Temptation and Surrender

Temptation and SurrenderJonas Tallent has lived for the life of London but now bored he has put his mind back on his country family home in Devon. He needs someone to run the inn and will find none up to the task until Emily Beauregard. He knows that she is hiding something and will be persistent to uncover it.

Emily Beauregard, but that is not her full name, is hiding the rest of her name so she can go unobserved in hopes to find what she is looking for. Emily along with her brother and sisters are in search of the family treasure that would restore their family to the status they once had. Emily has to be sneaky about it but finds it is hard to move around with Jonas Tallent watching her every move.

Temptation and Surrender is the seventeenth book and last book to Stephanie Laurens series Cynster. I really liked this book. I thought there was more life to this one and not so dark with the mystery. Mysteries with dark intrigue are good but I liked that this was a little more lighthearted thanks to the siblings of Emily.

The characters were well developed and engaging to read about. I liked Emily who did not see failure as an option. She was the caretaker of her family and was bent on doing everything she could to help them. Jonas was not the bored gentleman that left London. He was curious and put Emily as a project. He intended to find what she was hiding and would not fail. There is of course the lust that follows as they find themselves in one too many situations where they are alone.

The kids were a cute addition and had their own role to play. They were not just ones to be mentioned in the book. Laurens also adds a story for Issy and Joshua to find love which you could easily see coming but it was sweet.

Emily’s treasure hunt was the plot of the story and kept you moving along with the characters. I kept flipping the pages wondering when and if the treasure would be found. Now along with the treasure there was a villain. At first you think you know but the villain was not someone I saw coming but an explanation was given.

Stephanie ended the series well with this book. There are more books to read from her along with a new Cynster series called Cynster Sisters. I know that I will be coming back to more from Stephanie Laurens.

Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart LeadsPenelope Ashford ran the foundling house without problems but now she has a dilemma. Several of the children have gone missing. She must find a way to get them back and she turns to Barnaby Adair.

Barnaby Adair is good at observing and finding things that have gone missing. He will help Penelope find the missing children recruiting his own help to solve this mystery.

Where the Heart Leads is the sixteenth book from Stephanie Laurens Cynster series. The book was written well with the mystery of the missing orphans.

I was wondering when Barnaby would have his story being told. He has been in several books now and I wanted to hear more of his story. Penelope and Barnaby were very good together. There is that initial attraction but what drives them is to help solve this mystery. Personally I think the investigation took over the book but it was good so there were no real complaints on that end. Barnaby uses his power of observation to help in this case while Penelope uses her determination and passion for this foundling house to get back these orphans.

What I also liked was that there is another couple being written into the story, Stokes and Giesdla. They are on their own at times in the story or interacting with Penelope and Barnaby but no matter what they are part of the team to investigate. This couple gives a different perspective especially with Stokes who is an inspector of Scotland Yard.

The last book of the Cynster series is Temptation and Surrender.

The Taste of Innocence

The Taste of InnocenceCharles “Charlie” Morwellan, the eighth Earl of Meredith, has decided on a bride because she never fawned over him like many other woman. He did not want a love match but soon will find that Sarah was pure temptation and someone who could make him fall in love.

Sarah Conningham did not want to marry anyone, she wanted to marry for love. She would give Charlie a chance to change her mind and will find he is a seducer. She will fall willing but will find that her marriage will not be going exactly as she planned.

The fifteenth book of the Cynster series is The Taste of Innocence which was well done. Stephanie Laurens continues the series and with this book brings up the heat with lust and a lot of sexual tension. Charlie and Sarah will be experimenting with their own desire before the wedding. He will show her how to be seduced but always stop before it goes too far. I loved these two characters together as they appeared perfect together but as this happened very much in the beginning of the book you knew there had to be a fall. They will not have martial bliss and it will be a struggle for Charlie to get over his fear of repeating the past with obsession like his father. At times like these you would start to dislike the hero because he is overly harsh to his wife but in this case he really wasn’t and you felt bad for both. I knew that a happy ending would happen so I wasn’t really torn up about their distance that was growing. Also Laurens keeps you distracted with the mystery of a missing journal, a person who wants to buy the land that Sarah owns and accidents that keep happening.

I liked that you basically knew the villain in the book but did not know why this person was aiming towards Sarah. Only that the land she owned was something that was wanted desperately.

Closing the book I am left smiling with the happy ending and look forward to picking up next the sixteenth book Where the Heart Leads.

What Price Love?

What Price LoveDillon Caxton is a protege of Demon Cynster and is known around the race track but now his reputation is at risk from a scheme. He will get his cousin, Felicity, and her husband, Demon, to help him. He will be sidetracked with a young woman who will come into his life but could be the key he needed.

Priscilla “Pris” Dalling was on a mission to help her brother Rus no matter what. She was told to find the register but to get that she had to tangle with Dillon. She was told to seduce him to get close and Pris will take the challenge but will find much more.

What Price Love? is the fourteenth book to Stephanie Laurens Cynster series. I liked it. It was engaging, not my favorite but I liked it. No matter what I will have my ups and downs with this series. I never hated any of them just some where more disappointing than others.

The characters acted not as innocent as they were well at least with Pris. She is a woman who has to do what she needs to, but is not a bad person. She protects those that she loves just does things that are not exactly right. I liked the way she progressed when she was with Dillon, who was certainly a protege of Demon. He was a man that meant business. So really they were perfect for each other.

When I was done I looked at the title. The title was true to the characters as it tested what they would do for love and Dillon and Pris proved that they were willing to fight and to pay what they needed for love.

I am going to keep going with the fifteenth book, The Taste of Innocence.

The Truth About Love

The Truth About LoveGerrard Debbington only wanted to paint the exclusive gardens of Lord Tregonning but could not unless he painted the mans daughter portrait. Gerrard did not want to but conceded and walked in on much more than a simple portrait.

Jacqueline Tregonning was told that she was to sit for a portrait. She knew that her father did not want the portrait for obvious reasons. He wanted the artist to paint her to show her innocence from the crime everyone thought she had done.

The Truth About Love is the thirteenth book to Stephanie Lauren’s Cynster series. I liked this book. There was more of a mystery going on that intrigued me to continue. I thought why would everyone assume a young woman would be able to lift up their own mother and toss her over the wall which she was killed. I liked reading about the revealing of the mystery and Laurens does it well with giving clues but keeping this mystery a mystery until close to the end.

Gerrard was not the average painter which I liked. He wasn’t self obsessed and was a good man. He was also a seducer but didn’t make that his job until it came to Jacqueline. His attraction to her is quick and intense but it is not all about that with Laurens. She writes a mystery of murder and a good who done it plot. I liked Jacqueline for the most part but wonder why she did not fight a little harder for people to believe she was not the murder.

I had wondered how in the beginning of the series Laurens would keep writing the series once the set of Cynster cousins were through. I do like that she continues the series with those related to the wives who married the Cynsters, like Gerrard who is the brother to Patience. Patience is the wife of Vane Cynster. Laurens keeps a family tree so far with every book that I have read which is useful since the family keeps branching off.

The next book is What Price Love?

The Ideal Bride

The Ideal BrideCaroline “Caro” Sutcliff had no desire to marry again. One political marriage was enough for her. She had to make sure her niece did not have the same fate. She will pull Michael’s attention from Elizabeth but he will turn toward her.

Michael Anstruther-Wetherby needed a wife to keep going in his career. He had a bride in mind even though she was on the younger side. He will get advice to find a more sophisticated woman and he will take that advice and look towards Caro for his ideal bride.

The Cynster series keeps going with the twelfth book from Stephanie Laurens. The title of the book, The Ideal Bride, describes the story perfect. An ideal bride is being looked for by Michael. I liked that Michael turned toward Caro but he was not one to push her into something she was fearing. He was a man who knew what he wanted but knew when to hold back. Caro was a woman who wanted to see her niece happy. I liked that Michael was the man that pulled out what she kept inside her. She was not an experienced woman and Michael became the teacher which let them learn about each other. She does not change her mind about marriage overnight which works with her character.

The Ideal Bride is another good book to the series. I am trying to read more of the series together which led me to find the remaining books from the Cynsters at my library. So now I have five more to go to finish up the series.

The Perfect Lover

The Perfect LoverSimon Frederick Cynster has decided that it was time to take a wife. He wasn’t sure who the intended would be but it was time to seriously start looking. He would start at the house party he will attend, but will be surprised when his attention goes to a woman he has known since childhood.

Portia Ashford was to attend a house party and vowed that she would seriously consider looking for a potential husband from the list of guest but not enthusiastically. She will come upon Simon whom she has known since childhood but things will be changing as she is seeing him different.

The eleventh book of the Cynsters series is The Perfect Lover from Stephanie Laurens. The book was a good read. I found that I liked the twins story a little more but Simon’s story is good nevertheless. There was passion bursting from the pages as Simon and Portia move beyond arguing with each other to embracing each other. I liked the transition she made with Portia and Simon, I thought it was well done. I also liked that Simon was like all the other Cynsters as he was protective with Portia especially when danger was coming closer to her.

It was interesting as the plot was simple with a house party which turns to murder as you reach over half of the book. I felt bad that I didn’t care who was murdered but this person was not very nice and liked to manipulate those around them. The mystery of the murder is not exposed until the very end and reasons are given explaining why this person was killed.

I am taking a break from Stephanie Laurens but will be back to finish her series.