Sense and Sensibility

sense-and-sensibilitySense and Sensibility is my second favorite story when it comes to Jane Austen’s story. Although this is only based on the movies, as in the past I have only read Pride and Prejudice. Based on the novels I have read from Austen I would rank them from favorite to least: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Mansfield Park.

So, this book is about a family who will suffer a loss in the family that will have them moving to a new home and trying to make the best of their situation, and how life has drastically changed for them.

I really liked this book. I thought that it flowed well and it pulled me into the story very quickly, which was unlike some of the other novels.

For me this story was all about the characters. The sisters were very entertaining. The way they were written and how they interacted I had no trouble believing they were sisters. I think that Marianne was a little too dramatic but she was still a teenager and was a hopeless romantic. She learns about the heartbreak of love but I liked that she learned from it and grew from the experience. Elinor was the levelheaded sister, who need to find that love to let loose a little. Although I liked that Elinor stayed true to her character and because of this love will find its way to her. The youngest sister Margaret is the adventurer but really for me she was overlooked in the book because a lot of the book does revolve around Elinor and Marianne’s love life and the trials they have to face when dealing with love.

Now, I have been going back and fourth about which novel I want to read next. I am choosing between Persuasion or Northanger Abbey. I think I will be going towards Northanger Abbey as I was intrigued by this story as I had seen a play and the movie not too long ago.

I Kissed a Rogue

I Kissed a RogueSir Brook Derring was considered a hero but all Brook did was his job. Brook will have to find another person but this time he will not be happy with the person he has to find. Lady Lillian-Anne Lennox was once a woman he had loved but she had made fun of him. Brook would do his job and leave but he will find that he will have to play bodyguard until the villain was captured.

Lady Lillian-Anne “Lila” Lennox had been taken by a villain and on the same night she had witnessed a murder. Lila will be shocked and distraught, but the changes in her life will not be over. Once she is rescued she will find herself sticking close to her rescuer until her kidnapper is captured.

I Kissed a Rogue is the third book to the series Covent Garden Cubs by Shana Galen. I really liked this book.

Brook’s character was not boring by any means but he was very serious. He was determined in his work and wanted to do everything right. I hated that he was heartbroken seven years ago as that harden his heart. Though I liked that he was opening up again especially when he finally understands that Lila was not the same as she had been. Lila’s character had been that spoiled brat, a character trait that I really of course dislike in heroines. Luckily she grows up due to a tragedy and she is not selfish or mean spirited like she used to be. Of course for Brook to forgive her will not be overnight but I liked how Lila never gave up.

As far as the villain in the book was was obviously Beezle but Galen will give a twist in the end that I actually did not see coming. Of course thinking back to the events that lead up to the end I should have suspected the twist, but I was too engrossed in the novel to analyze every scene.

Mistress By Mistake

Mistress by Mistake (Courtesan Court, #1)Charlotte Fallon was considered a spinster and one with a reputation that could not be fixed thanks to her past. She will be thrust into a new scandal thanks to her sister who will flee her potential new lover for the man that wants to marry. Charlotte will be told to be the substitute mistress. Charlotte will not agree but before she can tell Sir Michael Bayard she will be swept up into a life of pleasure.

Sir Michael Bayard had lusted after his soon to be mistress and cannot wait to make her his own. Michael will find his lusty mistress but will be shocked to find that she is not the sister he paid for. Michael will be furious at the deceit but he cannot dismiss Charlotte from his life, that is until a part of his past comes to make trouble.

Mistress by Mistake is the first book to Maggie Robinson’s series Courtesan Court. Alright now she is still a very new author and from the last book I read I figured I would like this story. Now I really did like the book but for me it was a rough beginning as it was a little absurd with how they acted and the situation. The book gets better and I find myself turning each page to the end to find out what will happen to these two, the sister and this crazy ex wife.

I got to like the characters of Charlotte and Michael throughout the book and wanted them to find that happiness with each other. Now the romance between them is nothing but sex and they are very compatible in that aspect.

You saw the villain coming and I was kind of shocked at the scene towards the end where Michael is the one in trouble. I wasn’t so sure I was okay that the person involved wasn’t really punished but at least Robinson gave Michael and Charlotte a chance. Robinson wraps up Charlotte and Michael’s story and I can see myself going after more from the author.

One Reckless Summer

One Reckless SummerJenny Tolliver was tried of being the good girl as it got her nothing but a cheating ex-husband and a one way trip back to her home town. Jenny will soon be faced with the man that she had a crush on and find much more in his arms.

Mick Brody was back in his home town but had to be there secretly. Jenny the girl he had wanted back then stumbles upon his cottage and finds out his secret. He will be surprised as she keeps it and finds that he can have more with this woman.

One Reckless Summer is the first book from the series Destiny by Toni Blake. I got caught up in the book which surprised me because it was a simple plot, good girl wants to walk on the wild side with the bad boy. Its an age old story but it was how Blake wrote the characters that has you loving them.

Now on top of that there was pretty much instant sex happening between the two characters which was steamy but there was also intrigue. I wanted to know what was Mick hiding in the broken down cottage. Jenny and Mick were complete opposites and yet it worked. I liked that it was sweet and steamy all the the same time especially as it was a secret. Mick was truly a reformed bad boy and it was sweet what he was doing even though it was against the law. I liked that he trusted Jenny with his secret and that they formed a relationship even if it was unlikely. There are a few ups and downs that they have to overcome but Blake does write a happy ending as well as second chances for these characters.

I don’t have the second book as my library doesn’t have it but I do have the next three books of the series which I plan on enjoying next.

Against the Wind

Against the WindSarah Allen had to leave LA and she had to do it fast. She packed up what she could and drove away with her daughter Holly. Sarah moved back to Wyoming to the only place she knew would be safe but trouble will be following her and she will have nowhere to turn until Jackson Raines offers to help them.

Jackson Raines saw Sarah and after getting over his hurt feelings from years ago he saw that she was running from her past. He wanted to help her and her daughter which meant staying close to them and protecting them from the men who were demanding information from Sarah.

Against the Wind is the first book to Kat Martin’s series Raines of Wind Canyon. I had already read one of the books just to see how the series sounded. It was a story that got me hooked. I wanted to start reading the rest of the series right away but I had a stack of books on my dresser that I needed to read first and I will say the first book was worth the wait. This book once again gives us suspense, romance, some action and a heartwarming story with rugged men. I instantly liked Jackson and Sarah as the story was being told. I liked that Sarah was a fighter and she was not the stuck up girl you thought her to be. Jackson is a thoughtful cowboy and just wants a chance with the girl he could never stopping thinking about. They have their moment and it gets sweet as they will be accompanied by Sarah’s daughter Holly.

There is a little twist with who killed Andrew and I figured out the murderer and the motive pretty quickly but it was still interesting to read and let the story unfold. Now the bad guys were the thugs that wanted the disk drive but personally the cop Mercer seemed like a villain as well.

The second book will be focusing in on Gabe. I liked that Martin focused in on three brothers and branched more from the people who are in the town of Wyoming. I am looking forward to finding out what will come next for Gabe Raines and Dev Raines.

Dark Companion

Dark CompanionJane Williams has lived in the gutter all her life begin passed around from foster family to the next. Now at 16 she has a chance to better her life at a boarding school. Jane didn’t think it would be easy to fit in but everyone was accommodating with few exceptions. Jane will start to wonder if all is not how it appears to be.

After reading the series Vampire Academy I thought I was done with the theme of vampires but I was wrong. Well they are not exactly vampires. Dark Companion is a young adult book by Marta Acosta, an author I had never read before. The book screams teen drama mixed with paranormal and as I mostly stay away from teen book, with the exception of Vampire Academy series, I was truly captivated by the book. First of all I love the cover of this book. Its very haunting and follows the theme of the Dark Companion. The tale is gripping and leads you down the rabbit hole with little information dropping hints every once in a while. I never truly understood what was happening until the characters started to spill the guarded secret.

Most of the time I knew there was something sinister going on and I liked the character Lucky but knew he was part of this sinister plot. Well then it went to the point of annoyance as the kid was a tad too selfish for my liking. Now the character Jake I was never sure about. He seemed like a good guy but gave very strange vibes every time he was with Jane. Then there was Jane who was the tough kid who thought with logic and someone who never belonged. It was too perfect with her and Lucky, then you find that she is getting hurt over and over because it seemed he didn’t care enough. Personally I wanted Jane and Jake together at the end as I didn’t think her and Lucky were the right match, but mostly I just wanted to know what was going on.

There is then the villain of the story who was behind the problems. Marta also included a more spiritual part to the story connecting to the woods which was an interesting turn of events. With the ending everything will clear up and have a defined conclusion that was written well and wraps up the story.

Waking Up With The Duke

Waking Up With The DukeRansom Seymour, Duke of Ainsley is astonished at the request of his cousin. Ransom is to be used as a stud for his cousins wife to get her pregnant. Ransom has wanted Jayne since he saw her but she was already taken. He will give pleasure for Jayne knowing that will be all he will ever get.

Lady Jayne Seymore, Marchioness of Walfort is mortified at her husbands request. To sleep with the very man who was the cause of her husbands injuries. Jayne vowed she would not take pleasure from him but every moment in his arms tested her strength.

Waking Up With The Duke is the third book from Lorraine Heath’s series London’s Greatest Lovers and a first time author for me. I read tons of romance books and I have to say I really enjoyed this one. It was not just a fluff story but had backbone and heartbreaking situations laced through the book. I knew the outcome I wanted for Ransom and Jayne but found it impossible for them to be together as Jayne is married. At the end I wasn’t surprised what happened as it was the situation I guessed but before you get to the happy ending you find out much more with the characters. Heath does a fantastic job breaking down the characters to who they really are. Ransom was a good man under the scandalous ways he is portrayed. Jayne wants to be cherished and loved or even touch by her husband but will know the difference when Ransom touches her. I liked she had spirit and didn’t concede right away especially as she is supposed to dislike this man.

My least favorite character would have to be Jayne’s husband. I felt sorry for him but then I found out about what he was hiding and with that betrayal I couldn’t warm up to him. I didn’t like that he put Jayne through the situation just to wash away his own guilt. I wasn’t too choked up with what happened to him.

I will be interested to read more on these infamous brothers now reading the last book of the series.