Touch of a Thief

Touch of a ThiefLady Viola Preston carried the responsibility of taking care of her family as a jewel thief. She was good at her job but now will be stopped in a trap set by Greydon Quinn who needs the help of the jewel thief. He will give her little choice but to accept the task he thrust on to her.

Greydon Quinn has his sights set on the diamond for his friend but to retrieve it only the jewel thief, Viola would be up to that task. Quinn will find that the diamond is not the only thing he wants especially as he finds that Viola has a wanton passion to her. He will find pleasure in her arms but struggles to trust her as her history gives her no credit.

Immediately checking the back of Touch of a Thief  by Mia Marlowe I was intrigued with the concept of a thief who heard the diamonds speak to her or in this case she could feel things and if they had a past a vision would come to her. I found that Viola was a contradiction which made her fun to read about and I loved that she was a jewel thief. Then there was Quinn who carried a secret which shamed him. I had a feeling what it was and that it regarded his brother. I was right in my assumption but Marlowe does a great job at uncovering the truth with the help of Viola’s vision. Quinn was a strong character with his own self doubt which made him more human and relatable. The villain was not expected, well there was a couple villains and as a whole they were interesting to read about as the plot unfolded. I am excited to find out where this series will be going with this unique power and if it stays within the family of the Preston’s.

Bodyguards in Bed

A genius, a driver and a model all have one thing in common they will need their own bodyguards. In Bodyguards in Bed is a collection of three authors (Lucy Monroe, Jamie Ann Denton and Elisabeth Naughton) with their own short story all about bodyguards.

In each story it almost seems as you are starting with the book in progress as you don’t know some of these characters. As each story could have its own series instead of a separate collection but each story is very well written and engaging with their steamy scenes and the quick thrill.

The three stories in the collection are Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brothers Bed?, Hot Mess, and Acapulco Heat.

Survivor Continues

After the first book of the series Demon Hunters I couldn’t wait to dive into the second book,  Hunting The Demon. After reading about Derek I was interested in finding more about Nic, his thought to be lost brother.

Nic Diavolo is lost but does not know it. He was kidnapped at eight by his father who is a demon lord but all Nic knows is he is rich and his father is now missing. Nic is a surfer and does not take many things too seriously that is until he meets Shay and is tangled up in his own past which starts to reveal.

Shay Pearson is part of the group now of Demon Hunters and her job is to get to Nic and bring him in. She feels guilty as she uses Nic at first but he pays her back. The two hit heads until Nic figures out the truth but by then it could be too late. Shay is connected to Nic in ways she never new possible. Shay will use her psychic abilities and help her crew members to find a way to save Nic from himself and his demon family.

As a sequel Jaci Burton does not disappoint as new and old characters are placed in to Hunting The Dream. I liked how Nic’s character develops in this novel and how Shay taken into one of the leading roles. Their intensity plays through the entire novel which leaves the reader thrilled by their interactions.

The demons are taking a bigger role with some surprises and they are taking their role to a different place.

A fantastic second novel in the Demon Hunters series.