The MacGregors: Caine

The second book of the series MacGregors, Tempting Fate, by Nora Roberts.  As the first book showed this series was going to be very entertaining and after reading the second book I knew this would be true.

The Plot of Tempting Fate:

Diane has been well-educated and given everything she needed since she was a little girl of six.  Or at least that is what she was told to believe for twenty years.  Twenty years that were nothing but a lie.  For those years Diane believed her Aunt provided for everything but in reality it was her brother, the brother she thought had abandoned her.  Discovering this fact she was at a lost, she didn’t know who she was anymore.  In a search Diane was going to find out with a little help from the MacGregors whether she wanted it or not.

Caine MacGregor is an amazing lawyer, now in his own practice and he likes to win.  He ends up meeting Diane Blade and is thrown into a stupor.  He knows he wants her and will have her. He sees Diane and knew she is troubled.  Not sure of herself anymore but he will help.  When Diane quits the firm, Caine gets her to rent a room in his office building bringing them closer.

It will be up to Caine to find the woman in Diane that needs to come out.

I loved this book with Caine’s persistance and Diane drive to find herself.  These two characters are fantastic together and I love how the family weaves themselves into the lives.  I love Daniel MacGregor who tells his children to hurry up and give them grandchildren.

2nd Chance by James Patterson

From reading the first book, 1st to Die, I was intrigued by the series.  Women’s Murder Club is definitely a different series from many that I have read.  The series is a wonder to read.  The four women are remarkable.  2nd Chance is another book that shows James Patterson’s incredible work of thrills and suspense.

The Plot of 2nd Chance:

“The Women’s Murder Club is back!  A brilliantly diabolical killer is murdering people from every walk of life.  The deaths seem unrelated but police homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer senses a connection and, together with medical examiner Claire, assistant D.A. Jill, and Chronicle reporter Cindy, finds a link that sends a chill through the entire nation.  The killer’s motives are unspeakable.”

Reading the first book let you get to know the characters, introduced them and know you are getting to know them more personally as the level of action and thrills are knocking on their door.  I was awed by the amount of events that spun out of control for the women.  I loved it and hated it.  Felt horrible for some and cheered them on.

When one of the members had a tragedy happen to her I felt horrible for the character.  You felt the need to protect the character from any further harm.

I hated the tragedy and betrayal of trust with Lindsay’s estranged father but it gets better and has promise of a relationship.

The villain in this one was unbelievable.  I couldn’t stop reading until I figured out who the killer of these people were.  There were so many clues that took you one way and then another.

This book, 2nd Chance, is a heart-stopping and heartwarming as the Murder Club is back in action.  James Patterson intrigues the reader with mystery, suspense, thrills and non stop crime fighting action.