Love in the Light

Love in the LightMakenna James and Caden Grayson had met in an unusual situation. They had been trapped in a dark elevator for several hours. Within those hours a bond had been formed and since then they had been inseparable for the last couple of months. They will be taking the next step with going home to Makenna family. Caden will be nervous but excited. It will be then that he will realize that there were things that needed to be worked out and he would have a decision to make.

Love in the Light is the second book to the series Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye. This books was amazing. I thought the first book was good, well the second book is even better. You get to know Makenna and Caden really well. Laura Kaye does an impressive job with writing the sequel.

I loved these characters and their story. I felt their emotion and was drawn into their lives. Makenna was a sweet heart and I loved that she was so caring with Caden. She knew what he needed and she was all in when it came to the relationship. Makenna was the perfect girlfriend and I have to say that she wasn’t so perfect that it was annoying. Now Caden’s character had a darker past and it was beyond tragic. Because of this tragedy Caden was more of a mess than you really knew.

Throughout the story I knew that a problem would happen and Kaye does a great job with the issues that come up between them. What she did even better was find a way to help Caden sort through his life and get it back on track. That was an uphill battle but one that was done really well.

All I can say is that I want more from the James’s family. I am hoping that Laura Kaye will write about Patrick and Ian. It seems that Colin has someone to be with but that might change. I don’t know if she will write anymore with the James’s family but I would certainly read their stories.