The Creed Legacy

the creed legacyBrody Creed was back in Lonesome Bend to settle down and to repair the rift that had torn apart his family. He will be building a house for himself but a woman to share it with was on his mind. There was only one woman, Carolyn. The only problem was that he had screwed up years ago with her.

Carolyn Simmons had her heart broken by Brody years ago and it still hurt to this day. With him back in town she had to see him often which had her wanting things she knew would be bad for her heart.

The Creed Legacy is the third and final book to the series Creed Cowboy by Linda Lael Miller. I thought this was a very engaging book that left you with a smile on your face as the Creed brothers found their happy ending.

When I read the previous book I had wondered about Brody’s story. Towards the end you got to hear what had happened to Brody which was tragic though it wasn’t the complete story. Miller will fill in the gaps with the third book and you will feel bad for Brody for losing the woman he loved but cheer him on since he was being a good man. Although there was part of me that thought he was being an idiot for not telling Carolyn what had happened sooner. I get that it was tragic and he was hurt but so was she. Well Brody will get a second chance with the woman he loves even though it is not an easy path that he will be taking. Carolyn doesn’t make it simple on him and I liked that but she had a big heart and will open it again for him. She is a vulnerable character thanks to her past but she is also strong.

Well I have now read the second and third book to the series and I only have the first book to read to finish off the series.

Creed’s Honor

Creed's HonorConnor Creed is a hardworking rancher who is working on his uncle’s legacy. He will enjoy the work but when his estranged twin brother comes back home he will be angry. His thoughts though will be torn between his twin brother and a woman he was starting to have feelings for.

Tricia McCall was in Colorado to help sell her family’s property. She will find herself meeting up again with Connor. She will be torn as she was still in a relationship back in Seattle, although it was fading fast, but her feelings for Connor were strong.

Creed’s Honor is the second book to the series Creed Cowboy by Linda Lael Miller. I have read several books by her and found them heartwarming. This one is very much similar with the heartbreaking plot between the brothers and a promise of love between Connor and Tricia. I liked this story but I did feel like I was already in a story that was already being told. You can follow it along without any problem but there are times that I like to make sure I read a series from the beginning. I will have to find and read the first and third book to know all about this Creed family.

Now I am always one to love a love story and I thought that Connor and Tricia were sweet once they got around to admitting that they have feelings. So besides the love story there was intrigue that was with the twin brother, Brody. You disliked him for the smug way about him but I wondered if it was true. Well that thought really came about half way through the book. I wanted to believe in the brother as it felt there was something that was missing. Due to what you find out about Brody I really want to read the third book to know the entire story.