The Woman He Knows

Darcy Gordon has worked as a waitress for three years but the owners are more like brothers to her. But she is not being all that honest with them. Darcy is not who she says she is and now could be in danger.

Patrick Devereux is here to help his brother run the restaurant due to his accident. Patrick will take the task on to find out what happened along with the task of running the restaurant and gazing at Darcy.

The Woman He KnowsThe Woman He Knows is a Harlequin romance novel by Margaret Watson and the second book to the series Devereux Family Trilogy. I liked the book. I felt through most of it there was already a story that had been told with the sister. When I started the book I didn’t know it was part of a series. The book is easy to follow as Watson gives background on things that have happened.

I felt that this was a very quick paced book and it had a lifetime movie feeling to it, a good lifetime movie. There is no big surprise with the plot but it was well written with the characters who seemed real. I would be interested to finish this trilogy to see how it started and finishes.