A Tale of Two Lovers

A Tale of Two LoversLord Simon Roxbury was a rake and had no desire to change that is until his father too away his way of living. He was to marry or become penniless. Roxbury liked his wealth and reluctantly chose marriage which he found out would not be easy when a columnist decided to give rumor to him liking the opposite sex.

Lady Julianna Somerset created her column after her husband died. She lived for writing and was good at discovering peoples secrets. She will write a scandal relating to Lord Roxbury which will earn her an enemy with Roxbury.  This will lead to her downfall in reputation which will lead her needing to work with Roxbury.

A Tale of Two Lovers is the second book to Maya Rodale’s series Writing Girls. This was another great book from the author. The plot flows easy as I read the story about Julianna and Roxbury.

Now this was a romance novel certainly as you can tell from the cover but these two characters were not in love whatsoever, at least not in the beginning. In the beginning they were mortal enemies. It was like they brought out the worst in each other yet underneath that anger was the wonder of seduction and lust. Roxbury was all about the seduction but it was more to teach her a lesson and Julianna thought about lust but did not want to push that idea to reality as she had been burned before in her previous marriage. They start getting along as they spend time with each other which is partly due to the need of repairing their reputations. I liked that they bonded over the hunt for the mysterious Man About Town and his identity.

Alright so now about the Man About Town this was a mystery. This person was a columnist who is competition for the Writing Girls. The person could be anyone but an older man since he had been doing the column for forty years. So my guess for this man was not even possible until Rodale gave one clue and then I knew exactly who this person was. I liked how Rodale ended it with this person which certainly gave Julianna the upper hand.

I am reading the fourth book next. I had previously read the third book to the series which featured Eliza. I can’t wait to find out more on Mr. Knightly.

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover

Never Judge a Lady by Her CoverI have waited for the fourth book to Rules of Scoundrels by Sarah MacLean. I have been waiting to read this book since I read the third book. I had a need to read the book because of the big surprise which was at the end of the third book. Alright big spoiler on this one so if you don’t want to know more then I would stop reading right now! Chase is really Anna who is really the Duke of Leighton’s sister, Gerogiana, who we heard about in Sarah MacLean’s other series. I love that MacLean connects her characters like that. So now that I got that out of my system here is a summary of the book.

Lady Georgiana had suffered a scandal and paid the price but she has a secret that no one in London knows except her partners. Lady Georgiana may be a ruined girl but she is also the notorious Chase who owns the Fallen Angel. After six years of playing the part she finds that she will have to come back into society to find a husband with a title for the sake of her daughter but there will be a man who will have her distracted, Duncan West. Not only does he distract but he will discover that she is hiding more which threatens her identity.

Duncan West was a driven man and brilliant who owned a chain of newspapers. He looked for secrets and revealed them to either help or hinder. He will put it upon himself to help Lady Georgiana after his paper had wronged her but he will find that there is something off with the Lady. Duncan will want to discover her secret while he guarded his own.

I loved this book. Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover was fantastic book to read. I had been a little disappointed with the third book but there were no problems with the fourth book. I was hooked right away and fascinated by the way that Georgiana had her different identities. I thought that MacLean did a very impressive job at hiding the identity of Chase with the first three books. I had never even guessed that Chase was a woman.

Georgiana was a strong woman yet so vulnerable at the same time especially when it came to acting like herself who had been ruined. When she played Chase she was strong and determined with a vengeance streak. Now Duncan was interesting. He had his own secrets and MacLean wrote his story well. I was hooked and wanted to know what had happened to him. You of course will find out but it is closer to the end and I was surprised by the information that you find out.

The romance between Georgiana and Duncan is steamy. There is definitely sexual tension that amounts but it does not take long for them to find that lust together and when they do it is fiery.

The villain was quite a villain but I felt that he was down played and it was really about Georgiana and her secret which was alright with me. Though MacLean does make sure that the villain is known and that he is a despicable man who deserves what is coming towards him.

The ending is pure justice for Duncan and for Georgiana. They get their happy ending which I could not be happier with since they are together at the end. The ending could be considered sappy but I found it perfect. With this book the series ends as all four owners of The Fallen Angel stories have been told. I don’t know if Sarah MacLean will be writing more on the series but I do hope that she will write more stories. Maybe she will write one with Sophie who was introduced in this book. Only time will tell.

Real Men Will

Eric Donovan is the quiet brother, the good brother, the responsible brother, but for one night he was not any of those things. That was of course six months ago. He had not stopped thinking about her but it was all moot. She did not know his real name.

Beth Cantrell was not used to unbelievable sex, a one night stand, but that is what she got. Of course it was six months ago but she couldn’t stop thinking about Jamie Donovan. That is until she found out the man she slept with was not who he said he was. No the man she slept with was Eric Donovan. Beth felt betrayed but she knew she couldn’t resist him. She would give Eric her body but not her trust.

Real Men Will is the end of the trilogy of the Donovan Brothers Brewery, which I loved. This book appeared moodier due to the main character Eric but nevertheless it was good. I liked how Victoria Dahl uncovered why Eric truly felt responsible for everything.

Both characters, Eric and Beth, hid behind their masks that they displayed for the world. I liked that they were real with each other eventually when they learned to trust. Eric I grew to like even though he was an ass through parts of the book as he was relentless with what he thought was right.

With Beth as a character she was a strong one. I felt like cheering her on as she had to rise above her past and move on. Dahl did not make it easy either with Beth forgiving Eric which I liked as he lied about his name.

I liked how Dahl also kept Kendall within the trilogy. It was interesting with how each character was involved with Kendall and effected aside from the business aspect.

Overall the series Donovan Brothers Brewery was one to read from Victoria Dahl and one to enjoy.

Secrets to Seducing a Scot

Serena Marsh is used to the life of luxury but all that is about to change when her father forces her to come to Scotland for a visit. But the visit turns longer and Serena is stuck unless she wants to desert her father.

Malcolm Slayter comes into the lives of the Marsh’s as a protector but soon a fire is lite when he encounters Serena. Malcolm keeps his word to protect Serena in and out of bed especially when trouble comes knocking on her door.

Secrets to Seducing a Scot is the first book of the series Highland Knaves by Michele Marcos and it is thrilling while being seducing with the characters.

From the first page you are drawn in to the horrors which are so cruel to a family who only wants peace. As the reader you are now invested in how Malcolm will overcome this tragedy.

I love how Serena is portrayed as a spoiled woman, even though she really is not, but learns quickly to handle the serious issues which will come her way.

I am excited about reading the next of the children which survived the brutal attack on the family. Secrets to Seducing a Scot was a fantastic start to this Highland Knaves series.

Magnolia Wednesdays by Wendy Wax

At forty-one, Vivien Armstrong Gray has spent most of her life fighting to make it in investigative journalism, only to have it crumble after a bullet lodges in her backside during an expose.  As if the humiliation of being the butt of everyone’s jokes isn’t enough, Vivi learns that she’s pregnant, jobless, and very hormonal.  Maybe that explains why she actually says “yes” to a dreadful job covering suburban living back home in Georgia, a column she can only bear to write incognito.

Leaving her time apartment in New York, she reluctantly heads south to experience the suburban soccer-mom existence through her widowed sister’s eyes.  Surrounded by minivans and bake sales, she has lots of material for the column.  Her sister’s ballroom dance studio becomes her undercover spot where she learns about the local life while posing as an extra dance partner.  But Vivi’s little stint starts throwing her for a loop as friendships develop, and a real relationship with her sister blossoms.  As she digs up her long-buried roots, and begins to secretly investigate her brother-in-law’s death, she starts to wonder if life inside the picket fence is so bad after all…

Within this book Wendy Wax demonstrates a book on life.  On one woman trying to get her life together and a whole town that will be examined.  The book has nothing horrible happen but things are reveled and most wish they were left untouched but that is not how life works.

At times I wanted to shake the main character Vivien.  She was a good person but so unsure of herself and kept messing things up around her.  In the end it will take a whole town and a baby to settle her down.

Overall Wendy Wax creates a cute story, what I like to call lifetime story.  At times it was a little dry but there was real life situations.  Magnolia Wednesdays will make you frown and smile as you go through the small town through the eyes of the residents.