Affair by Amanda Quick

Charlotte Arkendale was quite sure she knew all there was to know about men.  After all, she’d made a highly lucrative career out of steering marriage-minded woman way from untrustworthy members of the opposite sex.  But nothing in Charlotte’s considerable experience had prepared her for the arresting stranger who appeared on her doorstep to apply for the position of her new man-of-affairs.

He claimed to be a respectable gentleman-discreet, unassuming, ordinary to the point of being dull.  Yet something about the set of Mr. St. Ive’s broad shoulders and the unrelenting determination that smoldered in the depths of his amber eyes warned Charlotte to be wary.  For the strong-minded beauty was already embroiled in a wealth of danger.

Two months earlier, Miss Drusilla Heskett had become one of Charlotte’s clients.  Now the woman was dead, murdered in her own home, and Charlotte feared that the killer may have been one of the suitors she herself had advised Miss Heskett to reject.  Still, with the right man by her side, Charlotte was certain she could uncover the truth and bring Drusilla’s killer to justice.  But was the enigmatic St. Ive’s Mr. Right…or Mr. Wrong?

What a predicament he was in!   A dedicated man of science who worshiped at the alter of logic and reason, Baxter St. Ives couldn’t bloody well believe that he was actually masquerading as a man-of-affairs to get close to a maddeningly independed woman.  Hunting down a murderer under false pretenses was one thing, but discovering himself at the mercy of a fierce and highly illogical passion for his new employer was throwing his life into chaos.  It was enough to make a man lock himself in the sanctuary of his laboratory and never emerge.

Instead, St. Ive’s decides to conduct an experiment, a risky scientific exploration into the reckless alchemy of desire.  But even as the daring St. Ives sets out to seduce Charlotte, the mystery that surrounds them deepens.  For a twisted killer is still on the loose in london, plotting to part the lovers…or see them joined together forever-in death.

I liked this book.  Quick writes a good mystery and thrill in Affair.  She makes her romance novels more interesting through the thrill or detective work which she creates.

I liked the liaison between Baxter and Charlotte.

Affair is intense, suspenseful and romantic.

Dangerous by Amanda Quick

Only in the dead of night will she come to find her true love but can she make him hers forever…

Amanda Quick writes Dangerous which is an intriguing, mysterious love story through the Victorian period.

The Plot of Dangerous:

“At five and twenty, Prudence Merryweather knew very well the risks a woman took by visiting a gentlman in the dead of night.  But bearding teh notorious Earl of Angelstone in his den was the only way to stop him from engaging her hot-headed brother in a duel.  And that was why she found herself ushered into Sebastians forbidding presence at three in the morning-and thoroughly kissed before dawn.

She was a country-bred innocent and an intriguing experience for a man who dwelt more in the shadows than in the sunshine.  Yet as her boldness drew Prue into one dangerous episode after another, Sebastian found himself torn between a raging hunger to possess her and a driving need to protect her.  And the reckless beauty would soon need all the protection she could get…”

Amanda Quick really is one of my favorite romance authors.  I am always drawn into her books.  In this particular book Quick shows her wit with the characters as she pairs up Prue and Sebastian.  I love how Sebastian is an oddity and doesn’t care what others think.  Prue cares but wants to make everything okay along with Sebastian’s family.

Then as you are done with the character dynamic’s there is the plot which is another driving force of this novel.  I was blown away by how the plot of murder was swept into the plot without it being obvious and the same with the villain.  You thought you knew but wasn’t sure.

Dangerous was fantastic to read with the danger, paranormal activity, intrigue, wit, adventure and love underneath it all.