The Earl Claims a Bride

The Earl Claims a BrideHarrison Thornwick inherited his title but Harrison would gladly give it back to have his brother back. With little time to accept the title Harrison will find that the Prince will be requesting him to marry a Miss Angelina Rule. Harrison will be against the match until he meets Angelina.

Miss Angelina Rule has wanted to marry her Captain for the last three years, she had dreamed about it. Now she is being forced to marry another because of her father’s debt. Angelina will be sadden at the fact she can’t marry the man she had wanted, but when she meets Harrison she will find herself wanting him.

The Earl Claims a Bride is the second book to the series The Heir’s Club of Scoundrels Trilogy by Amelia Grey. I really liked this book.

Harrison’s character was a good guy. In his past he had a definite wild side but that is tamed especially when he finds himself attracted to Angelina. I liked that he had actual feelings for Angelina and it was not just on the surface. I wanted him to win the affection of Angelina instead of the Captain because the Captain was not the same man as he once was. I thought it was interesting that Harrison also knew more about Angelina in such a short time than the Captain ever did. Personally I think that the Captain just saw what was on the surface and didn’t truly know the woman he wanted. Angelina’s character was a dutiful daughter who wanted to do right by her father. I thought it was cruel that the father did this to his daughter. I liked that Angelina was staying true to her Captain but I wanted her to realize that the feelings she had were no longer there. The feelings she had for Harrison were alive and well.

I am reading the third book next.

One Dance with a Duke

One Dance with a DukeSpencer Dumarque, Duke of Morland, is blindsided that his friend was killed. He will wonder who the traitor is but also where the coin is now. Upon the murder Spencer will acquire a wife who intrigued him.

Lady Amelia d’Orsay was there at midnight to take a chance to help her brother out of a gambling debt. Her life will be turned upside down being rushed into a marriage to a man she knows hardly anything about.

One Dance with a Duke is the first book to Tessa Dare’s series Stud Club. The book was a very well written and entertaining which from reading her other books I really had no doubt I would like this novel.

Spencer was a very domineering man when it came to doing things his way. Obtaining a wife, a horse and doing what he wanted was done his way and his way only. This of course changes when he starts to feel more than lust for Amelia. He struggles the entire book in how to deal with things but for the most part he is trying to please her in his own way so he wasn’t all that bad. Now Amelia was one who was used to taking care of everyone, especially her brothers. She might have taken charge still but she was very much in doubt of herself. Throughout most of the book the two spent so much time bickering but there was a lot of passion that surrounded them.

There is an unknown villain in the book. The villain, who killed Leo the founding member of the Stud Club, I am sure will make their presence known someway within these next two books. There are no real clues only that someone who looked a lot like Julian Bellamy was seen with Leo. I am guessing that the villain will be related to Julian but I will have to see  with the other two books from the series Stud Club which I have next to read.

How To Be A Proper Lady

How to Be a Proper LadyViola Carlyle has lived her life how she wants. She has freedom that a Lady would not have. Viola will be found and told of her past but she will not be willing to change her life as she knew it would confine her desires. But with the tempting Captain Jin Seton she might be willing.

Captain Jin Seton needed to find Viola in order to pay his debt and he always remembers who he owes. Jin finds Viola and knows instantly she is going to be trouble but he will find a way to take her back to her family. Even as she is tempting him the whole time.

The second book to the Falcon Club series is How To Be a Proper Lady by Katharine Ashe. I found this one entertaining mostly because of Viola and her ways of living. I don’t read too many books with a woman making her life on a ship but Ashe creates her character well. She was determined and stubborn and she was out of place when it came to being girly. There was a certain vulnerability in her character and she never succumbed to what others wanted even when they tried to make her into a Lady. She never lost herself.

The romance was there in the book but it wasn’t just Viola and Jin. There was Viola and Aidan Castle. Reading Castle’s character you knew he wasn’t the right man for her. Jin would be a better match and he shows that he is a gentleman when he gives her the chance to decide.

The ending stayed true to the characters which I liked and Ashe gave a happy ending for Viola and Jin. I checked out the third book where Wyn and Diantha will be crossing paths.

An Unexpected Gentleman

Adelaide Ward is in need to marry and marry quickly. Her family will soon be over run with bills which have been acquired thanks to her brother. She is on the brink of a proposal until she is thoroughly compromised with a kiss in a garden thanks to a rogue.

Connor Brice wants Adelaide as he has seen her from a far and now he has his chance especially as it will be up tohim to protect her from Sir Robert. Connor will lie and cheat to win Adelaide but will be stunned when some of his plans back fire. He will have to find a way to win the heart of his wife.

An Unexpected GentlemanThe first moment did not grab me with intrigue, it was a slow build for An Unexpected Gentleman as the story itself is simple. There is no great duel or affair, it is a simple story of a woman trying to find a way to stop her family being ruined financially. I remember liking Alissa Johnson with the first book I had picked up from hers and this second novel was very similar especially as the characters from that novel have an appearance in An Unexpected Gentleman. I liked Connor and his men I thought they were a good added element to the story giving a little more humor. Adelaide was a fierce woman and one with strong convictions along with being naive.

Throughout the story I wanted to slap the brother on his head or shake him for acting like an idiot but Johnson will make sure he learns a lesson. Now the villain Sir Robert was more or less a bully. I have expected him to become more villainous but he was pretty tamed. Of course he did get what was coming to him at the end.

An Unexpected Gentleman was a cute and simple romance story from Alissa Johnson.

Never Trust a Rogue

With a simple IOU Lindsay would be free of Wrayford’s attention. It would show he was a gambler and not the man for her but something goes wrong when Thane Parker, the Earl of Mansfied gets a hand on the note.

Thane Parker blackmails Lindsay in to a betrothal but what she does not understand is Thane will collect. As he chases the strangler he has to protect Lindsay as she could be the next victim. But with her stubborn ways she will put herself right into the mist of trouble.

I liked the adventure Olivia Drake sends Lindsay into with Never Trust A Rogue. As a sequel the plot and characters will hold your attention.

The villain looked to be one but then Drake shows a whole new angle which you did not see coming.

As the second book to the series Heiress in London it was intriguing to read as you wanted to uncover what was really going on and how these characters played a part in the unraveling.

The last book will conclude with the youngest sister taking her turn at love and adventure.

Island of Flowers by Nora Roberts

Island of Flowers is set in a seductive setting but it is anything but. There will be heartache and problems but underneath everything there is a young girl seeking comfort and a father.

Laine Simmons has not known her father for fifteen years but now is her chance to know him. Only person standing in her way is herself and a man named Dillon O’Brian. They will be up against each other only to protect Cap, Laine’s father and Dillon’s friend and business partner. But together there will be something that can’t be ignored only if prejudice gets in the way.

This was a quick romance novel but in this instance I wished it was longer with a more drawn out plot. I wished there was more detail about her family and more courting. I found that it was romantic but it seemed to easy in the end that all is forgiven. There would have been better for a little more detail giving a little more fight.

But then again this was still a great romance book by Roberts that will want you to believe that romance is not dead only hidden.