Sugar Rush

Sugar RushLeilani “Lani” Trusdale fled New York and settled back home to be with her father and to start up her own bakery store. Lani will feel that everything is falling into place until the man she had secretly loved comes flying back into her life.

Baxter Dunne needed Lani in his life. He thought he was doing the show which would help her store though it appeared everything he did was screwing up. Baxter would not give up on Lani but will soon find that she is not the same woman he knew in New York.

After reading the series Keyes Sisters from Susan Mallery which was about a bakery shop I picked up four books to Donna Kauffman’s series Cupcake Club. When picking up the books I hadn’t realized it but both series all are about desserts. This got me thinking of Christmas cookies that I helped make with my mom this past year and of course now making me want some of them.

So back to the book Sugar Rush from Donna Kauffman which is the first book to the series Cupcake Club. I thought it was a cute book with a simple story. Once you get into the story the characters are very well developed and I liked that Kauffman lets you into Baxter and Lani’s lives especially Baxter and how he got his start. I will admit I thought I would dislike Baxter due to Lani’s opinion about him but from the start he was a good guy at least from his comments he thought in his head. He meant to do things right but they always got screwed up. Lani needed to take a chance which she does with Baxter eventually.

There is an uplifting ending that gave Baxter and Lani a future on this island of Georgia and mentioned the next woman who would be in the second book Sweet Stuff. I am interested in how Kauffman will keep going with these desserts and if they are to be in the bakery or a new location. I will find out next as I pick up the second book.

Always on My Mind

Always on My MindLeah Sullivan did not have the best childhood which carried over to her as an adult. She had a hard time finishing things thinking that she was a failure. With the cooking show she got on she will show the town she was a failure once again, but all will not be lost as she will have Jack to lean on.

Jack Harper has always thought of Leah as a friend at least for the most part. They had tried before to be more but she ran. Now with the possibility out there once again she might not be the only one who wants to run.

Always on My Mind is Jill Shalvis’s eighth book from the series Lucky Harbor. This was another cute story that kept up with Shalvis memorable characters. It was a story of second chances and believing in each other. Leah and Jack had the foundation of a strong relationship but were torn apart by Leah being too scared. The second chance is Jack not putting his heart into this situation. Of course the ending will come to a happy ending.

The next book isn’t coming until February in 2014. It is not giving me any hints yet but I would bet that Ben and Audrey will be staring in it.

Getting more than room service

When you are about to loose your job you will try anything but it will stop at using someone for sex for Em Harris. She wants to save her job by getting a head chef to be the host of a culinary show but she will not use her attraction to him to bag him for the show. Em though will have a hard time concentrating with Jacob Hill giving her those stares and tempting kisses.

Room Service was a steamy novel from Jill Shalvis. The book is part of a collection called Do Not Disturb. I really liked this novel it was sensual and you could not get enough of it.

Em Harris was a fun character as she fell instantly for the chef without truly knowing he was the chef. Their banter back and forth was fun and kept it light even though more feelings were involved. Jack was also a great character with his over sensuality every time he looked to Em.

I liked that it was staged at a sex-themed hotel which brought out the unique situations and two great side characters, Liza and Eric.

Room Service was a fantastic novel from Shalvis and you will want to read it again and again.