Married by Midnight

Married by MidnightLord Garrett Sinclair was back home after seven years due to a request by his family. He was to marry which would ensure his inheritance and he could then go back. Garrett did not want a marriage made out of love and that was what he was getting but as he spent time with Lady Anne he was becoming weakened by her. He wanted more from this woman.

Lady Anne Douglas looked at a marriage of convenience to be her way out of her Uncle’s home and to ensure her own freedom as she would receive an allowance to live on her own. With having a ruined reputation Anne would take what she was given and it will surprise her when she starts to feel things for the man she was going to marry.

Married by Midnight is the fourth book from the Pembroke Palace by Julianne MacLean. I liked the story. I was immediately swept up into the characters and plot that MacLean wrote for the series. This book was a novella so much shorter than the other books from the series but still very entertaining to read as MacLean captures her characters well.

Lady Anne was prepared for a loveless marriage due to her mistake which resulted in a ruined reputation. Then there was Garrett who wanted a loveless marriage as well due to a betrayal. All in all they should be perfect for each other. They would marry and keep away from each other but that rarely happens especially because they have to portray a happy couple around Garrett’s father who is quite crazy. Through this love starts to blossom there will still be Garrett roadblocking them from that path, but it wouldn’t be for long.

Within the story there are plenty ups and downs and I felt for the character of Garrett and the relationship he had with her father. It broke my heart but in the circumstances you could understand why things were said. I liked that those fences were being mended but it was only because the father literally went a little crazy.

So now that I have read the second and the fourth book I will have to find the rest to finish up the series.

The Seduction of Elliot McBride

The Seduction of Elliot McBrideElliot McBride was there to stop a wedding but as the groom left Juliana there was no need. All he needed to do was take the grooms place. Elliot needed Juliana, would make her his and bring her back home to keep the demons away.

Juliana St. John has loved Elliot McBride, her childhood friend, forever. She never imagined she would marry him but at the alter she stood. She will find that the Elliot she knew no longer existed but that did not stop her from loving this one or trying to help.

The fifth book, The Seduction of Elliot McBride, from Jennifer Ashley’s series Highland Pleasures was very engaging. I think this is a series that all the books really can be read on their own, you miss the connection of family but Ashley writes the book so they are mentioned again.

I could not get enough of the characters of Elliot and Juliana, especially Elliot. The book might not have had the temperamental MacKenzie around the entire story but Elliot does have a similar style to those brothers. I think its because he kind of reminded me of Ian who was the first brother I read about and had me falling in love with the series. The interaction between Elliot and Ian was slightly comical as they were almost acted the same due to the treatment they received in the past. Due to that past Elliot is a very strong character with lots of flaws and pain that he is trying to hide and handle by himself. Juliana I thought was another strong character. She did not back down when she found out what was going on with Elliot. She fought harder to help save him.

There is danger that also lurks around in the book. Danger that is following close to Elliot but it is not from the obvious enemy that is given.

I want more from the series now that I have finished Elliot’s story. Daniel MacKenzie’s story is coming out in November who is Cameron’s son. Daniel has been in the series since the beginning and I can’t wait to read about him as he has grown up.

Honeymoon by James Patterson

Going through boxes and boxes of books I came across this book, “Honeymoon” by James Patterson.  I have never read anything by him.  I read the back of the book and instantly I was intrigued by the summary.

“How does it feel to be desired by every man and envied by every woman?  Wonderful.  This is the life Nora Sinclair has dreamed about , the life she’s worked hard for, the life she will never give up.

When FBI agent John O’Hara sees her, she seems perfect.  She has the sophistication.  The tantalizing sex appeal.  She doesn’t just attract men, she enthralls them.

So why is the FBI so interested in Nora Sinclair?  Mysterious things keep happening to people around her, especially the men.  And there is something dangerous about Nora-something that lures Agent O’Hara at the same time that it fills him with fear.  Does a dark secret lurk behind the unexplained gaps in her past?  And as he spends more and more time getting to know her, is he pursuing justice?  Or his own fatal obsession?”

The key thing about this book is not to give too much on the book because you will find yourself becoming involved with the characters and the plot, and if you give too much away it could ruin it.

As I started to read the book I had an idea of what was going on with the main character.  What was her motive for what she was doing.  Who were these men.  The tourist and the insurance man, how were they connected to John O’Hara?  And who was the woman following close behind Nora but never seen by her?  All these were questions I had while reading the book and each of them were answered.

From the very beginning to the end I was enthralled and at the end you were left with a surprise twist.  The twist was good and bad according to how you viewed it from the characters point of view.  As I put down the book I thought wow that was an exciting book with thrills and suspense which was enjoyable to read.