A Scoundrel by Moonlight

A Scoundrel by MoonlightNell Trim was on a mission to stop the vile seducer that had left her half sister pregnant, which ended her life. Her goal was to get close to him to find the diary which had all the women the Marquess had ruined. Though when she meets Leath she can’t help but wonder if her sister had been wrong about her seducer.

Marquess of Leath, James Fairbrother, was on the road to become prime minister. He was very wary of scandal as he knew that would ruin his political career. Though when he meets Nell he will instantly want her, but he will not trust her as he knew she was up to something.

A Scoundrel by Moonlight is the fourth book to the series Sons of Sin by Anna Campbell. I really liked this book. It was filled with lust, love, a little mystery and of course betrayal.

In the previous book the Marquess seemed like a hard man and he is but he was only doing what he needed to protect his family. I liked that he lightened up especially when Nell came into his life. He became more carefree. Although reputation was still a big factor in his life. Nell’s character was a woman scorned. She wanted revenge. You can’t blame Nell for wanting revenge for her sister. You will find out quickly that all is not what it seems to be and Nell’s need for revenge is misguided.

The love/lust that is between Nell and James was done really well. There is an instant attraction between them but they don’t trust each other. That will change and with that change turns to love which was sweet. Although the scenes between them will get rather steamy.

So, I was wondering if there would be something happening with Marianne and Elisa who were at the end of this book. Well Anna Campbell has one more story to this series which is a novella that I will be reading next.

The Seductive One

The Seductive OneBrenna Marcelli passion was the winery but for the last ten years that life had died thanks to her ex husband. She wants to now prove herself that she is good enough to run a winery which will lead her to her family’s nemesis to ask for a loan.

Nic Giovanni was a direct competition to the Marcelli’s winery and his only goal was to claim it. His opportunity comes when the woman he loved ten years ago ask him for a loan. He will give it knowing that when he calls it in she will be ruined.

The Seductive One is the third book to the series Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road by Susan Mallery. With each book I love this crazy family even more. This one I will say had a little more of cruelty within the book as revenge was a focus. On a side note I had thought this was already published on my site as I was reading these books in order last week. I guess I just saved it instead of publishing it, so here’s the review.

I liked Brenna’s drive and courage to try the winery business on her own. I thought she was wrong ten years ago for not following her heart with Nic but life is messy. Alright now I liked Nic but he was too headstrong with the idea of revenge. I could understand Nic’s pain but he was taking it too far and when the truth came out he would be the one left with heartbreak. Now besides revenge there is a steamy chemistry that these two characters have with each other. It was something that they could build from.

One character that is still driving me crazy is the grandfather. He was so old school that you wanted to smack so sense back into him. Though there will be a little surprise at the end with this family that will show you they have a chance to move into the twenty first century.

So the new brother, Joe, was not what I expected which I liked. I am looking forward to reading his story and finding out how his life with the Marcelli family will change him.

Trouble Me

Trouble MeJade Radcliffe was trouble back when she was a teen as she walked the line of the law one too many times but she was now grown up and was responsible. Jade will let her wild side slip one last time right before she heads home to be a teacher. She will sleep with a stranger and feels good as she will never see him again except he will be the father of one of her students and the one who had arrested her back as a teen.

Officer Rob Cooper was not looking for a one night stand but found it with a woman who was too good looking to leave alone. He felt alive in that moment but knew that he had to get back to his life. He will be shocked to find that his mystery woman was his daughters teacher and the woman he blamed for his wife’s death.

Trouble Me is third book to the Rosewood Trilogy by Laura Moore. When I read that Jade was responsible for Rob’s wife being dead I actually was rethinking about reading this book. I didn’t want to read the story if that was true. Well I decided to try the first couple pages and I kept going for a couple more pages. I was sucked into the book and all the characters that were floating around the book. So needless to say I actually really liked this book.

Spoiler Alert: Oh and to make it better I found out that she wasn’t the cause of the wife’s untimely death. Rob just blamed her as he was busy being an officer with Jade and he wasn’t with his wife who was feeling poorly.

Jade was the rebellious wild child only reformed. I liked that she still had that wild side but it was pulled back though I loved mostly that she was a teacher whom the children loved learning from. She was responsible and when she needed to stand up for herself she would fight but there was still that doubt in her thanks to her high school days. Rob was a stubborn man still mourning his wife for the most part. It took a wild night for him to feel alive again. I liked that Moore didn’t make him the typical angry cop who wouldn’t smile. He did have a smile especially for his daughter for others around him. He had a sense of humor and was a good man. He was just misguided in his anger towards Jade especially as he had felt guilty for not being there for his wife. Now the connection that Jade and Rob have is dynamic and inspires fireworks but there is still a sweetness that comes from their interaction.

All the kids in the class were cute but I thought Haley was an adorable addition to the book and a needed character otherwise there would not be that charm which Moore had. With the family aspect it was heartwarming and it felt real.

So I really liked this book but there was still a part of me who was a little confused with the story that was happening. It was happening all at once and I felt it was a story in process. You can follow book but with all the names I had to make sure I was getting them right. Maybe I should have read this series in order, but even with me not reading the other books it is a story that can be read on its own. Moore does explain what kid belongs to who and the plot flowed. I will be coming back to this series so I can read Margot and Jordan’s story. I thought in this book they sounded like their stories would be very entertaining to read.

How to Dance With a Duke

How to Dance with a DukeMiss Cecily Hurston wants to clear her father’s name which has been linked to a scandalous rumor. To gain access to information she must marry a club member so she can step inside the exclusive club. She will soon find herself enlisting the help of Lucas Dalton.

Lucas Dalton, Duke of Winterson, did not intend to find an alliance with Cecily Hurston but it will work in his favor as his brother went missing in her fathers expeditions. Lucas will be driven to find out the truth with what happened on that expedition and with Cecily’s help they will look for the truth.

How to Dance With a Duke is the first book to the series Ugly Ducklings by Manda Collins. This is my first try with Manda Collins and I found myself enjoying the book. Collins will engage you with characters who were charming and were not the most popular, but wallflowers of the ballrooms.

Of course when it came to Cecily’s character she was a wallflower and a bluestocking especially when it came to Egypt, but she had spirit. That spirit came out when trying to protect her father’s name and her friend. She at times was clueless when it comes to a lot of things but she is brave when the time calls for it. Lucas was a determined man who wanted things to go back the way they were when he was not the Duke, but he can’t go back. I liked Lucas for his honor and determination. He was not going to change into someone he wasn’t just because he had a title.

Now the interaction between them is fun and filled with some banter that makes the dialogue lighthearted but when it comes to romance they will steam up the pages. Their will be a fire between them that is ignited and stays ignited through out the book.

The mystery behind these diaries and possible murder was intriguing and I wanted to know more with what was truly happening and where the diaries were located.  I liked how this mystery progressed with more and more information being revealed.

Manda Collins continues the series with Cecily’s friends which I am definitely interested in reading.

In the Barrister’s Chambers

In the Barrister's ChambersLady Evelyn Darlington needed help clearing her almost betrothed of the charges that were brought against him. She knew there was only one man she could trust for the task, Barrister Jack Harding. She will trust him to clear Randolph of murder, but as they work closely together the feelings she felt as a girl resurface and Evelyn will be shocked to finding herself falling love.

Mr. Jack Harding is a Barrister and is good at his job. He stops at nothing from giving a fair trial. He will be given the task to help Evelyn who was his mentor’s daughter. He will feel the need to help due to  honor but other feelings for the daughter will rise and soon will be pursuing her for much more.

In the Barrister’s Chambers is the first book to the Regency Barrister series from Tina Gabrielle. Overall I liked the book as it kept me reading from beginning to the end. I wasn’t sure if I would like it as the first scene is having the reader step into the court room and waiting for a sentence that is about to happen. That kind of plot doesn’t always get me interested, of course the court room is not where the main plot of the story lies as you are quickly brought into a story of an actress being murdered and a man running away claiming innocence. So there was that intrigue which will keep you with the book.

The hero and heroine, Jack and Evelyn, were both strong characters and had strong convictions when they needed to do something. Nothing will deviate them from their path of clearing Randolph’s name from the murder charge. Then again when lust overwhelms them and they will give into temptation that had always been there from the beginning. I liked that Evelyn and Jack didn’t give right into temptation as she was almost engaged and that would make him biased on the case, but they will not wait forever.

The villain I had a feeling of at the very beginning. Not because they were being sneaky or anything, just that I guessed the person you wouldn’t see as the murderer. Now why they went ahead and killed the actress that was a guessing game as well because there are many reasons why a person would commit murder. Tina Gabrielle does not leave her readers in suspense as the villain will confess all towards the end.

I am interested in reading the sequel book to the series to find out more about these barristers.

The Duchess Diaries

The Duchess DiariesMiss Charlotte Boscastle has wanted Gideon for over a year and in her diary she created that fantasy that he would be overcome with love and lust for her. Charlotte’s reality was anything but that is until her diary goes missing after the Duke read several pages. By trying to recover the diary she will find herself compromised with Gideon and only a marriage will make the problem disappear.

Duke of Wynfield, Gideon, did not want to be marry again in fact he was off to claim a new mistress but it was the words in a diary from Charlotte that had him stopping. He will soon find Charlotte in his arms only to have her family finding them behind a closed door. The only thing he can do is marry her but soon he finds out that will not be such a hardship.

The Duchess Diaries is the third book from Jillian Hunter’s series Bridal Pleasures. From start to finish I kept reading this book. There was something about Gideon and Charlotte that kept me drawn towards them the entire time of the book. I want to read more from this series and from the other one, Boscastle Family, which is Charlotte’s cousins. Within the book you get to meet several members of the Boscastle and from these scenes I have a feeling I am going to like this family.

Gideon was a rogue and liked it that way. He was not a bad man just someone who had no desire to marry again. I liked that he was going for a mistress but after reading several pages from Charlotte’s diary he decided against the mistress. He was intrigued by Charlotte and no other women would do at that moment. Charlotte was a strict headmistress and she needed to be. I loved that she had another side to herself and that came out as she wrote in her diary. She would write the truth and then write her fantasy of what she wished had happened in that situation. It was interesting that her diary was stolen but it made sense why when you found out who hired the thief. The culprit was pretty easy to decipher but nevertheless it was an engaging story.

Jillian Hunter will be a new author I will be actively looking out for to finish up the Bridal Pleasures series and starting the Boscastle Family series which I am excited to read.

A Tale for the Time Being

A Tale fro the Time BeingA Tale for the Time Being is a novel by Ruth Ozeki which was selected for my March book club. I will say that this was a book that I would never have selected for myself like most of the books I have read for by book club. I would have walked right past the book and gone onto a romance that I wanted.

So the idea of this book was that a sixteen year Japanese girl, Nao, who grew up in California had to move back to Japan at 15 years old because her father was laid off. Once they move back the family goes through a crisis but they all deal with it on their own. Mainly it is suicide that is happening. The father has tried and going to try again and Nao is telling us that by the end of her story she will take the plunge as well. We know what is going on through Nao diary that she is writing. The interesting part is that we know about the diary as it is washed up along the shore of Canada and this woman Ruth picks it up and starts to read.

First off this was a very good book and I am happy to have read it. Now saying all that there are things that disturbed me which were all that was happening to Nao. She was tortured by these bullies in her school and I mean every single person. I don’t know how she didn’t flee from school after a week of that torment. It is unbelievable how the whole school attacked her and even the substitute teacher. You wanted all those people to be punished but if the adults are in on it who do you turn too? Her mother was no real help and her father was too far gone to really do anything. I will say that the father did try to help at one point but even then it wasn’t enough.

Then there is the character of Ruth, our author, who reads the diary and feels that she needs to save Nao even though rationally we know that these things in the diary have happened but then there are the dreams. My favorite is when Ruth will meet and Nao’s father in her dream and change what he was going to do and Nao’s path. This will lead them to have a chance to live.

Another amazing part of the book was the character Jiko, the great grandmother, who was a feminist nun and a Buddhist whose words were inspiring. When she spent time with her great granddaughter it made all the difference. There were still those bullies for Nao but she was a little stronger to a point. There are so many other parts to the book that I haven’t even mentioned as it is a story that can keep you discussing parts to the book over and over as new things will keep popping up.

Now from how the ending happened you are still left in the dark of what happened to Nao and her family. There is a letter from Nao’s father that tells the read what has happened and they are all good things, so I figured that is what I am going to believe as I want this family to have a happy ending.

A Tale for the Time Being was worth reading.

The Taste of Innocence

The Taste of InnocenceCharles “Charlie” Morwellan, the eighth Earl of Meredith, has decided on a bride because she never fawned over him like many other woman. He did not want a love match but soon will find that Sarah was pure temptation and someone who could make him fall in love.

Sarah Conningham did not want to marry anyone, she wanted to marry for love. She would give Charlie a chance to change her mind and will find he is a seducer. She will fall willing but will find that her marriage will not be going exactly as she planned.

The fifteenth book of the Cynster series is The Taste of Innocence which was well done. Stephanie Laurens continues the series and with this book brings up the heat with lust and a lot of sexual tension. Charlie and Sarah will be experimenting with their own desire before the wedding. He will show her how to be seduced but always stop before it goes too far. I loved these two characters together as they appeared perfect together but as this happened very much in the beginning of the book you knew there had to be a fall. They will not have martial bliss and it will be a struggle for Charlie to get over his fear of repeating the past with obsession like his father. At times like these you would start to dislike the hero because he is overly harsh to his wife but in this case he really wasn’t and you felt bad for both. I knew that a happy ending would happen so I wasn’t really torn up about their distance that was growing. Also Laurens keeps you distracted with the mystery of a missing journal, a person who wants to buy the land that Sarah owns and accidents that keep happening.

I liked that you basically knew the villain in the book but did not know why this person was aiming towards Sarah. Only that the land she owned was something that was wanted desperately.

Closing the book I am left smiling with the happy ending and look forward to picking up next the sixteenth book Where the Heart Leads.

Gone Girl

Book clubs have now given me a chance to stop reading the romance novels which I find addicting and find a new genre that is just as compelling to read.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was the latest book recommended and read. First reaction to the two woman who run the group is what were they thinking! I held the book, gripping the pages in frustration and taken back by every horrible thing that happened in this book. I have never read a book that was was such a thriller of sick and twisted characters. Gone Girl was a completely new experience for me.

Once we had the book club meeting I had a little time to digest the book which to me was controversial in the meeting. We had tons to talk about and although many agreed on big parts of the books there were the characters actions that lead us to discussion. So before I go crazy here is what the story is about:

Amy Dunne and Nick Dunne were married but certainly not happily married. There were normal martial problems but to the outside world life was perfect between the couple. Then one day Amy goes missing. Nick is the first suspect and he has to scramble to prove that he is innocent, but with more time that his wife is missing his innocence is in trouble.

So there is much more to the story but you can’t reveal too much as it would give things away. Gillian Flynn will create a whole new development that will change your outlook on the characters and what truly happened.

Once I was at the book club I was able to truly look at the characters differently with new perspectives. Of course I still thought that this was the most sick and twisted book I have read, but the character development was amazing. You hated, despised, and for some wanted to like these characters. For me I almost didn’t finish the book but as I had completed 90% of the book I had to finish it. The ending spoke volumes to me but it was certainly no happy ending.

If you do pick up the book take a look at the author as you finish the book. She looks sweet and innocent. You question how she could create such a dark twisted story. (Most of my book club commented on this)

So if you decide to take a risk and try this psychological thriller remember Gone Girl is no fairy tale.

A Governess and a Captain

Picking up Seducing the Governess was a quick read as I wanted to find out about Captain Gavin Briggs and how the story started with the separated sisters, which I found out in the book Brazen from Margo Maguire. Reading books out of order is habit for me as I just pick up books from the racks randomly. But nevertheless I looked forward to reading Seducing the Governess and I was not disappointed.

Mercy Franklin or as she will later find out is Lilly Hayes is a poor girl who had been lied to for all of her life. She knew nothing of her past only what she was discovering from her adoptive mother’s diary. Mercy soon discovered life on her own was hard but she knew she could get through. She applied for a governess job and found one quickly. Mercy found to love her charge but the Uncle unnerved her.

Nash, Lord Ashby, was nothing but a Captain but with his brothers deaths Nash became a lord. He knew nothing of it only how to command his men and now he had a young niece to take care of. Nash got a governess but was distressed at how much he found her to be appealing. He knew nothing should happen with her as he needed a wealthy heiress to help restore his lands. But Mercy was the only one he had eyes for and the only one who saw him for who he was.

Reading Seducing the Governess after Brazen gave an insight on how the characters were developed and how the story would go along. Maguire does a good job at giving the reader ample time to cheer on Mercy and Nash as they know they can’t be together but are nevertheless drawn to each other.

The young charge, Emmy, and the house of soldiers kept the story light in the plot even though there was a curse that seemed to lay at Ashby’s door as his two brothers had been in accidents. I liked how Maguire gives suspect but does not come right out and says what his brothers had done to incur these accidents. She left your imagination to build with the subtle hints.

Seducing the Governess was a fantastic book to Margo Maguire’s collection of novels.