Absolutely Positively by Jayne Ann Krentz

With Krentz I will try any book of hers. Most I will like some are not so high on my list but regardless I will read books by her.

Absolutely Positively

Molly Abberwick is a women raising her only sister since her parents died. There family’s tradition is inventors. Kelsey, Molly’s sisters, takes on that tradition. Molly is the business women.

Harry Stratton Trevelyan is an academic with two very different sides of families. Stratton’s are the rich business types while Trevelyan are the carny type. Harry’s only real connection is Josh his cousin who he helped raised from 12. Harry is estranged from all of them except when they need help from him.

Molly and Harry will find comfort in each other first as partners and then more. Molly will help Harry with his family and Harry will help her with business.

Krentz creates a realistic family dynamics. I love how Krentz creates Harry as the savior but is always pulled apart. All he wants to do is help but is punished through each of the family.

I love how Molly’s character is resourceful and is relentless when it comes to helping Harry. Each Harry and Molly have strong elements in their characters that makes them perfect opposites and fun to read about.

Krentz is known for her romance which Absolutely Positively contains a lot of but she gives twists with the paranormal.

Casey by Lori Foster

The last book in the Buckhorn series by Lori Foster (in the collection Enticing) and it was amazing.  I don’t have a favorite brother/Uncle but Casey, the son of Sawyer was wonderful.  He was just like his uncles and dad.

Casey in his youth is chased by girls and the one he resisted was Emma Clark.  He liked her but didn’t know that it was more until she ran away from their home.  Eight years later Casey is a vice executive in his stepgrandfathers company and doesn’t love it.  His life is fine, love his family but he has not settled down.  He keeps dating but not finding the one.  It is late at night as he and a woman, Kristin who he worked with, were driving down the road when he saw a car stalled on the road.  He gets out to help and low and behold is a woman from his past, Emma Clark.  Casey is blown away how she looks.  Immediately he wants her but is not sure if she is with the guy with her.  He has to find out.

Emma sees Casey and all the old feelings are back from when she was a kid.  Of course with her reputation for sleeping around she understood why Casey never took interest in her.  Emma was too unsure of herself  and her family problems still remained.  This was the reason she was back, her father had a stroke and she was worried.

Casey took this time now to get to know Emma.  He wanted to know everything about her and what happened in her past, her family and where she went off too when she ran away.  But Emma is resisting being honest with him, of course she couldn’t resist Casey or his family.  On a side note Damon, Emma’s friend, which was more like a brother was finding his way in town as well with a certain woman, Ceily.

This was a fantastic finish to the series.  I loved how the family grew up, especially all of the nieces and nephews.  It was nice to see all of the brothers happy and now Casey.