A Cowboy for Christmas

A Cowboy for ChristmasLissette “Lissy” Moncrief was having one of the worst days of her life. With her being recently widowed she just found out the news that her two year old son was going deaf. Lissy was going broke and defeated. She will meet a man who she will find out has a connection to her husband and could be the person to help save her.

Rafferty Jones didn’t want to deal with cleaning up his brothers mess but he would do it because it was right. Rafferty will be surprised by the widow as she was the woman he met earlier that day. Rafferty will want to help and will find himself staying longer as each day passes.

A Cowboy for Christmas is the third book to Lori Wilde’s series Jubilee, Texas. I skipped the second book as my library doesn’t have it but I figure I will find it eventually. So back to the third book, I really liked the story. Once again it was sentimental and I felt for these characters as they felt real.

I liked Lissy for her ability to not fall apart even though it looked like she was going to. She was strong for her son and she was growing a backbone which she kind of lacked. Rafferty was not a perfect man thanks to his background but he was a perfect man for Lissy. That realization doesn’t come into play of course till the very end but they do get it right. I loved that Rafferty knew how to sign and that he helped Kyle, Lissy’s son, learn sign language.

Guilt seems to playing a big role once again but it makes sense as Wilde created her characters to be in a tough situation. All the characters had some sort of guilt. I felt that Claudia, Lissy’s mother in law, had the most. I felt that even though what she did years ago was bad, justice had been made. She had been punishing herself for over twenty years.

I am going to have to check out what other books my library has available from Lori Wilde. I don’t want another three years to pass without me trying one of her books.

Three Nights with a Scoundrel

Three Nights with a ScoundrelJulian Bellamy needed to find his best friends murderer while trying to make sure the woman he loves finds security in a marriage for her station in society. Julian knew that he was not the man for her. He had too many secrets and would never be of her station but he will find himself spending more time with Lily and falling harder for her.

Lily Chatwick had barely survived her twin brothers death but knew that if Julian would fall to his death she would not. She wanted to have Julian stop looking for her brothers murder and she knew the only way was ask him to help her find a potential husband, even thought the only husband she wanted was Julian.

Three Nights with a Scoundrel is the third and final book from Tessa Dare’s series Stud Club. This was a very good finish to the series and it wrapped up everything that needed to be said. Julian was a surprise to me with who he was and his childhood, not to mention what he was doing to make money. You felt for him and you wanted him to find happiness with Lily as he loved her without a doubt. Lily was a surprise as well as at how she was being deaf. It was part of her and she learned how to handle social situations without too much of a problem. I loved how Julian protected Lily but didn’t do it because he thought she was weak, he had a connection with deafness from his past. Now even though Julian was persistent with keeping his distance with Lily they do have a happy ending. The epilogue wrapped it up for all the main characters with a look into the future and how their families were growing.

It is interesting as the mystery does finally come to an end with who killed Leo and it is definitely wasn’t what I thought was going to happen. I liked the surprise of who Leo was in love with and what really happened that night which I really did not see coming. I liked that Dare’s novel left you guessing and actually surprised me with the events that happened.

Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a ScotEveline Armstrong has let those around her think she was unwell for the last three years to avoid a marriage to a horrible man. Now she is being sent to another bad man to be his wife. Eveline will soon learn that the man himself was not bad and he was one that she could love but it would be struggle as his clan was avid about mistreating her.

Graeme Montgomery did not want to marry the daughter of a sworn enemy clan but he would do his bidding. Graeme will meet his intended and will be shocked at her beauty. He will not have a problem with her especially as he finds out what is really wrong with her. Graeme will fight his clan to make sure his bride is protected but he wouldn’t be able to stop all the treachery.

Never Seduce a Scot is the first book from the Montgomery and Armstrong series from Maya Banks. I have seen this book on the shelves as I walked passed down the aisle of the romance section. I knew it was to be part of a series but the second book wasn’t out. Now with the second book out and available I snatched them both up.

The first book to the series Never Seduce a Scot was what I expected from Maya Banks. A good setting, interesting characters and steamy scenes. I really loved this book. It was easy to get into and you stayed interested from start to finish. This story reminded me of her other series Highlander. This one was made differently with Eveline being deaf. It added an interesting element to show how clever she was and led you to feel for the girl. Though you felt sorry for Eveline she was not one to be backed into a corner. When she wanted to she could defend herself. Her new clan did not make her life easy as she was challenged at every turn. Graeme was a man who did what needed to be done. He was strong and loyal to his clan. At first I didn’t know if he was going to be a really tough guy but instead he was well balanced between strength and generosity.

From all the hurt that the clan gives to Eveline a love blooms between Graeme and Eveline that will melt your heart. It is really sweet to read the progression of Graeme as he fought the feelings that started to develop for Eveline. Now Ian was despicable as a villain. What you learn about him you want him to have a miserable ending and justice will happen but not until the very end of the book.

Highlander Most Wanted is next.

Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to MouthSince the first book from Erin McCarthy was a hit I thought to find another novel and got Mouth to Mouth which is not part of a series but a novel that stands alone.

Laurel Wilkins was excited to meet the man she had been chatting online and meeting him will not be disappointing until he tells her that he is not the man she is meeting. Laurel will be shocked but will find that she likes this Russ Evans a lot more and wants to know more.

Russ Evans was on a case to catch the con artist Dean Trevor. He will quickly find that he will be getting more involved on the case especially as he wants to protect the next target Laurel.

I have found a new author I really like in Erin McCarthy. The obvious sex is certainly a draw to her books but I liked the characters and the plot that they seemed to find themselves in. I thought the idea of a con man kept the book going with misdirection especially on who this man really was. You weren’t sure until basically the very end, which was a pretty good surprise.

The character and Laurel and Russ were steamy for sure but they were good together. Russ had instant draw to his character. Laurel was also a great character. I liked that she was deaf but kept going on her life and did not let anything get her down. Although her character was a little too trusting. Then there was the kid Sean who was a keeper and your heart broke for him.

I don’t know what book I will be going for next, but I will be looking out for more on Erin McCarthy.


The Story of Beautiful Girl

The Story of Beautiful GirlThe Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon was beautifully written and a story I couldn’t put down.

The plot of this story is about this young woman Lynnie who was put in this institution when she was young for people who have mental disabilities. She escapes with a deaf African American man named Homan as Lynnie is pregnant and about to have her baby. They hide at a house of an older woman when the police finds them. They take them back but the baby remains hidden and in the care of this older woman named Martha. You travel through forty years between the lives of Lynnie, Homan, Martha, Kate, and Julia.

This was a choice from my book club which lately has been on depressing stories. Now this story was sad as with what happened to those in the plot but it was all necessary for you to connect with the story. All the characters are defined perfectly throughout the story. There is also a time period of forty years which was transitioned well throughout the book making it easy to follow and kept the book moving with a flow.

Within the story there was plenty of struggle and heartache that comes from the school and the parents of Lynnie. I truly disliked the parents for doing that to their child but that was the way back then. There is also the part of how Lynnie came to be pregnant. Reading the book you knew what was going to come. The story was heartbreaking when you heard what had happened in the room with her and Smokes who worked at the school. She survived and was able to move on and become stronger which made her a wonderful heroine.  In the story there is also simple triumph that created such happiness especially at the ending. Simon gives us a finish for the book and I liked that it was not a reunion for everyone. You are left knowing what is to come so the book gives you hope.

Eloquent Silence

Lauri is dedicated at her job as a teacher of the deaf as her sister is deaf Lauri respects the language and does her best to continue to educate others. Lauri gets a job with a wonderful little girl, Jennifer, who is hearing-impaired but the father is less to be desired. As he is an actor Lauri wants to stay away from him due to her previous marriage. But Lauri will be drawn in by Drake and his daughter Jennifer.

Sandra Brown creates a heart wrenching story in Eloquent Silence.  You will be drawn in to the story right away and wonder about the past of Lauri and Drake. You will also be swept away by the little girl who you can’t help but love to read about. The trio will leave you frustrated and full of hope to when they will become a true family.

Eloquent Silence is a novel you will want to read.