Dark Wild Night

Dark Wild NightLola’s dream was to write her own story and she finally had accomplished that task. Though now her life is in chaos as her comic book is being made into a movie. Lola is not ready for all that is going to happen especially when Oliver decides it was time to take their friendship to the next level.

Oliver has wanted Lola since he had drunkenly married her but he knew it was not the right time. Then Oliver will find himself and Lola drifting out of the friend zone to more and he will take a chance. He will be thrilled but when her life gets complicated she pushes him away.

Dark Wild Night is the third book to the series Wild Seasons by Christina Lauren. I really liked this book. It was fun as Lola was a writer for comic books and Oliver worked at a comic book store.

Lola’s character was a nerd which I loved. I also loved that she was a writer of comic books. She was a shy person and unsure of herself but I liked that she was shinning when she got the deal for her book. Oliver’s character was also a nerd and he was adorable. I wanted him to speak up more and he does but it is not about what he really wants.

Their relationship was not easy. There were some definite bumps in the road and pretty early on. I hated what Oliver did to hurt Lola, it wasn’t that bad but it hurt her emotionally. Though what Lola was doing and how she was handling the relationship was not right either. She needed to be brave and take a chance.

I am reading the fourth book next.