Seducing Mr. Knightly

Seducing Mr. KnightlyAnnabelle Swift has loved Derek Knightly since she first got the job as a writer, three years ago. She was tired of waiting and wanted to do something to make him notice her, which was a difficult task.

Derek Knightly lived for his paper but there was another desire he wanted and that was for his half brother to acknowledge him. Derek needed to marry a woman of aristocratic birth. He had the perfect woman in mind but his eyes will be looking elsewhere, to his columnist Annabelle.

Seducing Mr. Knightly is the fourth and final book to the series Writing Girls by Maya Rodale. After reading the other three books I was anticipating for Knightly’s time in the spotlight and I have to say I was happy to read the book. Knightly is not your heroic character as his obsession was his newspaper and to be in the same social class as his half brother. Because of that ambition he was cruel at times and oblivious of certain things like how Annabelle was in love with him. I liked Annabelle and wanted her to find that happiness but I wondered at times if she should just cut her losses. Then again I wanted her to stick with Knightly because he was more than his newspaper, he was a man that deserved happiness as well.

Now I knew that in the end they would be together as Maya Rodale would not be cruel to the readers to deny us the happy ending for Derek and Annabelle. Well we get the ending it will just take a lot to get there. I was wondering how the story would go. My thought was she would try and succeed but then his ambition is too strong or he makes a stupid mistake and then they make up. There are parts to that plot which are true as it is a basic plot but how Rodale writes about this couple I found humor in the attempts of seduction. It was even sweet.

With the Writing Girl’s series I am done with the books I have to read from Maya Rodale. There are several more series and novels that I have yet to read from Rodale so I will have a selection to pick from when I come back to her books.

A Groom of One’s Own

A Groom of One's OwnSophie Harlow had been left at the alter which was heartbreaking. She moved on with her life and became a writer. She would write about all the society weddings but her recent job will be difficult when she starts to have feelings for the groom.

Duke of Hamilton and Brandon was getting married to the perfect girl. She was beautiful, undemanding and was not in love with him. Brandon will find himself in trouble when his eyes drift longingly towards the writer who is doing the exclusive on his wedding.

A Groom of One’s Own is the first book to Maya Rodale by Writing Girls. I really enjoyed this book. Having already read the third book of the series I knew that I liked these woman and Rodale’s style of writing. Her writing is fun and she brings some humor to these characters with the situation they were getting themselves into, especially at the end.

So Brandon was engaged to Clarissa but he wanted another, Sophie, and she wanted him as well. Then Clarissa wanted her prince but was stuck being engaged to Brandon. It sounded like a play but these characters are clever enough and driven by love so they will find a way. Now there will be a problem with some secrets which are on Clarissa side. These secrets are a problem which threatened everyone from finding happiness. I will say I was a little surprised by the secret but it made sense.

I thought all characters had a place in the book and liked them all, well except for Lady Richmond. She was a piece of work and you wanted her to back off and let Clarissa find her own happiness.

Now the romance was something I loved in this book. It was a forbidden romance but I liked that even though the romance was forbidden no one was being really hurt because Brandon loved Sophie and Clarissa loved the prince.

I am reading the second book next.

Sheep vs. Wolf

Reading some of Donna Kauffman’s books I have found she has a lot of quirk in the characters and plot. That is not lost in The Big Bad Wolf Tells All. First off the cover is humorous and secondly it was not what I expected from this novel.

Tanzy Harrington is the most read romance columnist and she makes a whole new hit with her sheep/wolf theory. But that kind of attention also creates a problem for Tanzy as she will start getting threats of a stalker who wants her. Tanzy will get that help from her great aunt.

Riley Parrish was hired by Millicent Harrington to protect her grandniece. Riley figured it would be over and done with and he would leave. But Riley didn’t know the effect Tanzy would have on him or just how serious this stalker would be. Riley will play the sheep to Tanzy’s wolf but it will be Riley in sheep’s clothing.

Overall the plot was entertaining to read. You had several side characters who went along nicely and the idea of the sheep vs. wolf was comical and made you want to read more.

I like that both characters played the wolf but at times in sheeps clothing it was clever and fun. Kauffman also creates the villain to be unexpected but not so out of left field that you are confused.

After reading this book you will wonder if you are the sheep, the wolf or a whole new hybrid of the two.