Until There Was You

Until there was youPosey Osterhagen’s life was about to change when the boy she had loved at sixteen came back to her home town. She will find herself falling once again for him but know that in the end he would break her heart.

Liam Murphy was moving back to be closer to his daughters grandparents. His main focus was to his daughter and to create a life for them in this town. He will be surprised when he finds himself being drawn towards Posey.

Until There Was You is a novel by Kristan Higgins. I absolutely loved this book. I think I can read pretty much anything from this author and love her work. Higgins is a storyteller that will have you believing these characters are real. There will be that happy ending you thrive for but it is a struggle to get there, though no matter what it is heartwarming.

Alright now the character of Posey was sweet and naive. I felt that she had no backbone at times but she does get stronger when she is forced to confront certain facts. Her time in high school reminded me of some days in my own high school where you just felt invisible. Her story is heartbreaking and you really hope that she can get that love she had been searching for. Then there is Liam. I liked this reformed bad boy but he makes some mistakes when it comes to knowing what he wants. There was a part of me that didn’t like him for his part in Posey’s unhappiness at prom. Well there is a little twist towards the end that will have you back to liking Liam completely. Now with Liam as a dad I loved him. He was the way overprotective father who was in over his head but you couldn’t hate him for that.

Now Posey’s family is interesting. You kinda of resent the parents for not really listening to Posey when Gretchen is around, who was another character I wasn’t a big fan of. I like that Higgins gives the family a chance with a heart to heart towards the end. It made me like the mother and father a lot more.

Secret Desires of a Gentleman

Secret Desires of a GentlemanMaria Martingale had been the daughter of the cook for the Hawthorne family since she was little but when she and Lawrence, the younger Hawthorne, thought they were in love but they were torn apart by the older brother Phillip. Twelve years have passed and Maria is long over the supposed love she had for Lawrence as her drive is all about her baking and her shop.

Phillip Hawthorne was a very important man being the Marquess but he will be shocked to find that Maria will be next door to him opening up her bakery shop. Fearing that the past will repeat itself he will make sure that Lawrence and Maria do not have a chance to form an attachment.

Secret Desires of a Gentleman is the third book from the series Girl-Bachelor by Laura Lee Guhrke. I had not intended to sample a book from three different series but as that is what I did and found some stories I loved and some that were good. This one I have to say was one that I loved. The story flowed well and you were immediately brought into the lives of Maria and the Hawthorne brothers. Now when starting out the book I had not realize I was going to be reading about Maria but I remember her character in the book Scandal of the Year which I had read the other day. I already know that she has a happy ending so now I get to see how her story got started.

Maria’s character had drive. She wanted something and she went after it. I liked the little parts that were placed into the book giving us glimpses to her life with the brothers when they were younger. What I found interesting that it had been Phillip who had Maria was interested in that is until he showed no emotion to her as she grew up. I actually really liked Phillip’s character. Sure he was a little of a snob for the most part he did things to help his brother. The only person he wasn’t helping was himself. I liked that as you went along in the book you found out the depth of Phillip’s feelings for Maria and why he did what he did. He liked her but could not have her so the next best thing is to be indifferent. To me their relationship/proposal definitely had a Darcy and Elizabeth feel to it and like their classic love story a happy ending will be just around the corner. All they had to do were get out of each others way and find what works for them which basically meant don’t follow society’s rules.

I will be back with Laura Lee Guhrke after I find more books from her other series or from the ones I have started.

Dream Lake

Dream LakeAlex Nolan would wash his sorrows down with a bottle of whatever was available. He had been doing this for most of his life. He did not like the man he had become but was not going to change that is until he met Zoe. He will resist the temptation knowing he was not the man for her but little by little his resistance crumbled.

Zoe Hoffman needed help fixing up the house where she would be living with her grandmother. She will get help from Alex who will tell her to stay away from him but she will not listen. Zoe will find herself falling for this man even with all his own personal battles he had to face as she has her own struggles with taking care of her ailing grandmother.

Dream Lake is the third book from the series Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas. I was wondering if this was a book I would like with a character like Alex, but of course I did. I think I found those faults of drunkenness and surly behavior to be a major flaw but could be redeemed and was throughout the book. I liked Zoe for her strength and always to see the good in people. The pair are an unlikely couple but it works as they lean on each other for comfort. Their relationship was sweet and lustful. There is heartache and the ending took a surprising turn but a happy ending came about giving all the characters a second chance.

Kleypas also adds to Alex’s story little bits of his brothers story or at least what is going on with them during that time period. I like that at times and this was one of them because it made me curious to find out the other two brothers story.

It was interesting with the twist of the supernatural in the book and how the ghost and Alex formed a bond that kept them together. I wasn’t expecting a ghost and how he was connected to the characters in the book. From the sounds of it this series will follow the path of supernatural with Justine with witchcraft. I don’t know if the theme will follow the first two books but I know that I will be reading them to know more about the Nolan brothers.

Werewolf in Seattle

Werewolf in SeattleLuna Reynaud was out of place most of her life as she was a half human half werewolf. Now she has found a place she belongs but with the unexpected death of her employer Luna hopes her future will not be in ruins when the new heir comes to the island.

Colin MacDowell had not visited his aunt in years and was astonished he was left the property. Knowing that he had no use of it his first thought was to sell. Meeting the staff and especially Luna he was rethinking everything.

I had grabbed the first two books to Vicki Lewis Thompson to refresh my memory of the series Wild About You. The nice thing is you can read these stories out of order as you will still hear about what had happened in the previous book.

Werewolf in Seattle is the third book to Thompson’s series Wild About You. True to the other two books Thompson writes these stories with humor and some quick wit with these characters. Its really the side characters who are probably the ones with the most humor among them but Luna and Colin will take part of that humor with the playful banter. You are pulled into this supernatural world easily as the story is kept fun and light with the exception of Luna’s troubling past and secret she holds.

The past from Luna or really her parents past was an interesting side story that develops Luna into who she is. I also liked the introduction of Duncan, Colin’s brother, who will be involved in the next book. He seems a little flighty so it will be interesting to see if he changes.

Hungry For You

Calen Valens who is part of the Argeneau family is done looking for a lifemate. After two thousand years he knows he will never have one. Then Alex is thrust into his sight and sparks fly. A lifemate but it gets tricky for Calen as he starts out lying to his mate. Calen will work beside Alex to help her in every step which includes saving her life as accidents find their way to her.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Willan is a cook on edge of a nervous break down as nothing is going right with her preparation of her second restaurant. To make matters worse her cook was tempted away from her. Now Alex has to find a new chef but luck gives her a break when Calen comes her way. Of course things are never that easy. Calen is not who he said he was but still her heart is racing every time they touch. She wants to ignore the feelings but it gets harder and harder to do.

Hungry For You another book from the Argeneau Family series number fourteenth written by Lynsay Sands.

I liked that Sands gave all the Willan girls their chance to find their own immortals so they could still be a family. Alex was a fun character as she was always stressed and Calen was stern but in a comical way.

The book had minimum lies and betrayal which I liked. It wasn’t about the ultimate bad guy they are chasing but one that you don’t exactly think as one which left you guessing. Technically I had a feeling I knew who the bad guy was but it was not for the reason that was found out at the end.

Hungry For You to me was a happier go lucky story as it was cute and fun to read.

Twice The Temptation

After reading two books from Cara Summers I found myself looking for more. So far the books I have seen from her are the Harlequin Romance series. I decided to continue on that route with Twice The Temptation. This is a collection of two short stories, Playing with Reese and Saving Brie, from the series Forbidden Fantasies.

Playing with Reese

Reese Brigtman is on the road to becoming a big success as a televised chef that is if her producer would ever make up his mind on the location. Mac Davis wants it all to work for his show and has now the perfect location. Now all he has to do is convince Reese to use her house. The only obstacle is singles weekend, an old flame and a couple of ghost.

Saving Brie

Brie Sullivan is witness to a murder and now is down a bodyguard but soon Cody Marsh takes the position. Together they go into hiding at the haunted house of Haworth. Things don’t go as plan as there are several difficulties they will face, one being taken with desire and wanting nothing else. It doesn’t help that this is the singles weekend all about fulfilling fantasies.

I have to admit I liked the stories. They were complete stories but sometimes wished there were more details within the story. Each story was about 120 pages. They were quick, steamy and had a fun plot. I am interested in reading about the other two sisters who came before Reese. The ghosts were a fun element of the story which gave it a little of the paranormal romance.

The Sweetest Thing

The Southern Bell meets her match. Tara is back in Lucky Harbor for six months and avoiding Ford gets harder and harder to do. Finally they are pushed to the edge and stop denying what they have been longing to do since they were seventeen. Tara knows this is going to end bad for her as it did seventeen years ago but something is different with Ford this time. Tara and Ford will fight their true emotions but not desire that is until a couple road blocks are put in their path.

The second book, The Sweetest Thing, to the Lucky Harbor series was excellent. Like the first book from Jill Shalvis she goes there with the sexual desire and need of the characters. Ford and Tara will melt the words off the pages with their stares and scenes. I like also how Shalvis puts in the past to give the characters history in which they can connect with.

And of course a secret from their past shows up, their daughter a seventeen year old girl. I love her character and how she is really a lot like her parents. I also liked how Shalvis did not make having the baby a big tragedy to both characters. They were able to handle the situation and it wasn’t bad blood between them. If anything she pulled them closer together.

The added character of Logan, Tara’s ex husband, was comical. I liked how Tara did not really give him the time of day because she was not the same woman she was with him two years ago. Shalvis made it clear that Ford is the main man in Tara’s life and she kept it true throughout the book.

I can’t wait for Chloe and her turn at love with the bad boy sheriff in the third story of Lucky Harbor series.