Dirty Sexy Cuffed

Levi Kincaid liked control in his everyday life and especially in the bedroom. He will find his world getting twisted around when he meets Sarah. He will want her more than any woman he ever had and he will protect her at all cost.

Sarah Robins was on the run from her ex-boyfriend and the cult that had taken her in. She was trying to get her life together when Levi shows up in her life. She knows that nothing can come of a relationship but Sarah will give in anyways.

Dirty Sexy Cuffed is the third book to the series Dirty Sexy by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. This was another book to the series that was very enjoyable. These books for me are very quick reads. I will say that I wouldn’t have minded a little more on the cult aspect. I think it would have added a little more to the story.

Levi’s character thrived in life with control. He avoided anything that would make him lose his control. I liked that with Sarah in his life he was letting go. Levi’s dominant control was always going to be there but he was softening. Sarah’s character was a young woman who needed help but she was too proud to ask and weary of strangers. I liked that Sarah was able to take a chance with Levi though he had to work hard to gain her trust.

This series has one more book which will be about Clay’s twin brother. I am thinking that this brother will be a surprise to the others as throughout the last three books no twin brother had been mentioned. I am reading Dirty Sexy Sinner next.

Hard to Serve

Hard to ServeKyler Vance needed control in his life. He took that control and when he couldn’t he would visit the club he partially owned which would give him relief. Kyler liked his subs for one night and he moved on, but when he meets Mia he knows that one night is not going to be enough.

Mia Breslin wanted a dom to dominate her and she hoped this latest club would find her that someone. She will be thrilled when she meets Kyler but will quickly figure out that he will be wary of relationships. Mia knows she should walk away but can’t.

Hard to Serve is a novella in the series Hard Ink by Laura Kaye. When I heard the series was continuing with Kyler I was intrigued and definitely wanted to read the book. When I got it I didn’t even bother looking at the summary, I was just excited that Hard Ink series was continuing. So, basically when I started the book I was intrigued. This is in the realm of BSMD and as I am not really a fan of that I was thinking about putting it down but I am a fan of Laura Kaye. So, I decided to give the novella a chance and I am glad I did. I really liked the story. Yes it was a lot of sex and domination but it was an interesting look inside that world. Laura Kaye writes about the interactions between the dom and sub before they “play” together. It was interesting as you got to understand more of the rules that come with the territory. Not all stories that I have read do that so I thought that was interesting.

The character Kyler was a controlling man who did not do relationships but liked things in order. I liked Kyler from the first time he was introduced. Although getting to know him in this book he was a much darker character than I had thought. Though with his need of that lifestyle it would make sense. The character Mia knew what she wanted but it was hard to get for her. I liked that Mia tried and felt free to express what she needed, and that she was smart about it.

From how Laura Kaye wrote this novella it is clear that she is going to be writing more on this club especially with twelve “Masters” who bought the club. From how this novella was written I am definitely intrigued on the rest of the stories that Laura Kaye will be writing.

Dare to Hold

Dare to HoldScott was bored with his job and wanted something more. He will find that with his brother’s security firm. He will use these connections to help protect Meg. He will do anything to protect her as he was falling for her.

Meg was single and going to be a mother. She was not looking for any guy to spend time with but when it came to Scott she could not say no. She will let him help especially when her ex starts to show he is serious about threatening her and her unborn baby.

Dare to Hold is the fourth book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this book.

Meg’s character I wasn’t sure I would like when I had read the third book but she had not been a bad person, just someone who was needy. In this book she is stronger, well she has to be since she is going to be a mother. I liked that Meg was trying hard but she is human and help is sometimes needed. I liked that she didn’t go to Dylan, instead Scott was helping. Scott’s character is a cop well soon to be ex-cop to work in his brothers security firm. Scott is a man that likes to push his control and is dominant, very much like his older brother Ian. Though he would never hurt a woman. I think he just liked having things go his way. Though it was good he was like that because that would help Meg with her ex.

The problem in this book was Meg’s ex who had been abusive. You really end up hating Mike but everything he does, he does to himself.

I am reading the fifth book next.


OutrageousJudd Sanders was undercover as a stripper. His job was to get close to one man who ran the illegal business but there will be a woman that gets in the way. Judd will be annoyed by Emily’s behavior but he knows he has to protect her.

Emily Cooper wanted revenge against the man that was responsible for selling her brother a gun. She will find help in a stripper but will find that Judd is not all that he seems.

Outrageous is a novel by Lori Foster. This book was one of the first novels by Foster. Now I liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite of her stories. It took me some time to truly get into the story and when that happened I felt that I wanted more with the characters. I wanted to know more about them, to flush out more detail about them. I thought that the plot was fun and a little silly with Judd being undercover and having to play a stripper. Then there is Emily who is a socialite but not really. She is a more down to earth than her wealthy parents.

Even though this one wasn’t my favorite I will still be completely willing to read more from Lori Foster as the majority of her books I have really loved.


In Your Dreams

In You DreamsEmmaline Neal had to go to her ex-fiance’s wedding otherwise it would look like she was still pinning away. Emmaline wasn’t, she just didn’t have anyone to go with. She will find help from Jack Holland, who was someone she had a crush on.

Jack Holland needed a way out of his town for just a little and he will find a way when Emmaline needed a date for a wedding. He will jump at the chance and will be surprised that the trip will bring on feelings for Emmaline.

In Your Dreams is the fourth book to the Blue Heron series from Kristan Higgins. Once again another fantastic book from Kristan Higgins and addition to the series. Since the beginning of the series I have loved these books. They are mushy, heartwarming, heartbreaking and feel real with the problems that happen as not everything is perfect. I like that she makes her characters with flaws or quirks which make them real.

So there was Emmaline. She was a character which was heartbreaking. She lost the love of her life to another woman and has been unlucky in love since then. You want things to work with Jack but there are definitely ups and downs in this relationship. I wanted them to have a chance at love because of their past, they deserved some happiness that would last. Now there is Jack who is a hero but in his eyes he is not, that attribute made him feel real and the situation. Jack was a man that everyone loves and was a very kind man which got him in trouble especially when trying to move forward with Emmaline in a relationship. The problem was that his ex wife was back in his life and wanted to try again. He can’t just say no to helping his ex wife but you know there are no feelings there anymore.

The people that I disliked was Kevin, Emmaline’s ex, and the new woman Naomi. They were a little too crazy with their workouts. Those two were perfect for each other. They both treated Emmaline poorly and I wanted her to stand up and fight back but she is too scared to do that. Another person I didn’t like was the ex wife of Jack, Hadley. She was much to immature for him and liked to play the victim a lot. She drove me crazy in the book but I knew that she was not a threat to Jack and Emmaline’s happiness.

Now as the books before Higgins goes into great detail of back story’s on Jack and Emmaline. I love that about these books. You really get to know the characters and when she goes back into the past I have never been confused with the switch of scenes.

Blue Heron series is one that I will keep reading. I can’t wait for the next installment which will be featuring Connor O’Rourke. His story, Anything for You, will be coming out in December.

Trouble Me

Trouble MeJade Radcliffe was trouble back when she was a teen as she walked the line of the law one too many times but she was now grown up and was responsible. Jade will let her wild side slip one last time right before she heads home to be a teacher. She will sleep with a stranger and feels good as she will never see him again except he will be the father of one of her students and the one who had arrested her back as a teen.

Officer Rob Cooper was not looking for a one night stand but found it with a woman who was too good looking to leave alone. He felt alive in that moment but knew that he had to get back to his life. He will be shocked to find that his mystery woman was his daughters teacher and the woman he blamed for his wife’s death.

Trouble Me is third book to the Rosewood Trilogy by Laura Moore. When I read that Jade was responsible for Rob’s wife being dead I actually was rethinking about reading this book. I didn’t want to read the story if that was true. Well I decided to try the first couple pages and I kept going for a couple more pages. I was sucked into the book and all the characters that were floating around the book. So needless to say I actually really liked this book.

Spoiler Alert: Oh and to make it better I found out that she wasn’t the cause of the wife’s untimely death. Rob just blamed her as he was busy being an officer with Jade and he wasn’t with his wife who was feeling poorly.

Jade was the rebellious wild child only reformed. I liked that she still had that wild side but it was pulled back though I loved mostly that she was a teacher whom the children loved learning from. She was responsible and when she needed to stand up for herself she would fight but there was still that doubt in her thanks to her high school days. Rob was a stubborn man still mourning his wife for the most part. It took a wild night for him to feel alive again. I liked that Moore didn’t make him the typical angry cop who wouldn’t smile. He did have a smile especially for his daughter for others around him. He had a sense of humor and was a good man. He was just misguided in his anger towards Jade especially as he had felt guilty for not being there for his wife. Now the connection that Jade and Rob have is dynamic and inspires fireworks but there is still a sweetness that comes from their interaction.

All the kids in the class were cute but I thought Haley was an adorable addition to the book and a needed character otherwise there would not be that charm which Moore had. With the family aspect it was heartwarming and it felt real.

So I really liked this book but there was still a part of me who was a little confused with the story that was happening. It was happening all at once and I felt it was a story in process. You can follow book but with all the names I had to make sure I was getting them right. Maybe I should have read this series in order, but even with me not reading the other books it is a story that can be read on its own. Moore does explain what kid belongs to who and the plot flowed. I will be coming back to this series so I can read Margot and Jordan’s story. I thought in this book they sounded like their stories would be very entertaining to read.

Kill and Tell

Kill and TellKaren Whitlaw is no stranger to tragedy as her mother passed away three weeks ago.  She will then hear about her fathers murder whom she hadn’t seen in fifteen years. She will go down towards New Orleans to claim the body where she will meet Marc Chastain who was assigned to her fathers case. Trouble will start to happen to Karen when she gets back home to find that someone is after her and now she wonders if it is because of the package her father had sent her mother.

Marc Chastain was assigned the case of a shooting. When he gets there something doesn’t feel right as it looked as if the scene had been compromised. He will investigate the truth which will lead him to the last remaining family Dex Whitlaw had, his daughter. He will have an instant connection to this woman and want her but trouble will interrupt their happy ending and Marc will have to protect her from someone who wants to kill her.

Kill and Tell is the first book to the series CIA’s Spies by Linda Howard. I only have read a couple books from this author and I have been very entertained by her plots and characters that she writes. This book got me from the very beginning with the mysterious package that Dexter was sending to his wife back in Ohio. I wanted to know what was in the package and found it interesting that so many people were after it. You do find out what it is, a kill book. It is how Dex kept track of the enemies he killed as a sniper but there was one that was done solely for murder. This is the reason for everyone trying to find him and the book.

Karen is a good daughter but only to the one parent who didn’t desert her. She took care of her mother and was horrified when she died which all started with a simple cold. She was strong and stubborn but she does do the right thing. She will claim her father’s body but that will lead her into so much more trouble. The trouble comes in two forms, the men chasing her and the man, Marc, whose attraction scares her. That is because she likes to control what is happening and Marc was upsetting that control. Now Marc’s character is a man who is very good at his job. He is dedicated to his work and is a lady’s man but when he meets Karen something changes. He wants this woman more than he has ever wanted. There is a very intense scene on the balcony which leads straight to the bedroom and everything about them sizzle. Aside from the sex that happens their relationship is very high strung because of the accidents which are happening to Karen. Marc will protect her at all cost by keeping her by his side and to help solve why these men would be after Karen’s father.

The bad guys are pretty clear as they take center stage at certain points of the book. The ultimate bad guy is clear as he is the one really running the show. He needs this package destroyed as it is evidence to a bigger crime that would incriminate and ruin him, and this time the bad guys wouldn’t get away with what has happened.

I know that I will want to finish up the series at least with the second book because that will have John Medina as the main character. I am interested in what will happen to him now that his father’s murder was avenged.