Dash of Peril

Dash of PerilLieutenant Margaret “Margo” Peterson was working undercover to stop an abduction ring who were taking girls and abusing them while they recorded the encounter. Margo was sickened by this and wanted it to be stopped. She knows that she is getting closer when she is being threatened personally by these thugs.

Dashiel “Dash” Riske was helping out Margo with undercover work but things will get dicey when she is being threatened. Dash will do all that he can to protect her and help stop these men and he will find himself in direct contact with these thugs.

Dash of Peril is the fourth book to the series Love Undercover by Lori Foster. From the moment I picked it up I knew that I would like it because Lori Foster had written it. She is one of my go to authors and one I can count on for a good book. She didn’t disappoint me with this book.

So these characters are pretty much complete opposites in pretty much everything but with that sexual tension that Foster writes so well they are wanting each other whenever they are near. Margo is a woman who is used to be in charge and has to be tough as nails. I liked that she stayed defiant especially to her family who didn’t treat her right. They were too harsh on her and showed no real love. Now Dash had that growing up and was given what he wanted. But Dash is now in a tough situation by wanting to protect Margo and stepping back for her to take charge as it is her job and her preference. He lets her be who she was and was not intimidated by her strength of character.

So the villains are known certainly in the book and Foster gives us a good plot that makes us wonder what they will be doing next to get to Margo. Now there will be another villain who is in the background. I didn’t see this person coming and I liked that as he made Margo’s life a little more difficult they were brought to justice along with the other villains.

It seems that the series is over and I thought Foster wrapped it up nicely. Now to me Cannon seemed like a character who had more to tell with his own story especially when she brings in the SBC fighters whom he will be joining with. I liked the reference to the SBC Fighters series. Once I finished up this novel I looked on her website and found this series is over but Cannon will be staring in his own series called No Limits which is also the title of the book. Well needless to say I will be reading that book.

When Summer Comes

When Summer Comes (Whiskey Creek, #3)Callie Vanetta is dying from a liver disease and she knows the probability of getting a transplant are slim. Callie has made peace with that and now just has to let people know. She will live at her grandparents farm house and will be surprised when a stranger knocks on her door asking for help. Callie will help the man even though most tell her not to but she is worried that she will start to feel something for him.

Levi McCloud needed help after a dog attack and will find it with this woman. He will want to leave Callie’s place as soon as he can because he doesn’t want to bring trouble her way or feel anything for this woman.

When Summer Comes is the third book to Whiskey Creek series by Brenda Novak. I really liked this book. Even though this book was sad, I mean how could it not be, with Callie dying it was a very good book.

So Callie’s character is dying and she has to start to say goodbye. With the aspect of dying I feel Callie is still upbeat in a way but it was really to keep up with appearances. I wanted her to find a transplant and I knew that she would at the end but with how Novak was writing the possibility was not looking great. Now Levi was a mystery. His story started to unfolded and you found out more about him. He was a broken man with all that had happened to him in the past. I liked that he was becoming more of the man he used to be with Callie.

With someone dying a relationship seems impossible but Callie and Levi have one starting. It helped that Levi didn’t know what was happening but he knew something was wrong.

The ending was what I expected but that is not to say there were no tears shed. I felt myself tearing up towards the end. Novak made the ending touching and emotional but ultimately an ending that was just right for the book.

With the third book done I am on to the fourth with Noah.

Still Missing

Still MissingAnnie O’Sullivan was closing up her tour when a man will ask to view the house. She will give him the tour but soon will find herself at gunpoint. She will be taken to a cabin and will find out she wouldn’t be coming home for a very long time. Annie will survive a year in this man’s cabin where she was beaten, raped and ordered around. When she finds her escape she will find that coming back to her old life will not be possible as she will never be the same woman.

Still Missing is a novel by Chevy Stevens. This book was read for my book club and it looks like we are back to the psychological thrillers. Personally I don’t mind as I like these stories with their twists that you don’t see coming and yes they are at times very uncomfortable but they make you think. There is also a lot to discuss with these kind of books which is ideal for a book club.

So first thoughts on this book was that it was a gripping intense thriller. It made me nervous and I literally got up and made sure my front door was locked.

Annie was a fighter and what I liked about her character was that she felt real. The things she had to do in the book were unbelievable horrible and I couldn’t believe how brave she was to fight him and then give in to save another. I cringed each time Stevens talked about what was going on to Annie. I cheered for her the entire time to survive and find a way out. Also you know that she escaped as the book goes back and fourth from past to present and in the present she is telling her psychologist the story of what happened to her. So you know she did escape which helped me when reading the book.

Now there were characters I liked and disliked throughout the book. Obviously the man who kidnapped Annie was one I hated but there was another person who I didn’t like. That was Annie’s mom. She was way to selfish and made Annie feel like crap for not caring when it should be the mom caring for her daughter. The mom will show signs of caring but then be selfish again. It is always about the mom and never anyone else. One person I liked a lot was the cop, Gray. He was tough but caring and he did the job right. I liked that he didn’t treat Annie like a permanent victim especially when they met the first time.

So the villain is obviously this mystery man who kidnapped and raped Annie for over a year. He was scum and a sick sadist. I was thrilled with how in the end Annie dealt with him and escaped. She was a true fighter, but it seemed that she was not done fighting. I was wondering how the story would be continuing as she escaped around half way through the book. So what was going to happen now? It could have been all about Annie and how she had to cope with it all. Now it was that but it looked like trouble was not over for Annie as another attempt to kidnap her happened. I was shocked. The question then becomes what is going on? I found it interesting that it went towards the route that someone had this all planned, someone possible close to Annie. So I wouldn’t say who was doing this to Annie but there is someone behind it all. You will find out and be disgusted by this person, at least I was.

The ending, well I really wasn’t sure how it was going to end but I thought Chevy Stevens ended the book appropriately. There was enough there to let us know that Annie would be alright or at least on the way to being alright.

Getting Rowdy

Getting RowdyRowdy Yates had everything he needed in the bar but he could not get the bartender. He always asked but was rejected. Things change and soon she wouldn’t be saying no but Rowdy will find that Avery is hiding things.

Avery Mullins has wanted Rowdy since she saw him but she has taken a step back and denied him. Her life was too complicated to add another but soon she will find that will be unavoidable as her past catches up.

Getting Rowdy is the third book from the series Love Undercover by Lori Foster. So I had said before that I liked Rowdy and I still do but from the first scene in the book where he was with yet another woman, not Avery, it kept getting hard to warm up to him. You wanted him to stop messing around with other girls. He is a player through and through but it is nice when he turns all his attention to Avery. Avery I wanted to know more about her. You knew that she was running but from what or from who. Then clues start to show up and the danger is starting to be revealed. There is also the heat between her and Rowdy which does not extinguish anytime soon. There is non-stop attraction, desire and yes eventually sex that gets down right steamy but with Rowdy involved there was no doubt.

It was interesting to learn more and more about Rowdy and Avery’s past. It was not all laid out for you to know. Their background left the reader with a new understanding of their characters and Foster did a good job keeping them consistent.

The villain was pretty obvious from the start but there was a surprise villain that also took part. The motives were clear but it was pretty clear the other villain lost their mind. A happy ending does come into play with all three couples and now with the little boy Marcus who is in the group.

I had said that I was waiting for the book to come out thinking I was finishing the series. Now Dash will have his own story which I really can’t wait to read especially with Margaret who is not exactly the straight laced Lieutenant she displays. I am now wondering if Cannon will have his own story afterwards. I really liked his part with protecting Avery and being another tough guy who could hold his own. Well whatever the case I can’t wait to read the next book coming in March, Dash of Peril.


JabrilCynthia Leighton needed a break from her ex vampire lover, Raphael so she heads down to Texas to take a job. The moment she meets Jabril she knows she made a mistake as this man was not to be messed with. Cyn will need help rescuing the sisters and finds that with her ex and his men.

The moment I got Jabril I started to read the book. After reading the first book from the series Vampires in America I was hooked. D B Reynolds has a way with her writing that got me in a trance and I only wanted more. Jabril brings us back with Cyn but she has a new case in Texas and she is still a confident bad ass when she is around the undead. Now this plot I liked a lot. It was not original but Reynolds creates her characters extremely well and you want to know more. I loved the two sisters that the plot surrounded and how Cyn found a way to help both of them out. I would love to read a story on Mirabelle later on. Along with locating the sister Reynolds adds in an investigation on several other murdered girls which are linked together and gave more to the story.

Now the characters Cyn is still fantastic. I loved the steamy dreams she has with her ex vampire lover, Raphael but thrilled he is still in the picture as I knew he had to be. Raphael is still perfect as always and I will have to say when he declares himself to Cyn it will make your heart melt and yell at her to be with him forever. Of course everything is not perfect as the enemy who is Jabril will be a fierce competitor and only wants power and money, but his sights will be set on Cyn. Reynolds doesn’t joke around with the villains, you knew perfectly well who the villain was and how evil he was. I wasn’t sure about his number two but wasn’t surprised with what happens. Reynolds makes sure that the villains will get what is coming to them. What I was surprised at was how Cyn handles the situation. She is still a very fierce woman in battle and one that can take care of herself. Now there was one other villain I was surprised about but once again they were handled.

It looks like the next story is going to be on Sarah, Cyn’s friend who is mysterious in her own way which I can’t wait to find out more.

Good Girls Don’t

Tackling one series from Victoria Dahl I went back in search of another series. I found another trilogy in the Donovan Brothers Brewery.

Tess Donovan is the youngest sister of the Donovan’s and a partner in their family business. Tess is good at cleaning up a mess especially when it comes to Jaime but something will happen this time which will effect their business. Tess will be side tracked as she gets to know a certain detective who has all the signs of a bad boy. Tess has been warned but will throw caution to the wind. With meeting up with Luke and finding out who robbed them Tess is a busy woman.

Detective Luke Asher is in over his head. He hates the rumors that happen in station especially the ones about him and his pregnant partner. He knows he is not the father but no one believes him, and now that he has met Tess he wants them put to rest. But Luke will have other demons to battle with which might just get in the way of a relationship to last a lifetime.

I was insistently intrigued by the series but was sidetracked for a moment as the first book was of the Donovan’s sister as the series is Donovan Brothers Brewery. Of course there was no disappointment with the first book book far from it. I loved the brothers protectiveness of their little sister and the mystery behind Luke. The interplay with his partner was a good little twist but I had a feeling I knew who the father was, not the person but the type, and I was right.

Even though I was right the book did not fail to want me to keep reading. I didn’t put the book down until I turned the last page. The plot was nothing outrageously dangerous or full of mystery but the characters Dahl creates you wanted to know more. Dahl creates the family to act like one. There are problems, banter and attitude which comes from Tess of course.  I loved the inner demons that Luke had and how they effected Tess as it felt real. And through all of this you are pulled into the plot that is woven.

Knowing that I would have already liked the first book I had gotten the next two. Sadly I have work so reading will have to wait, but I can’t wait to find out more with Jamie and how he will make a change in Bad Boys Do.

Don’t Get Wrongfully Accused

At first I saw Lethal on the rack and wondered if I would want to pick it up. After Tough Customer I was hesitant and not because it was a bad book which is far from the truth, but I wasn’t sure if it would be a roller coaster. Lethal had its ups and downs but there was not so much betrayal on the main characters which I liked.

Honor Gillette and her daughter Emily lived alone after her husband was killed in a fatal car accident. Her world will get turned upside down though when she encounters a man who just killed seven people.

Lee Corban is wanted for murder but he wouldn’t go down without a fight. He is looking for something which will tie everything together and he hopes that Eddie Gillette’s widow, Honor, will provide him with the answers.

With cops and FBI agents looking everywhere, Corban must make a decision and that is to take Honor and Emily with him before anyone else has to die.

This novel was fantastic. I loved it and did not want to put it down. Sandra Brown delivers books which are sometimes tough to read because they are not always romance but mystery or action adventure where the characters are not always at a happy ending.

Her characters were well written and intriguing to read about. I loved the twist and the betrayal as you were not sure who did what and who the person really was. The ending I thought wasn’t going to go how you wanted but it left it open and to a happy ending a reader can imagine which I liked.

I can’t wait for the next novel by Sandra Brown.

Getting Lucky with Bounty Hunters

The way in which Lorie O’Clare describes Marc King bounty hunter you will want your own after you finish Get Lucky. She will drive you into overdrive with the steamy scenes and the intense way in which Marc and London succumb to each other. The high risk situation will leave each other in their arms only wanting more.

Marc King needed some down time and a month at a ski lodge sounded good. When Marc got a look at London who worked there it sounded even better. With only one glance Marc knew he wanted to be with her.

London Brooke was a good employee and followed the rules but when Marc comes into the lodge she wanted to throw them out the window and does. London opens up to him but she is hiding the one thing in her past which haunts her. When she finds out what Marc does it is almost ironic. Now trouble is knocking at London’s door literally as packages of her parents are being sent to her along with cryptic messages. This means trouble London knows without a doubt. She knows Marc will help her but will be surprised that he is in trouble with the same problem. Together they are going to help each other fight for the ones they love.

I really liked this story. The intense feelings and passion was not too over the top and kept the story flowing. I like how London is more than appears to be. The fact she has criminals for parents and Marc’s were cops/bounty hunters was priceless. A perfect Romeo and Juliet story.

Having Marc’s family in the business was a good side story and brings in a good sense of who Marc is and how protective he is of people he loves. I liked the suspense of these packages. The one thing that threw me was the mad scientist. It was a little strange, it worked but a little weird.

Get Lucky is the second book of the series Bounty Hunters.

The Girl Next Door

Since I was on a kick for the regency romance novels lately I decided to go for one modern day romance. Talk Me Down was the book.  The moment I started I wanted to finish to see how it would end and who this stalker was. But Victoria Dahl leaves the reader wanting more and gives a twist that was not seen coming, a good misdirection.

Molly Jennings had a secret. She was a closet erotic writer. Her work had been published and no one knows that she is an author as it is under a different name. Molly now has no choice but to move back home as her life got much more difficult with her ex boyfriend. But moving back to Tumble Creek would be a great thing as her life fantasy will be in front of her.

Ben Lawson or Chief Lawson is the local lawman of the town and knows everyone. He is surprised to see Molly but not his reaction to her. Since that night when he was twenty two Molly looked different. Now was his chance to be with Molly even though he knew he shouldn’t with all that he doesn’t know about her. But sparks will fly and Ben will be there for her even when trouble starts out her window.

Getting a hold of the novel Talk Me Down I knew I would like it but this was a really fantastic book to read. As a romance it has all the scenes which will make you melt but there is an added feature of mystery and suspense that fits right into the story.

I love Molly and her quick wit and sexual drive. She is a little out there and that makes the book fun. While Ben is just the heartthrob who has a soft spot for his friends little sister. Together they really steam up the pages.

Victoria Dahl tells a great story and I can’t wait to read the next in her Tumble Creek series.

Hit List

Anita Blake is back in the twentieth book of the series created by Laurell Hamilton. If you are a fan of Anita Blake series you will want to check out Hit List.

Anita is back with her US Marshal’s badge helping out fellow Marshal Ted “Edward” but they will not be alone as Bernardo and Olaf will be on the scene. The team is helping to find out what had tore apart a man but Anita soon finds out that the Harlequin are after her still. With help of some of her men from St. Louis Anita will be protected but there will be causalities. Anita will also be running from Mother of all Darkness and this time she might be caught.

Laurell Hamilton is a hit or miss for me. I love her series at the beginning. I thought it was unique and different then it gets weird on you with all the things which happen to the character Anita. But still I want to keep reading as it intrigues me. The past couple of books were alright but I have to admit after reading Hit List I was excited about the series again. Hamilton goes back more to the roots of crime fighting and the sex was minimal. But no matter what I will always read the series to find out what will happen next. Once I start a series I will always see it out.

I really liked the crime fighting which surrounded the book. It was interesting to read about Edward, Anita, Bernardo, and Olaf all working together again. I also liked how Hamilton concentrated on hunting the killers which of course are the Harlequin. Hamilton will get Anita in a very tight situation which will be solved only with the help of her men which is interesting because she is still not all powerful and needs support.

At the end of Hit List Hamilton sets up her character Olaf to go through some changes which will effect Anita first and foremost. I liked how Hamilton also is keeping Edward in the picture. He is one of my favorite characters and I love how he is changing and growing into someone else. I am looking forward to when Hamilton will include Donna, Becca and Peter again.