Cake on a Hot Tin Roof

Rita Lucero did not want to host the Mardi Gras party but was forced into the role. She will work hard to make the party a success but when one of the guest winds up dead a whole lot of trouble starts for Rita’s family.

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof is the second book to the series A Piece of Cake Mystery by Jacklyn Brady. I am really enjoying this series. It actually surprised me because of my lack of interest with mystery’s. Although to be fair this is definitely not a very serious mystery, this is what is considered a cozy mystery. It was fast paced and it kept me interested.

Rita’s character is out of her element with the amount of work to do. Although she is ready for that hard work. Personally she needs to take a break and chill out for a moment but that would be unlikely to happen. With the investigation Rita stays close to it as her family could be in trouble. I liked her tenacious attitude with the investigation but she was too head strong and acted first then thought.

The investigation was interesting as she did her own interviewing of the bystanders. I was wondering who had done it without too much success with guessing the right person. The main police officer was Liam Sullivan who had been introduced in the first book. Now as a romance reader I am always looking to see who will become attached. Liam definitely has a shot and then there is Gabriel the bartender. Only time will tell if Rita’s character will become more than interested in one of them. I just don’t want the whole love triangle thing happening. It gets annoying and I lose interested.

With each story I am also learning more about the staff and I have to say I am not too impressed by them. They are clearly resentful of Rita for invading their territory. Though I have noticed that some of the ice has thawed and they are warming up to her.

I decided to continue with this series and will be reading Arsenic and Old Cake next.

Secret Desires of a Gentleman

Secret Desires of a GentlemanMaria Martingale had been the daughter of the cook for the Hawthorne family since she was little but when she and Lawrence, the younger Hawthorne, thought they were in love but they were torn apart by the older brother Phillip. Twelve years have passed and Maria is long over the supposed love she had for Lawrence as her drive is all about her baking and her shop.

Phillip Hawthorne was a very important man being the Marquess but he will be shocked to find that Maria will be next door to him opening up her bakery shop. Fearing that the past will repeat itself he will make sure that Lawrence and Maria do not have a chance to form an attachment.

Secret Desires of a Gentleman is the third book from the series Girl-Bachelor by Laura Lee Guhrke. I had not intended to sample a book from three different series but as that is what I did and found some stories I loved and some that were good. This one I have to say was one that I loved. The story flowed well and you were immediately brought into the lives of Maria and the Hawthorne brothers. Now when starting out the book I had not realize I was going to be reading about Maria but I remember her character in the book Scandal of the Year which I had read the other day. I already know that she has a happy ending so now I get to see how her story got started.

Maria’s character had drive. She wanted something and she went after it. I liked the little parts that were placed into the book giving us glimpses to her life with the brothers when they were younger. What I found interesting that it had been Phillip who had Maria was interested in that is until he showed no emotion to her as she grew up. I actually really liked Phillip’s character. Sure he was a little of a snob for the most part he did things to help his brother. The only person he wasn’t helping was himself. I liked that as you went along in the book you found out the depth of Phillip’s feelings for Maria and why he did what he did. He liked her but could not have her so the next best thing is to be indifferent. To me their relationship/proposal definitely had a Darcy and Elizabeth feel to it and like their classic love story a happy ending will be just around the corner. All they had to do were get out of each others way and find what works for them which basically meant don’t follow society’s rules.

I will be back with Laura Lee Guhrke after I find more books from her other series or from the ones I have started.