The Last Princess is Found

The last book to the trilogy series Lost Princesses is The Prince Kidnaps a Bride. Christina Dodd ends the series with the last sister, Sorcha and Rainger .

Princess Sorcha is lost, exiled from her family but she knows it is time to find her way back home. She had been gone too long but she wouldn’t be going alone. A fisherman will be there helping her at every turn but he is not how she believes him to be.

Prince Rainger needs to get Sorcha out of here and back to their kingdom. He is not the once carefree prince but a man who knows his destiny and that is to be King with Sorcha at his side. But trouble comes there way as they are hunted by assassins at every turn and Rainger will still have to deal with Sorcha when she finds out who he really is.

The Prince Kidnaps a Bride was a fun story but for some reason for me it took me a little to get into the story. I knew I would like the story as the first book was very good. But here you had to get into the characters and plot as it did not grab me from the very beginning. Though once you are in you want to finish it till the end.

You will have no problem understanding what is going on in the book even if you don’t read the others. I have not read the second book with Amy (which I am looking for) but I understood what happened in the third book . Each book seems to be their own story yet they are in perfect harmony as a series.

The banter between the two characters was entertaining as they forged on through the book. It seemed like they worked one moment and the next they couldn’t stand each other which kept them interesting. I liked also how Dodd created the back stories of Rainger to show how he was shaped into the man he had become.

Dodd also wraps up the series with a happy ending and a fresh start for these exiled princesses that will leave you smiling. The Lost Princesses series is enchanting to read.

Island of Flowers by Nora Roberts

Island of Flowers is set in a seductive setting but it is anything but. There will be heartache and problems but underneath everything there is a young girl seeking comfort and a father.

Laine Simmons has not known her father for fifteen years but now is her chance to know him. Only person standing in her way is herself and a man named Dillon O’Brian. They will be up against each other only to protect Cap, Laine’s father and Dillon’s friend and business partner. But together there will be something that can’t be ignored only if prejudice gets in the way.

This was a quick romance novel but in this instance I wished it was longer with a more drawn out plot. I wished there was more detail about her family and more courting. I found that it was romantic but it seemed to easy in the end that all is forgiven. There would have been better for a little more detail giving a little more fight.

But then again this was still a great romance book by Roberts that will want you to believe that romance is not dead only hidden.