex to play look alike for him it was not unheard of.  Hart was leaving for training in the SBC fighters which he was trying to get into.  Dex reluctantly agreed and the next day Dex was happy to agree when he meets the neighbor Christy.

Christy has been mooning over Hart Winston since he moved in those six weeks ago and finally he was paying attention to her but she also noticed that he was different somehow.  But she didn’t mind that Hart (really Dex) was giving her attention.  Soon the two of them were becoming hot and heavy but Dex was having a hard time because he wanted to tell her the truth.  Hart pleaded with his brother to not yet, but soon.

All in all the ending works out for the Winstons.  I liked this short story with the ever steamy Winstons.  I also liked that Joe Winston made a cameo in this story.  I like hearing about the previous characters that have had their own books.  It is cool also how SBC ties many of these books together.

This was a fantastic quick read but I wonder if another story on the Winstons will be coming to print with Hart Winston as the main character?  Would love to see if something happens with the mysteries Lisa.