A Rogue Meets a Scandalous Lady

Jennifer Ashley is back with the Mackenzies & McBrides series. A Rogue Meets a Scandalous Lady is the eleventh book to the series.

David Fleming is Hart Mackenzie’s right hand man. He was the one that got things done and did it in his own fashion. David was also always one for drinking but when he comes to his old tutors place plastered he will soon see a woman that will have him changing his ways. He wants to protect Sophie but also knows that he could never be with her.

Sophie, Lady Davenport was hiding at her Uncle’s place since her scandal was every where in London. She thought she would be alone with her Uncle but then David Fleming comes to their home. Sophie will be weary at first but as she spends time with David she will find that he hides the true man beneath the cynical words.

I love going back to this series. It has been one of my favorites. This book was really good. I enjoyed David getting his own story. At times I was annoyed with David in the past books because he was a threat between Eleanor and Hart, although that really would never happen. David was always and forever just a friend for Eleanor. I liked hearing more of David’s thoughts, he was thought to be very cynical man but he was much more and that made me like his character all the more. Now Sophie’s character was a vulnerable woman whose name was being dragged through the mud. I liked that she had backbone but she was also stuck and could not pull herself out of the scandal that was attached to her name. David and Sophie will help each other in their own ways and it is a sweet romance that builds between the two of them.

I had expected more of a retaliation from one character. A part of me wanted more with that conflict because it felt like the ending was rushed but the other part of me was happy to see how the author ended the story.

There is a novella that will be coming out which I know I will read. Can’t get enough of these Mackenzies.

Blue-Eyed Devil

Hardy Cates was a self made man and always wanted more and he did all he could to get it. Then he found a woman, Haven. She was a woman he could not get but with her divorce Hardy was going to go after the woman he wanted.

Haven Travis had thought she married for love but she had been wrong. Now with a broken marriage behind her Haven will try to get her life together. She wasn’t expecting Hardy to come into her life.

Blue Eyed Devil is the second book to the series Travises by Lisa Kleypas. After I had finished the first book I was apprehensive about reading this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed this book. I picked up the book and kept reading from start to finish.

Hardy’s character was much better in his own story. I liked that there was no flirtation between him and Liberty. I didn’t want his pursuing of Haven to be tainted by that. I felt that he had matured some and wasn’t as cruel. Though he was still certainly rough around the edges and that will certainly help when he is needed by Haven. Now Haven’s character was the one that truly drew me into the book. I was drawn to her because of the mistake she made and cringed every time she was hurt. What I liked was she finally got the courage and changed what needed to be changed. She took her life back.

The villain is clearly Nick, Haven’s ex, who is a piece of work. He is an abusive man who wants only to have someone to beat down on. The other villain was Vanessa who seemed to be cut from the same cloth as Nick. I wouldn’t lie, I was pretty happy that there was some justice for their cruelty.

I am reading the third book next, Smooth Talking Stranger.

Private Lies

Private LiesJax Monroe was pissed at her soon to be ex husband, the man she had thought loved her, but when she found him cheating she knew it was all lies. Jax will have to get her life in gear again. Her friends solution was to find someone knew. She had her eye on the bartender but she wasn’t that type of girl. Though there will be something about Shane that will have her wanting him and then wanting more.

Shane Reynolds was undercover as a bartender. He was disgusted by the way people acted at the country club but then he meets Jax. She is the only person that he wanted to get to know. Though it could be crossing a line as he was working for her father. Shane will take a risk when it comes to Jax.

Private Lies is the third book to the series Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake by Cat Johnson. I liked this story. It was pretty much fluff, not much going on, but it was still fun to read. I thought this of course could have been drawn out into a bigger novel which would let you know more about the characters.

Jax was wealthy due to her parents. She might not make the best decisions but she tries her hardest at whatever she does. I liked that Jax wasn’t like her friends or the majority of people at the country club. I also liked that she let herself go and be with Shane. Those scenes were again very steamy. Shane’s character is not necessarily the bad boy but he is certainly rough around the edges for the country club scene. I liked that he was a private investigator and that he was undercover. I was wondering if that would get him into trouble with Jax as he is lying to her but Johnson kind of just glosses over that part, its there but its not that big of deal. Maybe in a novel it would have been, though when you are writing a novella there is only so much that you can put in.

Tempted Again

Tempted AgainMarissa Bennett has had some problems over the past months with a new divorce and coming back home. She is working as a librarian which is something she loves along with helping out kids. She will be troubled once again when the man whom she loved and left her is in her hometown.

Connor Doyle is the Sheriff of the town and takes his job seriously along with helping out teens who are troubled. He will not appreciate when the new librarian starts to help out in his program. It didn’t help that he had a past with Marissa but in order to help the teens they had to work together.

Tempted Again is the third book from the series West Investigations by Cathie Linz. I have to say that I wasn’t blown away by this book. This was my first introduction to the author, so I was looking forward to finding a new author to start reading. I think I will still try another book just to see if my opinion changes.

Marissa was a woman down on her luck and one that held a grudge. I guess I was annoyed by her character for holding that grudge on Connor for so long. I get that it was traumatic in that time but she had to let it go. Then again I can understand holding a grudge because I am like that as well at times. Connor was kind of cocky at times but overall good guy who liked to give Marissa a hard time. It was a second time for them to get it right which they will in the end.

I did end up liking the teens who were in the program that Connor and Marissa had run together. I thought the teens brought something more to this story. They were the reason for Connor and Marissa to work side by side which let them be together.

There were parts of the book that I did like but overall I just wasn’t into the book. I think it was because the characters weren’t making me want to read about them. As I said above I will try Cathie Linz again, but perhaps go to a different series or one of her many novels.

Scandal of the Year

Scandal of the YearJulia has manged what most society would think appalling, a divorce. She has done the unthinkable only to survive, for if she stayed married much longer she would die. Julia will find her freedom only to have ruin one man’s reputation, the one man she cared for.

Aidan Carr, Duke of Trathen, is in need of a wife but with the latest scandal it was hard to find a woman to look past that. He will find help from the last person he thought would help, the woman who created the scandal, but the more time he spends with her he will know she is the woman he wants.

Scandal of the Year is the second book to the series Abandoned at the Alter from Laura Lee Guhrke. I was very entertained with this book and with this author. Throughout most of it I just wanted to find out more with what happened to Julia and if she and Aidan would have their happy ending.

Julia seemed cold and insincere in the beginning and that made me not want to read the book but once you get past those thoughts Guhrke will show you what type of woman Julia really was, and that was a good woman. She was kind but ultimately fearful and too scared at what life could bring her thanks to her marriage. Throughout the book I wanted to know what had happened even though you had a pretty good idea. Aidan was a good man no matter what situation he was in which was refreshing. I liked that he did have a lustful side which had him needing Julia and it created that passion filled romance between the two characters.

There was a twist that I didn’t see coming with Julia and Aiden. It made sense because of how Julia felt about the entire situation. I was glad that it happened that way as the next time it would mean something more.

I am trying another one of her books next that is from another series which I had picked up randomly from the shelf.

Holly Lane

Holly LaneSue Ann Simpkins thought life was perfect with her husband and child but her world will turn upside down when her husband says he loves another woman. Sue Ann is devastated as Jeff was the only man she ever loved and now he was flaunting his new relationship and trying to get out of paying alimony. Sue Ann will fight to make sure that she will be able to keep her daughter and give her a good life but it will be hard to do. She will find help with her friends and an unexpected person Adam who will start to be more all thanks to a snowstorm.

Adam Becker was always looking forward to the holidays to spend time with his boys but they were gone to Aspen for a whole month. Adam becomes surly to those around him as he is disappointed for the holidays. He will show his rude behavior to Sue Ann but that will quickly turn to passion as they start sleeping with each other. As the relationship builds Adam wants more but knows that Sue Ann is not ready, he will do all that he can think of to get her trust.

Holly Lane is the fourth book to Toni Blake’s series Destiny. This was definitely a Christmas themed book and although Christmas time has come and gone it was still  a very sweet book to read.

I liked Sue Ann okay in the previous books but as you got to know her I liked her a lot more. She became stronger on her own even though she had help from friends and from Adam. Adam was a great dad and good friend expect when you get him angry as he was like a Scrooge on Christmas. Blake adds a little humor in with Adams dreams that showed him how bad he had been acting and what would happen if he continued to be like that which was very much like a Christmas Carol. It was fun to read even though it was a little sappy at parts.

Their relationship was explosive from the start as they were together in a cabin with a snowstorm and although it was a little fast it didn’t lead them down the road to a happy ending. The happy ending waits until the last couple of pages and it only comes around once trust is earned and they admit their feelings.

Sophie was a cute addition to the story and I loved her Christmas wish of wanting a  reindeer and she will be getting her Christmas wish and more. Now there are no real villains in these stories but I will have to say that Jeff, Sue Ann’s ex-husband, acted like a villain in the book. He was being a jerk about the alimony, flaunting his new relationship and not really caring how it looked. He even could take Sophie away. I am happy to say that he does change but it takes to the very end of the book.

Willow Springs is the next/last book I have from Toni Blake.

One Reckless Summer

One Reckless SummerJenny Tolliver was tried of being the good girl as it got her nothing but a cheating ex-husband and a one way trip back to her home town. Jenny will soon be faced with the man that she had a crush on and find much more in his arms.

Mick Brody was back in his home town but had to be there secretly. Jenny the girl he had wanted back then stumbles upon his cottage and finds out his secret. He will be surprised as she keeps it and finds that he can have more with this woman.

One Reckless Summer is the first book from the series Destiny by Toni Blake. I got caught up in the book which surprised me because it was a simple plot, good girl wants to walk on the wild side with the bad boy. Its an age old story but it was how Blake wrote the characters that has you loving them.

Now on top of that there was pretty much instant sex happening between the two characters which was steamy but there was also intrigue. I wanted to know what was Mick hiding in the broken down cottage. Jenny and Mick were complete opposites and yet it worked. I liked that it was sweet and steamy all the the same time especially as it was a secret. Mick was truly a reformed bad boy and it was sweet what he was doing even though it was against the law. I liked that he trusted Jenny with his secret and that they formed a relationship even if it was unlikely. There are a few ups and downs that they have to overcome but Blake does write a happy ending as well as second chances for these characters.

I don’t have the second book as my library doesn’t have it but I do have the next three books of the series which I plan on enjoying next.