Mansfield Park

mansfield-parkI decided the next book I wanted to try was Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. This one has been a favorite of mine with the movie.

Mansfield Park is about a young girl, Fanny Price, moving to her relatives home who are much more wealthy than her own. The story will be about her life at Mansfield Park from a young girl to a grown woman, and the obstacles she faced while she lived there.

I liked the book. I will be honest that it took me some time to get through some of the parts. I felt there was a little too much detail on some of the everyday things that went on in life. From book to movie this to me felt very different but that was only with the detail. The movie told the same story but things were shortened or switched slightly around. It would have been a very long movie if all of the parts in the book were put into the movie. I think it was a good thing that I had seen the movie before reading this book because at times I felt that I was a little lost with all the detail. You can certainly understand what is happening but as I said before it is long in certain parts.

I will say that you got to know the characters a lot more in the book. Though in the movie you got to see how these characters acted but no that much on the childhood, so that part I thought gave some good insight.

For the next book by Jane Austen I am going to read Sense and Sensibility.

The Bollywood Bride

The Bollywood BrideRia Parkar was known as the Ice Princess. Ria had made herself distant from everyone else but now she was coming home for her cousins wedding. She wanted to be there but that meant she would see Vikram, the boy whose heart she had broken.

Vikram Jathar had loved Ria but then she had betrayed him. When Vikram sees Ria he will be angry as all those feelings come back to the surface. He will try to keep his distance but it will be a losing battle.

The Bollywood Bride is the second book to the series Bollywood by Sonali Dev. Like the first, I loved this book. Sonali Dev really integrates the culture and traditions well throughout the book. I wanted to find out all that was hidden in the past and to find out the real reasons why the characters were a shell of themselves.

Ria’s character was a young woman who had gone through a big trauma at a young age. You don’t know everything until later one. At first I thought Ria truly was an ice princess from how she handled things ten years ago, but I had a feeling she was not that cruel. Ria’s true self is discovered and your heart breaks for her as she is just a shell of herself. Vikram’s character was intentionally cruel to Ria and its because he felt betrayed. There is logic to that but I wanted him to at least move on and make a fresh start. I get my wish but the future is complicated for these two characters that is until everything gets out onto the table and they take a chance.

I really wanted something to be done about Vikram’s mother but I guess that would have put too much strain on the characters. I liked that he was standing up to her and taking a chance with Ria once again.

So Sonali Dev third book has come out in September and I will be reading that next but I am hesitant. It is with Nic and Jen who were in this book and are the ones that are getting married. It seems in the next book a tragedy will happen that break up the couple forever. Well I will find out more as I read the book next.

Cold-Hearted Rake

Cold Hearted RakeDevon Ravenel doesn’t want the estate he was given but he would do what he could. Devon and with the help of his brother will reshape the estate and tenants. Devon will also pay attention to the former lady of the estate, he will pursue Kathleen until she gives in to his pursuit.

Lady Kathleen Trenear was wary of the new owner but she would do what she could to protect her sister-in-laws. Kathleen will be surprised when Devon will not sell the property but help it become profitable again. She will also be shocked by his effort to seduce, she will fight it but for only so long.

Cold-Hearted Rake is novel by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. I was so happy that Lisa Kleypas is back with more of her historical romances. Though I will say it did take a little for me to get into the story, but once I was into the story I couldn’t wait to read the rest.

Devon’s character did not want the estate or the title that went with it but he softens especially when he starts interacting with Kathleen. He first came as someone who didn’t care and he really didn’t but he changes. I liked how Devon treats his cousins, he is definitely a softy when it comes to them. Kathleen’s character was definitely icy when it came to Devon and it made sense as she knew she would be kicked out of the house. Kathleen was also very protective which I liked though she was a little too determined to help, she didn’t ask if they needed it.

The fire between Devon and Kathleen is definitely there but they fight it. Devon fights it at first and only very little. Kathleen will be fighting it with everything she has, but she will give in.

There is another story that is happening with Helen and Winterborne, and I am curious with what is the deal with Winterborne. I wasn’t sure I would like him but at the end you know there is more to the man than what you see. I can’t wait to read their story which has come out and I am on the list for.

The Duchess Diaries

The Duchess DiariesMiss Charlotte Boscastle has wanted Gideon for over a year and in her diary she created that fantasy that he would be overcome with love and lust for her. Charlotte’s reality was anything but that is until her diary goes missing after the Duke read several pages. By trying to recover the diary she will find herself compromised with Gideon and only a marriage will make the problem disappear.

Duke of Wynfield, Gideon, did not want to be marry again in fact he was off to claim a new mistress but it was the words in a diary from Charlotte that had him stopping. He will soon find Charlotte in his arms only to have her family finding them behind a closed door. The only thing he can do is marry her but soon he finds out that will not be such a hardship.

The Duchess Diaries is the third book from Jillian Hunter’s series Bridal Pleasures. From start to finish I kept reading this book. There was something about Gideon and Charlotte that kept me drawn towards them the entire time of the book. I want to read more from this series and from the other one, Boscastle Family, which is Charlotte’s cousins. Within the book you get to meet several members of the Boscastle and from these scenes I have a feeling I am going to like this family.

Gideon was a rogue and liked it that way. He was not a bad man just someone who had no desire to marry again. I liked that he was going for a mistress but after reading several pages from Charlotte’s diary he decided against the mistress. He was intrigued by Charlotte and no other women would do at that moment. Charlotte was a strict headmistress and she needed to be. I loved that she had another side to herself and that came out as she wrote in her diary. She would write the truth and then write her fantasy of what she wished had happened in that situation. It was interesting that her diary was stolen but it made sense why when you found out who hired the thief. The culprit was pretty easy to decipher but nevertheless it was an engaging story.

Jillian Hunter will be a new author I will be actively looking out for to finish up the Bridal Pleasures series and starting the Boscastle Family series which I am excited to read.

On A Wicked Dawn

On a Wicked DawnAmelia Cynster has loved Luc Ashford for most of her life. She is now determined to get him to be her husband but she is going to present it to sound like its helping him. She will be surprised how readily he agrees but will soon wonder does he feel more.

Viscount Calverton, Lucien Ashford has been proposed too and found it was not a bad idea, in fact the idea sounded perfectly. He looked at Amelia in a whole new light and wanted her as his wife and her body. Luc will spend time wooing Amelia and will have to let her know that he is not in desperate need of money as she thinks.

On A Wicked Dawn is the tenth book to Stephanie Laurens series Cynsters. After reading about Amanda I figured Amelia’s story would be just as good, it was. Both the twins stories pulled you in and wouldn’t let go until the last page.

The character of Amelia is very much like her sister but still very different. She is a little more stubborn and I think level headed but she couldn’t see the signs clearly that Luc was feeling more than the causal friendship. Luc I loved. He was a determined man to help his family out of their money problem and does. He is a good man if at times a little hard. I liked that he was a man in love throughout the book but wanted to woo Amelia.

There is once again some danger through the book but Laurens keeps it from happening until close to the ending of the book which was well written and entertaining to read. It gives the book a little something more than just lust between the two characters. Those steamy scenes are never a bad thing though and there is tons of chemistry between Amelia and Luc who just can’t get enough of each other.

The next book is The Perfect Lover.

On A Wild Night

On a Wild NightAmanda Cynster is going to find the right kind of man to have as a husband, not the boring men she has seen over and over the years in the ballroom. She will find the perfect man but knows that she can not be obvious in her pursuit. She will entice him to want to spend time together with her many outings that are not for the innocent woman.

Martin “Dexter” Fulbridge left society ten years ago but he was never really gone. He will play knight in shinning armor when he rescues an innocent woman at a table of cards. He will be confused by her desire to have excitement but can not leave her side so she can find another fool to be her chaperon.

On A Wild Night is the ninth book of the Cynster series from Stephanie Laurens. I go back and fourth with these books. The last one I liked, this one I loved. It was on the long side reaching over four hundred pages but I could not stop reading this book. The plot is simple with Amanda setting her sights on Dexter but it was their interaction that got me hooked. Amanda was a little silly at first which worried me about the book but quickly I found that was not how she was going to be. She was smart, had drive, and was not a weakling when standing up for what she believed. I loved that she stood her ground when it came to giving into marriage with Dexter, she kept him waiting so he understood the marriage should not be out of duty. Dexter was on the quiet side but that was just how he acted. He was easily a seducer especially when he found that being with Amanda was something he wanted.

There is the mystery that follows Dexter which is the scandal that drove him out of society ten years ago. The mystery is there in the book but it really progressed towards the end of the book when Amanda started to play detective. I loved the drive she had to solve this mystery and thus freeing Dexter from the gossip. I thought Laurens did a good job with the mystery but felt it was a little rushed, still well done. I also liked how she wrote Amanda and Dexter’s scenes together for when they were creating the lists of suspects who looked like Dexter.

Amelia’s story is up next with On A Wicked Dawn which I plan to start right away.

Almost Perfect

Almost PerfectLiz Sutton is back in her hometown to help the nieces she never knew. She will be thrown when she sees the love of her life who had hurt her all those years ago. She will do her best to stay away but it will be hard to do as he will soon be wanting to meet his son.

Ethan Hendrix had made his hometown his home once again a couple years ago and life had been okay but it will get strange when the woman he loved in high school is back. He will find that she was hiding more than he could ever believe.

Almost Perfect is the second book from Susan Mallery series Fool’s Gold. I started this book and soon found that I could not put it down no matter what I did. So I sat and read. The second book in my opinion was better than the first because there was so much emotion into the story that had you connecting to the main character of Liz. Almost Perfect was an up and down heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Now even though this story has been told many times in books over the years it was very engaging, and that really just has to do with character development which Susan Mallery did really well.

Now the characters there were ones you love which was Liz without a doubt. I loved her ability to survive and fight but with a rational head on her shoulders. Her story kept you wanting her to have that happy ending that she deserved. The other characters were not always ones you liked. Pia was on the list for what she had done in high school and how she treated Liz. Of course Pia will be forgiven but not right away, but she is a different person. There were many single minded people who were cruel to Liz because they only saw the side where she took Ethan’s child away from him, they didn’t know the other side where Ethan was too ashamed to be in love with this woman. Ethan was one of the characters who you wanted to shake or pull his hair and shout at him to fess up and actually admit to the woman you love her. To stop hiding behind the image and take a chance. Now for all the romance readers Susan Mallery will give a happy ending but it was a very close call leaving it to the very last few pages of the story.

Finding Perfect is the next book I will be reading which will be featuring Pia. Seeing that she has changed I think I will like her story.

Mr. Darcy’s Dream

Mr. Darcy's DreamPhoebe Hawkins has been proposed but the suitor was rejected by her father. He simply explained this man would not suit as he was a rake and not someone for his daughter. Phoebe did not want to believe it and goes to Anthony’s house to see a woman who was clearly his mistress leaving. Heartbroken Phoebe agrees with her father that she needs time away and it is off with her to Pemberely where her cousins reside. She will not be alone at the estate as there will be Louisa Bingley who has had three seasons and no suitors yet.

Mr. Darcy’s Dream is the last book for the series Darcys by Elizabeth Aston. For me the series was brought back to life in the fifth book and I think the final/last book, Mr. Darcy’s Dream left us at a good ending. There was a sense of lighthearted and heartwarming friendships and new/old love.

Phoebe was a good character to finish up the series. I liked her eagerness for love but there was another part that became her character which became non trusting. You found out why and your heart broke for hoping that her parents marriage wasn’t what her life would come. This is why I wasn’t sure where the story was going to be going especially with Anthony and Phoebe. At first he looked to be like a complete rake but looks can be deceiving and Aston does a good job at showing things were not all they appeared to be. So in the end love will have a place for Phoebe and Anthony that will have you cheering.

Now the villain is still our famous George Warren but it looks like he will have a partner in crime that looking back wasn’t too surprising. It looks like Warren never learned from any of his mistakes.

With the sixth book done I will have to say that Elizabeth Aston did a very good job at recreating a world of Austen.

Wicked Seduction

Wicked SeductionKit Frazier was free and back to London but he was no longer the man he was even if he wished it to be. He will soon find himself in the company of his own angel who will stop at nothing to help him. He knows that he is a broken man and in need of no wife but he can’t seem to stay away from Maddy.

Maddy Wilson knew her time at her Uncle’s house was almost up especially when her Uncle gave her no other option than one that would ruin her for marriage. Maddy will find help in Kit and his need to protect her from the world and from him. Maddy will understand Kit and knows not to give up on the possibility.

Wicked Seduction is the second and looks to be final book of Jade Lee’s series Wicked. I am wondering if she is going to continue with Kit’s brothers or if she has already in another series. Either way this book was fun to read. I found that I enjoyed it more than the first one. For me I think it was because I really did like Kit, even though the first book left him to be little immature. Now with all the tragic things that happened he is a changed man. I liked how Lee writes him to in pain and to struggle as you felt it was real for someone who went through such an event. There is hope that is generated when he starts to find more of himself later in the book. Now Maddy was a diamond in the rough. She was a character you cheered for as she was always helping and had a sunny disposition and soon lustful when it came down to Kit.

What I wasn’t too thrilled on was the character of Rose. She wasn’t a villain but a very silly cousin of Maddy who didn’t think before she did something. What she did for the book was to keep things lighthearted, even though at times I found her very annoying. Now the villain was clearly the Uncle as he propositioned his niece, who was not related by blood but nevertheless this made him a man of low morals. I liked that in the end he got his dueThere was victory all around especially at the end when Maddy and Kit will be writing their own happy ending.

To Love a Princess

When I had finished the last series of the Douglas Trilogy I took a little break from Patricia Grasso. Now I am ready to start the series Karanov with To Love a Princess which is I think the first book or second book of the series Karanov. I am going off two websites, the authors website and But then I turned toward the dates of publishing and if I go by dates I think I will get the order right. Now enough about that and my little ramble.

Princess Amber Karanov needed to leave Russia this moment. Her uncle would no longer protect her as he was her enemy now. Amber flees to England to find her cousin who she hopes will have a solution to her problem, finding a husband and getting an heir. She will be given a solution in the form of Miles Montgomery. They will find a way together eventually as Miles will move past his own tragedy but danger lurks at every corner.

Miles Montgomery, Earl of Stratford has seen and been in love which was taken from him four years ago. He was cursed with a scar that left him deformed those many years ago. He knows that no woman would want him and he can’t bear to let another woman into his heart. He thought he could be safe from Amber but with every moment they spent together the more and more he fell. Miles though will not have a perfect love as a man from her past is threatening to intrude.

Completing my list of names, which I did previously with the other set of books, as these series tend to overlap on certain characters left me with no confusion.  With the last names of Karanov and Montgomery I was able to recall their family very easily. For me this helps letting me enjoy reading as I like to connect the dots.

So for me once again this was a tale of love that is never to be or at least it isn’t until our hero opens himself up. While reading this story I had a flash back to the Disney story Beauty and the Beast. Of course Patricia Grasso tales are no Disney stories. Yes there is a happy ending but a lot of turmoil is thrown into the mix not something children get to see with those movies.

Our heroine was sweet and determined but is new to a world where she can have some happiness  and our hero was almost the villain with his moods. In the story  the villains are several but you are not given the identity of all until of course towards the end of the book. You don’t suspect right away until it is too late.

Another fantastic story down another to go. The next one will now be with Viktor Karanov in Seducing the Prince.