Into the Fire

into the fireJamie Kincaid’s cousin had died three months ago and she wanted answers. She will find Nate’s best friend, Dillon Gaynor, and demand answers. But Jamie will find that answer will not come easy as Dillon is not cooperating, she will also find strange things happening around them.

Into the Fire is a novel by Anne Stuart. This was a book that you will remember. It was dark and there were cruel characters, and situations where bad things happened to these characters. The situations that were written about were actually messed up. I liked the book overall just not every situation the characters were in.

Anne Stuart writes about dark and tough situations that the characters have to endure. There are sometimes no heroes in the book, the hero could be classified as a villain. Dillon would definitely be considered a villain, even though yes he is the hero of the story. He was not a nice guy, he was tough and cruel and actually treated Jamie like crap most of the time. It pissed me off because I liked Dillon for the hope of him being a better guy. There were parts of the story that you saw Dillon as a better man but he never took that extra step to really get rid of his cruelty towards others. Jamie was someone I wanted to cheer for but she was still a little naive as she still wanted Dillon. She was like an addict and Dillon was the drug. Again there were parts that when they were together it seemed right, it was just not a sweet romance.

I think those who have read Anne Stuart would like this book because they know her style of writing. Just be warned this is not a cute romance story.

If He’s Tempted

If He's TemptedLady Olympia Wherlocke was on a mission to help Lady Agatha Mallam help find her brother so he could stop an arranged marriage. Olympia knows where to find Lord Brant and will locate him but find that will be the easy part. The next step will be to help stop Lady Mallam from ruining anymore of her children.

Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate, knew his mother was unwell but now she had gone too far. Brant will stop his sister from being used with the help of Olympia but things will get dangerous. Brant will have to now protect Olympia from being used in his mothers scheme.

If He’s Tempted is the fifth book to the series Wherlocke by Hannah Howell. I have read plenty from Hannah Howell and have enjoyed the stories. I had only focused on highlanders up to this point but I am branching out for her regency period in this series, Wherlocke. I liked the book, it was fun to read and a little strange with the part dealing with the powers.

Olympia’s character was interesting with the act of her powers that were because of her family. It was a surprise in the book for me as I wasn’t expecting that kind of supernatural to be from this book. I thought Olympia’s background story was interesting and sad with what had happened to her at such a young age. I was interested in finding out if Brant would take the news bad when he found out she was hiding things from him. I was happy to read that the big secret was not one that led Brant running in the other direction. Now Brant was a good man even though he liked to drown his sorrows with alcohol at times. He helps when he needs to especially with the new family members he was meeting for the first time. I felt bad for Brant for getting a terrible mother who only wanted money and would do anything for it, which of course makes her the perfect villain.

I did enjoy the book as as I said before, but it was a little strange with these powers that is from this family. I felt I wanted to know more as it wasn’t detailed enough for me. I figure maybe starting at the beginning of this family dynamic could become a little more clearer, and some more history given on this family.


BreathlessMiranda Rohan had wanted an adventure but will pick the wrong man for the task as she will have her innocence taken and her reputation ruined. Her life might have been over in society but her family stood by her. Miranda will find herself in trouble again when Lucien De Malheur sets his sights on her.

Lucien De Malheur otherwise known as the Scorpion wants revenge for his sister who killed herself thanks to the Rohan’s son. He will find revenge when he sets his sights on Miranda and will start to weave a plot that will keep her by his side forever and hurt her family all at the same time.

Breathless is the third book from the series House of Rohan from Anne Stuart. This story centers in on Adrian’s daughter Miranda. He had three other sons, Charles, Benedick and Brandon.This was once again a story that I loved. It was gripping and I could not put it down just like the other two. I think so far out of all the books this one was probably the harshest and with the most cruelty. It is a book that will draw you into to its story and keep you until the end because you hope that the characters are redeemable. That is the hopeless romantic in me and personally I was half wondering if another hero would be coming into play because Lucien was at times too cruel to be redeemable but he was still the main lead to the story. He had a need for revenge as his sister killed herself after a broken engagement. I understood the need for revenge but I wonder if there was more to the story. Now his abducting Miranda did not make him a hero but more like a villain and he does stay that way throughout most of the book. Miranda’s character had been naive in the beginning of the book with her spoiled ways but she learned that is not enough as she gets tangled up with Lucien. She does have backbone and fights this man at every turn. There will be passion but it starts out with cruelty for most of the times.

There are plenty of betrayals throughout the book especially at the end when Lucien wants his final revenge which does not go exactly the way that was intended. A happy ending does come into play for Lucien and Miranda but at the end they almost could be at odds. Though from their interaction it seemed that heated arguments was something that would be present in their lives.

There was once again another story being told with Jane and Jacob Donnelly. Their story was unlikely as she was a lady and Jacob was a thief, a rather known one but together they did find a way. I was happy they did and that she got away from her fiancee as it looked like he used his fist when angered.

I liked how Stuart keeps this series going with the offspring of the previous Rohan. It looks like Benedick will have his story next so it wouldn’t be Miranda’s child but a continuation of Adrian’s children. This is fine with me because I am interested in how Benedick’s past and what will change as he is married and already has a child and another on the way.