Hard As You Can

Hard as You Can (Hard Ink, #2)Shane McCallan was by far the most charming man in the group and it comes in handy when he is in a tough situation. He will find himself stumped when he meets Crystal. He will want this woman but before he can trust her he needed to know more of her situation and about her. Shane will find out what he needs to know and knows he needs to protect her.

Crystal Dean, her real name Sara, is a waitress at the club her boyfriend helps run but she is not there by choice. She is there in order to survive but now that is getting to be dangerous with things spiraling out of control. She will have to make a choice which will have her turning towards Shane.

Hard As You Can is the second book to Laura Kaye’s series Hard Ink which was a great second addition to the story and one that I couldn’t get enough of. This story picks up right after the first story which I liked as you are brought right back to that time. I thought the first book was gritty but the second book was even more so. There was definitely more violence going on especially with Crystal’s character.

Her character was in a bind that started with her father and his choices. There were some pretty horrific things that happened to her and one that is a continual one is the domestic abuse that she receives with her criminal boyfriend. She only dates him to survive and to protect her sister. All of this should have broken her but she was a fighter. Now Shane is a charming man but has an edge that makes him lethal when needed. He is not a trusting man but he is a good man and wants to help Crystal get her out of her bad situation.

Throughout the story I was waiting to find out more on what was going on with this mystery and Kaye gives once again another clue that leads us closer. Part of me just wants all the information right now but this intrigue is great because I am anticipating and needing the next book. I can’t wait to read Jenna’s story especially with what had happened to her at the end of the book. Her story is out this month as a novella and the next novel is coming out in November. I might take a break from Laura Kaye only to have the series build up a little more.

Hard As It Gets

Hard as It Gets (Hard Ink, #1)Nick Rixey is ex military and is now working part time at his brothers Tattoo shop. The last thing he thought he would be doing was helping his ex-commander’s daughter find her brother. Nick wanted to say no to this woman but the thought of clearing his name and his men was too tempting. He needed to find her brother and whatever information the brother had recovered.

Becca Merritt needed to find her brother. She went to the only man she thought could help, Nick Rixey. She knew of him as a member of her fathers men and knew he would be able to handle anything that would come their way. Becca wasn’t expecting to find out that there were secrets that her father had been holding.

Hard As It Gets is the first book to the series Hard Ink by Laura Kaye. I found myself absolutely enthralled with the book. Laura Kaye is a new author for me and I really like her style of writing. The plot itself is grittier than I had originally thought it would be, which was a pleasant surprise.

Her ex-military characters are hard driven men with muscles and tough attitudes who are driven to clear their names. Nick was a hard man and mistrustful to any Merritt but he takes a chance on Becca. Now Becca was a sweet and wholesome but she was brave when she needed to be and to save her brother she needed to be. In the midst of danger sparks start to fly with Becca and Nick. They will heat of the sheets which will sizzle, but I also liked their interaction that were just with them bantering back and forth on what to do next.

Towards the end of the book I was wondering if the mystery of what Becca’s father had been up to would be solved but it appears this will be an on going mystery. I am guessing that it will be solved and these men will be cleared of any charges at the end of the series. I am sometimes annoyed when that happens but I thought that Kaye unwinds parts of the mystery very well and leaves me intrigued. That intrigue makes me want to read the next one to find the next clue and incidentally I will be reading the second book right after this one.

Getting Lucky with Bounty Hunters

The way in which Lorie O’Clare describes Marc King bounty hunter you will want your own after you finish Get Lucky. She will drive you into overdrive with the steamy scenes and the intense way in which Marc and London succumb to each other. The high risk situation will leave each other in their arms only wanting more.

Marc King needed some down time and a month at a ski lodge sounded good. When Marc got a look at London who worked there it sounded even better. With only one glance Marc knew he wanted to be with her.

London Brooke was a good employee and followed the rules but when Marc comes into the lodge she wanted to throw them out the window and does. London opens up to him but she is hiding the one thing in her past which haunts her. When she finds out what Marc does it is almost ironic. Now trouble is knocking at London’s door literally as packages of her parents are being sent to her along with cryptic messages. This means trouble London knows without a doubt. She knows Marc will help her but will be surprised that he is in trouble with the same problem. Together they are going to help each other fight for the ones they love.

I really liked this story. The intense feelings and passion was not too over the top and kept the story flowing. I like how London is more than appears to be. The fact she has criminals for parents and Marc’s were cops/bounty hunters was priceless. A perfect Romeo and Juliet story.

Having Marc’s family in the business was a good side story and brings in a good sense of who Marc is and how protective he is of people he loves. I liked the suspense of these packages. The one thing that threw me was the mad scientist. It was a little strange, it worked but a little weird.

Get Lucky is the second book of the series Bounty Hunters.