The Gambler

The GamblerLibby St. Clair was expecting the curse to cause havoc on her wedding but everything was going perfectly. Libby will find herself running from her own wedding into a car that was outside the church. She will be surprised that the driver was her friend Noah. With the impending wedding curse just days away Libby will have to make a choice.

Noah McMillan wanted Libby but knew that she didn’t feel the same way. So Noah became her friend. She was someone who understood him and did not judge him.

The Gambler is the third novel to the series The Wedding Pact by Denise Grover Swank. I really liked this novel. It was definitely wackier than the others but that was because of Libby’s character who was more of a free spirit.

Libby was the extreme personality of the three woman. She was very impulsive. I liked her character especially as you got to know her more. What happened in her past was just too sad but I liked that Libby will finally realize that she is able to be loved. Noah’s character was a screw up but really he was doing something that he almost resented. Again he has a sad past but there will be something you find out later that helps Noah get over that past.

I liked the interaction of these two character. They are really alike in some ways which let them understand each other better than their friends or family every could. I thought it was great that they started off as friends because they got to know each other a lot more and that built a strong relationship. The few days they spend together is a little wacky but it fits with who these two were.

So, I had thought that I was done with the series but found there is another story that goes back to Blair and Garrett. I am reading that one next.

The Player

The PlayerBlair Hansen had loved one man who broke her heart and made her wary about trusting. Then five years later she found a man that she going to marry though he was someone she didn’t love as she didn’t believe in it. There will be a problem when the man she had loved shows up and he is determined to remind her of what they used to have.

Garrett Lowry knew he had screwed up five years ago and was making it up since then. When he sees Blair at a hotel he knew that had to take the chance and win her back. Though it will be hard as the woman he once loved was buried deep inside.

The Player is the second novel to the series The Wedding Pact by Denise Grover Swank. I really loved this book, it was a very well written story. Now I had loved the first one which in my opinion was much more lighthearted than the second book. The second book was more on betrayal and how trust was lost and how it had to be earned.

Blair was a woman who had been betrayed and has hardened her heart when it comes to love. She is considered cold but really that is just her exterior, she is afraid to express her feelings because she could be rejected. I found it sad for Blair that she was getting married to a man she doesn’t love but finds him stable, and someone who would not cheat. Personally I really disliked Neil from the start and much more at the end. I liked that Blair will find the strength to go with her heart again but it will not work out like the fairy tale story you want. So Garrett’s character was a good guy that made a mistake, though Blair had her part in that mistake. Then he makes a mistake which gives truth to her suspicions. I hated that Garrett goes that route but five years later he is certainly making up for that mistake. I like that he will try and do anything he could be get Blair back.

In the book there is a really well written twist that makes things much more difficult for Blair and Garrett to find that happy ending. As the reader I am yelling at the book for Blair to figure out the truth before it’s too late but it wouldn’t be that easy. Since Blair is insecure about relationships she will make a lot of bad mistakes before she figures out the truth behind it all.

I will be reading the third book next.

The Bride and the Beast

The Bride and the BeastGwendolyn Wilder will be the most sensible person in her village but that will get her nowhere when the villagers believe that a dragon lives in the abandoned castle. The villagers believe to make the dragon happy a virgin sacrifice is needed and Gwendolyn is volunteered. She knows there is no dragon but she is still afraid of what will come to her when she comes to the castle.

The Bride and the Beast was fantastic. This is a novel by Teresa Medeiros and I couldn’t stop reading the story. Personally I think it is because it reminded me so much of Beauty and the Beast, which was my favorite story when I was a child. There was something enchanting with the story.

I loved Gwendolyn’s character. She was a woman of sense, was brave and tried to do what was right. It was kind of ridicules with the villagers and how they thought sacrificing Gwen would solve anything. I was kind of mad at the sisters who didn’t really fight to help their sister. The two older ones were not great sisters, at least Kitty had some sense even if it was a little. Now the Dragon as he called himself but his true identity was someone who was out for revenge. There was a need for revenge as that was what he had concentrated on for most of his life. There was no room for love for the Dragon but you knew Gwen would be the one to make him change.

There was a little surprise about the person who betrayed the Dragon’s family, which I had wondered about. Though the person who had betrayed the Dragon’s family will not be discovered until close to the very end. I liked that it was concluded and that the Dragon had to work for what he had lost with Gwen.

Lover Eternal

Lover EternalRhage is part of the brotherhood who hunts down the lessers who are out to destroy them. Rhage is unlike his brothers as he is cursed with a beast that will transform him if he becomes enraged or if he doesn’t satisfy his beast with women. He longs for the beast to leave him and for the comfort of just one woman. Rhage will get the chance with Mary Luce but he will have to keep her safe from himself and the lessers.

Mary Luce has lived a hard life with her mother dying of cancer and herself getting cancer once again. She didn’t want to go through the cancer again as it nearly killed her last time. Her mind wouldn’t be on the cancer as she will meet Rhage and get tangled up in the lives of the brotherhood.

Lover Eternal is the second book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. I really loved this book. I had to keep putting the book down as I had other things to do but when I picked up the book again I fell right back into the story. There was no confusion or boring moments for me, so reading the book flew by quick.

I like this idea of the brotherhood and with each book you learn more and more about the members who are part of the group. I liked Rhage and was intrigued by him and this curse that he was given. You would think that for a guy having one woman after another would be a good thing but for Rhage it was getting old and he wanted more. That’s when Mary comes into the mix. She will be that something more for Rhage but it wouldn’t be right away. There is jealousy and trust issues on both sides. For me I thought they were both holding back as they were also afraid. Rhage was afraid of his beast and Mary was afraid of the her cancer and having someone she loved watch her die.

The bad guys are still the lessers and some of the recruits are pretty insane. There will be trouble for Bella who is Mary’s neighbor as she will get tangled up with the lessers and it will be up to the brotherhood to protect her but that saving will have to come in the third book. Now as the endings go I was in agony when Rhage made the deal to lose Mary but it would keep her alive. I wanted to shout at the book though things will work itself out in the end as the deal will be rewritten.

I am reading the first three books of the series back to back and so far I am really loving this series. I am reading the third book next with Zsadist and his story intrigues me, I want to find out more and hope that he will be saved.

Married by Midnight

Married by MidnightLord Garrett Sinclair was back home after seven years due to a request by his family. He was to marry which would ensure his inheritance and he could then go back. Garrett did not want a marriage made out of love and that was what he was getting but as he spent time with Lady Anne he was becoming weakened by her. He wanted more from this woman.

Lady Anne Douglas looked at a marriage of convenience to be her way out of her Uncle’s home and to ensure her own freedom as she would receive an allowance to live on her own. With having a ruined reputation Anne would take what she was given and it will surprise her when she starts to feel things for the man she was going to marry.

Married by Midnight is the fourth book from the Pembroke Palace by Julianne MacLean. I liked the story. I was immediately swept up into the characters and plot that MacLean wrote for the series. This book was a novella so much shorter than the other books from the series but still very entertaining to read as MacLean captures her characters well.

Lady Anne was prepared for a loveless marriage due to her mistake which resulted in a ruined reputation. Then there was Garrett who wanted a loveless marriage as well due to a betrayal. All in all they should be perfect for each other. They would marry and keep away from each other but that rarely happens especially because they have to portray a happy couple around Garrett’s father who is quite crazy. Through this love starts to blossom there will still be Garrett roadblocking them from that path, but it wouldn’t be for long.

Within the story there are plenty ups and downs and I felt for the character of Garrett and the relationship he had with her father. It broke my heart but in the circumstances you could understand why things were said. I liked that those fences were being mended but it was only because the father literally went a little crazy.

So now that I have read the second and the fourth book I will have to find the rest to finish up the series.

Married by Morning

Married by MorningCatherine Marks is a governess for the Hawthaway family and for three years she has felt accepted and part of a family. She hides her true self from all those around her but her secrets will start to come out and she will not be alone when she has to face her past.

Leo Hathaway has lived through tragedy and fell far from grace but he will be back on his feet trying to do what is right for his family. He will find that he will need to marry in order to keep their home. He doesn’t really want to but knows he needs to and he will look towards Catherine who usually fuels him with all the fights he can handle. Though he will start to see Catherine in a new light.

Married by Morning is the fourth book to the Hathaways series from Lisa Kleypas. For me the series keeps going well and I feel invested in these characters. Catherine and Leo were around in the beginning and it was interesting how you learned more about them throughout the books. Pieces to the puzzle were dropped in the paragraphs and you were left with more knowledge about who they were, this happened more with Catherine as her past was more of a mystery. I liked that Kleypas did not give the information away but kept dropping little subtle hints to let us know that it was not a past to be fond of or to remember. Catherine acted brave but she was still scared but it was more that she would become what she hated. Leo on the other hand had already turned into what he hated but survived. He was a good man and was certainly the hero of the story. He was protective of his family and that now included Catherine.

Their story was one that went up and down. They would fight at the beginning and it didn’t really matter what the subject was as they would argue no matter what. Then they found their rhythm as passion started to fill them when they encountered each other. Their love was sweet as it was something that was built and not instant.

The villain was definitely the man after Catherine but also the family of her past. They were a cruel as they didn’t think Catherine like a person but more like a thing that could be bought and sold. The villain no longer will be able to torment Catherine by the end of the book.

The last book is next with the youngest of the Hathaways.

Crystal Cove

Crystal CoveJustine Hoffman had never been in love. She will find the reason for her unlucky side of love was that she had a curse placed on her so she would never find love. For if a witch loved a man and that witch loved him back he would die. Justine didn’t know all the facts but was able to break the curse and will unleash a whole new set of problems.

Jason Black was here on the island for one reason and that was to find a witch, her key and her book. Jason will find that with Justine but he will find a problem with his need for the book as he starts to have feelings for her which makes his task a little more difficult.

Crystal Cove is the fourth book to the series Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas. Once again this was a book I couldn’t put down from the author. This book by far has the most magic which was very interesting to read about. The main element of the magic were witches. Justine was the main character who was a practicing witch. She is not fully trained but able to do magic. I liked that without tons of training she was able to break her own curse that she discovered was placed on her. This of course had consequences which leads her down to a whole new dilemma. Then there was Jason who was very different character as he had no soul. I have not read many books like that so it was interesting to read about him. He was devious but it was needed to get what he wanted. Between the two characters there was a lot of chemistry and it was amusing with the spell that Justine botched up but in the end everything worked out. Kleypas kept the ending with magic and a little surprise that gave Justine and Jason a chance at their own happy ending.

There is another book that is coming out this year. I don’t know who it will be about but one person I could see Kleypas writing about would be Priscilla because she is a witch as well. Until that time when Lightning Bay comes out I will be on the search for more books by Lisa Kleypas like her historical romances and the first book of Friday Harbor series.