Real Men Will

Eric Donovan is the quiet brother, the good brother, the responsible brother, but for one night he was not any of those things. That was of course six months ago. He had not stopped thinking about her but it was all moot. She did not know his real name.

Beth Cantrell was not used to unbelievable sex, a one night stand, but that is what she got. Of course it was six months ago but she couldn’t stop thinking about Jamie Donovan. That is until she found out the man she slept with was not who he said he was. No the man she slept with was Eric Donovan. Beth felt betrayed but she knew she couldn’t resist him. She would give Eric her body but not her trust.

Real Men Will is the end of the trilogy of the Donovan Brothers Brewery, which I loved. This book appeared moodier due to the main character Eric but nevertheless it was good. I liked how Victoria Dahl uncovered why Eric truly felt responsible for everything.

Both characters, Eric and Beth, hid behind their masks that they displayed for the world. I liked that they were real with each other eventually when they learned to trust. Eric I grew to like even though he was an ass through parts of the book as he was relentless with what he thought was right.

With Beth as a character she was a strong one. I felt like cheering her on as she had to rise above her past and move on. Dahl did not make it easy either with Beth forgiving Eric which I liked as he lied about his name.

I liked how Dahl also kept Kendall within the trilogy. It was interesting with how each character was involved with Kendall and effected aside from the business aspect.

Overall the series Donovan Brothers Brewery was one to read from Victoria Dahl and one to enjoy.

Bad Boys Do

The next day quickly I opened up the book Bad Boys Do. Since reading the first book of the series Donovan Brothers Brewery I was completely invested in the series, I had to find out what would happen with Jamie.

Jamie Donovan has decided to change his ways. He didn’t want a causal relationship that was just sex. He wanted to be taken serious especially to his older brother. He wanted to get educated on how to improve the brewery. He didn’t expect though to find a woman in this class that intrigued him, his teacher.

Olivia Bishop did not love teaching but it was something she knew how to do. With a divorce behind her she still had to provide for herself. Olivia’s goal was to enjoy life, to try something different. She was horrified to find herself in Jamie’s attention as she was six years older than him. Age was thrown aside and Olivia let herself go into the arms of Jamie Donovan.

I can’t get enough of this series Donovan Brothers Brewery. This series feels real with the siblings drama that happens throughout the book. You can’t help but love the feisty dialogue that travels through the story. As the second book of the series you already know the siblings but now Victoria Dahl gives insight in Jamie.

Jamie Donovan is everything a playboy should be but I loved that he was changing his ways and it was with an older woman. He found someone who let him be himself, his better self. I liked that Dahl gets Jamie to grow as he had changed from the first book, you also see a darker side of Jamie which was interesting to read.

I love Olivia. She was a shy woman who didn’t know her own self worth. Dahl lets her evolve throughout the story. She becomes confident as her time with Jamie is spent. Dahl includes her ex-husband which was the cliche professor and someone you wanted to hate.

I found myself disliking the older brother Eric as well due to his poor mood he is always in and for those who have read the first book and this one would understand. Of course I can’t hate his character the entire time through the book, but I am intrigued to read his story.

Good Girls Don’t

Tackling one series from Victoria Dahl I went back in search of another series. I found another trilogy in the Donovan Brothers Brewery.

Tess Donovan is the youngest sister of the Donovan’s and a partner in their family business. Tess is good at cleaning up a mess especially when it comes to Jaime but something will happen this time which will effect their business. Tess will be side tracked as she gets to know a certain detective who has all the signs of a bad boy. Tess has been warned but will throw caution to the wind. With meeting up with Luke and finding out who robbed them Tess is a busy woman.

Detective Luke Asher is in over his head. He hates the rumors that happen in station especially the ones about him and his pregnant partner. He knows he is not the father but no one believes him, and now that he has met Tess he wants them put to rest. But Luke will have other demons to battle with which might just get in the way of a relationship to last a lifetime.

I was insistently intrigued by the series but was sidetracked for a moment as the first book was of the Donovan’s sister as the series is Donovan Brothers Brewery. Of course there was no disappointment with the first book book far from it. I loved the brothers protectiveness of their little sister and the mystery behind Luke. The interplay with his partner was a good little twist but I had a feeling I knew who the father was, not the person but the type, and I was right.

Even though I was right the book did not fail to want me to keep reading. I didn’t put the book down until I turned the last page. The plot was nothing outrageously dangerous or full of mystery but the characters Dahl creates you wanted to know more. Dahl creates the family to act like one. There are problems, banter and attitude which comes from Tess of course.  I loved the inner demons that Luke had and how they effected Tess as it felt real. And through all of this you are pulled into the plot that is woven.

Knowing that I would have already liked the first book I had gotten the next two. Sadly I have work so reading will have to wait, but I can’t wait to find out more with Jamie and how he will make a change in Bad Boys Do.