Mr. Darcy’s Dream

Mr. Darcy's DreamPhoebe Hawkins has been proposed but the suitor was rejected by her father. He simply explained this man would not suit as he was a rake and not someone for his daughter. Phoebe did not want to believe it and goes to Anthony’s house to see a woman who was clearly his mistress leaving. Heartbroken Phoebe agrees with her father that she needs time away and it is off with her to Pemberely where her cousins reside. She will not be alone at the estate as there will be Louisa Bingley who has had three seasons and no suitors yet.

Mr. Darcy’s Dream is the last book for the series Darcys by Elizabeth Aston. For me the series was brought back to life in the fifth book and I think the final/last book, Mr. Darcy’s Dream left us at a good ending. There was a sense of lighthearted and heartwarming friendships and new/old love.

Phoebe was a good character to finish up the series. I liked her eagerness for love but there was another part that became her character which became non trusting. You found out why and your heart broke for hoping that her parents marriage wasn’t what her life would come. This is why I wasn’t sure where the story was going to be going especially with Anthony and Phoebe. At first he looked to be like a complete rake but looks can be deceiving and Aston does a good job at showing things were not all they appeared to be. So in the end love will have a place for Phoebe and Anthony that will have you cheering.

Now the villain is still our famous George Warren but it looks like he will have a partner in crime that looking back wasn’t too surprising. It looks like Warren never learned from any of his mistakes.

With the sixth book done I will have to say that Elizabeth Aston did a very good job at recreating a world of Austen.

The Darcy Connection

The Darcy ConnectionEliza Collins and Charlotte Collins sisters and daughters to the Collins but couldn’t be more different. Both will come to London but one is going for a husband while the other is banished at least for a while. London will bring triumph and challenges for each sister they must overcome.

I checked out all of the books from Darcys series by Elizabeth Aston knowing I would want to read them all in a row. So far they all have been really great to read. Probably the first two are the favorites but now the fifth book, The Darcy Connection is right there with them. The Darcy Connection was like a breath of fresh air into the series. As I said I really liked so far all of the series but this book completely pulled me into their world, I loved this book. It was heartwarming with some humor along with a sense of seriousness.

I think what made it this way was Eliza Collins. At first she was flighty, flirty and desperately in love but then she is sent away with her sister to London. Eliza finds herself in London and sees things differently and of course there is a man that has her start changing her mind. Of course that is not instant as she is not fond of his prejudice and of course she is a little proud. The man who starts changing her mind is Bart Burton. Personally I was happy for her to be persuaded elsewhere as her beau was a little boring. Burton I found intriguing and full of life with his quick comebacks.

Now this story also focuses in on Charlotte but once again she was a little boring and she chose her life to be boring. She had spirit but thanks to George Warren that was squashed. And yes Warren is back and definitely not reformed in the least. Looking back now I am thinking I would be almost disappointed if he was as he is our main villain.

The final book to the series is Mr. Darcy’s Dream.

The Second Mrs. Darcy

The Second Mrs. DarcyOctavia Darcy has been widowed and left penniless then the unexpected happens and a fortune falls in her lap. Octavia will flee her brothers and sisters who think she has to marry again. She will travel to Yorkshire and rediscover herself and about her family she never knew.

Elizabeth Aston’s fourth book to the Darcys series is The Second Mrs. Darcy and was enjoyable to read especially with the playful brother and sister attitude along with rivals combating with each other, Octavia and Sholto. Their banter back and fourth made the book enjoyable especially as each of them were not one to back down.

I enjoyed Octavia as she was not one to slink away when faced with opposition and Sholto is not one to budge unless he wants to do something or is being a martyr. I liked that he gives his life a change when Octavia finally gets under his skin. There will be a happy ending leaving Octavia secure in life and in happiness thanks to Sholto.

Now the old enemy of George Warren is back but never forgotten. He plays more into the story which leaves me to wonder if he will be around for all of the books and will he have time for redemption or will he never change?

The True Darcy Spirit

The True Darcy SpiritCassandra Darcy is disowned by her parents as a scandal comes her way but it is not her fault or her scandal. She will find a way in the world but there will be plenty of troubles coming her way especially in Lord Usborne who wants nothing more to make her his mistress. Cassandra will eventually find help in Horatio Darcy.

Elizabeth Aston has developed the Darcys series to follow after Jane Austen’s world of Pride and Prejudice. So far it has been a very good series and I liked the third book The True Darcy Spirit, but not as much as the first two.

You are walking into a different world with Cassandra as she is very naive and doesn’t understand all there is to harm her. She had spirit and fought back in this world which was good but it wasn’t there at the beginning. I liked that she was a painter which was her passion. Then there is our hero Horatio who was a lawyer and finds way to help but later on. I wasn’t sure I liked Horatio. He was having an affair with a married woman and he was kind of boring at times. The ending of course gets better and Horatio is more the man that he should be.

Our villain would have to be Lord Usborne as he is vile in his own way but very much like the wealthy who are usually part of the society of London in these romance books. There was also Belle, again I really didn’t like all of Darcy’s daughters only Camille and Alethea, who was the cause of Cassandra’s problems. Belle will find love and happiness which was a little annoying as she still to me is very immature. The next book is The Second Mrs. Darcy.

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea DarcyAlethea Darcy has been married recently immediately finding out that her husband was not one she wanted to stay with as his cruelty was breaking her spirit. She had to find a way out. With her maid at her side they escaped in the middle of night disguising their appearance as men. Alethea will keep running as she finds little help from her sisters, with the exception of Camille who is out of the country. She will find a savior in the arms of an unlikely man who will help her find a way out.

The second book to the Darcys series is The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy. Elizabeth Aston brings us back to the world of Austen with the youngest sister in a bind. I loved reading about Alethea in the first book and was interested in finding out more about her. I loved her bravery in the book and was horrified with what happened to her, what her husband inflicted upon her. I was happy that Aston did give a happy ending for Alethea.

I loved Titus, our hero. He was a hard man to but he helped those in need especially Alethea who needed his help without question. I loved that a friendship grew and then to love especially as he had loved and it did not end well. He was able to get a second chance. The ending was perfect.

Our villain is certainly Alethea’s husband but there were several others who were her sisters I think. I was very angry with Georgiana who dismissed her sister and told her that it was her husbands right. If I didn’t like the sister before I would really dislike her now. Even Letty got worse with her religious banter.

This plot was more scandalous I thought than the first only because of what happened to Alethea. For me this is going outside of the realm of Austen but it was really well done as you could still feel for the most part it was Austen’s world with how the characters interacted and behaved.

Mr. Darcy’s Daughters

Mr. Darcy's DaughtersContinuing on with the search of Pride and Prejudice continuations or remolding of the classic story I stumbled upon several stories from Elizabeth Aston and her Darcys series.

Fitzwilliam Darcy and his wife Elizabeth are traveling overseas and left their five daughters to enjoy the ways of London under the watchful care of their relatives while the youngest siblings, the two boys, stay at Pemberely. All five daughters will find themselves holding onto their reputations as some of the ton of London will wish them to fail.

Mr. Darcy’s Daughters by Elizabeth Aston is a true continuation of the classic story Pride and Prejudice where you are shown what life could be if Jane Austen continued the love story of Darcy and Elizabeth. I loved that Aston made Darcy to have five daughters.

Aston creates fantastic characters that feel very much like in the world of Austen but a little more scandal than Austen would have, this especially occurs with all the sisters. Now I didn’t love all the sisters really only Camille and Alethea. The rest were too wild to like or uptight for me. Aston does a good job at giving each sister their own identity.

Within the book you are treated back to some old enemies like Caroline but now it will be her stepson, George Warren who will help in causing problems for the Darcy girls. Now although Sophie wasn’t a villain she was too spoiled for me to really like, especially as she was leading on her fiancee Wytton.  Wytton is a character I loved as he is our hero who is perfect for Camille and Aston will not leave us disappointed.

The series will feature Alethea next in The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy.