Last Night with the Duke

The Duke of Griffin needed a chaperone for his sisters and he immediately found one with Esmeralda Swift. He was determined she would be the right one. The problem was he started to feel things for Esmeralda and he needed to be clearheaded with a possible threat to his sisters.

Esmeralda Swift was working hard to keep the agency afloat. When The Duke of Griffin comes for employment her prays are answered. Though the job will get tricky when Esmeralda will start to have feelings for her employer.

Last Night With the Duke is the first book to the series The Rakes of St. James by Amelia Grey. This was a cute romance that was very quick to read.

I thought that Griffin’s character was wonderful. He was a rake but those were the old days. Now he just wanted to make sure his sisters had a chance in society. I liked that he took the situation seriously and wanted the best for his sisters. I also liked that his wanting of Esmeralda was more sweet. He didn’t act the rake he had been and rush her to the bedroom. Esmeralda’s character was all about business and keeping herself and sister safe from the poorhouse. She took her work seriously and I liked that she didn’t given into Griffin the moment the attraction was known between them. It was sweet as they became friends, then something more.

The scandal that happened with Griffin and his friends was a mistake and one that was making things difficult. It was cruel but no one had been ruined. Now with Griffin’s sister’s making their coming out he had to protect them from possible threats of ruination. I will say the threat was more overplayed in the book, that I had wondered if anything would happen.

The next book to this series will be coming out December 2017.

The True Darcy Spirit

The True Darcy SpiritCassandra Darcy is disowned by her parents as a scandal comes her way but it is not her fault or her scandal. She will find a way in the world but there will be plenty of troubles coming her way especially in Lord Usborne who wants nothing more to make her his mistress. Cassandra will eventually find help in Horatio Darcy.

Elizabeth Aston has developed the Darcys series to follow after Jane Austen’s world of Pride and Prejudice. So far it has been a very good series and I liked the third book The True Darcy Spirit, but not as much as the first two.

You are walking into a different world with Cassandra as she is very naive and doesn’t understand all there is to harm her. She had spirit and fought back in this world which was good but it wasn’t there at the beginning. I liked that she was a painter which was her passion. Then there is our hero Horatio who was a lawyer and finds way to help but later on. I wasn’t sure I liked Horatio. He was having an affair with a married woman and he was kind of boring at times. The ending of course gets better and Horatio is more the man that he should be.

Our villain would have to be Lord Usborne as he is vile in his own way but very much like the wealthy who are usually part of the society of London in these romance books. There was also Belle, again I really didn’t like all of Darcy’s daughters only Camille and Alethea, who was the cause of Cassandra’s problems. Belle will find love and happiness which was a little annoying as she still to me is very immature. The next book is The Second Mrs. Darcy.

Taming an Impossible Rogue

Lady Camille Pryce made a decision to runaway not walk down the aisle  She could not live with a man who had not bothered to say one word to her in her twenty one years of life. Camille found hope in a gaming club where she worked and for over a year she was happy but now her heart is in trouble as she meets a man. That is before she finds out that this man is her fiancees cousin and he has been sent to retrieve her.

Keating Blackwood did not like his cousin but for ten thousand pounds he would do as he asked. Keating needed the money but when he meets with Camille and interacts he is finding this more difficult than expected. But Keating had a mission and that was to provide for the woman he ruined and his son, no woman would stop him even if he was falling for her.

Taming an Impossible Rogue was a fantastic sequel to the series Scandalous Brides. After reading the first book of the series I knew now what to expect. I liked the characters of Camille and Keating as everything they said was honest. There was no lying that hurt each other at least that was true except for feelings they felt for one another.

The book was a very quick read and of course I only hoped for the perfect outcome but Suzanne Enoch keeps you biting your nails until the very end. There will be a twist that you didn’t see coming and only will be revealed at the end when all is about to be given up. There is definite satisfaction for the annoying fiancee Fenton that readers will laugh. Another character is the Duke of Greaves or Adam will be playing more of a part and will have his story told next.