The Highlander

the-highlanderLieutenant Colonel Liam MacKenzie was known as the Demon Highlander. He was known as a hard man but also a hero and a man to be respected. Liam wanted what was right for his children which was why he was searching for a governess. Though when Philomena comes he will be wanting to send her back as he felt an instant spark of desire. Liam knew to tread carefully with the governess especially as she was holding secrets.

Miss Philomena was on the run from her abusive husband and his sadistic ways. She will be rescued and given a new identity by her friends but she is unsure of where they sent her. The Laird looked dangerous but she will soon learn that he would never harm her or those he cared for.

The Highlander is the third novel to the series Victorian Rebels by Kerrigan Byrne. I really liked this one. There was a similar theme with the plot being darker and I was pulled in right away. The first two scenes that are written by the author are horrible and they tell how these characters have been treated. Both the characters had been misused and mistreated. Mena’s character has recently felt the mistreatment for the last five years while Liam had grown up with it. Mena was almost broken but she had been saved. I was happy that she was not broken and that she could stand up against the Laird even though he scared her at times. You got the sense that Mena was truly a strong willed woman, much stronger than anyone knew. Liam’s character you would think would have been cruel and he was to those on the battlefield but to those closest he was kind. Well he was as kind as he could be. It seemed that emotion was almost foreign to Liam, though with his childhood that could be understood. I really loved how Liam was with Mena. He was certainly in lust but he cared for her and wanted more from her than just a night together. He just had to get better addressing his feelings.

The bad guy was several people but the one that you wanted dead was certainly Mena’s husband who put her into the asylum.

The fourth book is coming out in February of 2017.

Bound by Night

Bound by NightElena knew that she needed to leave before her uncle took his advances any further. She will escape to the broken down castle which was abandoned though she will find out that is not exactly true.

Drake lived in the abandoned castle all alone until he finds a woman seeking shelter. He will let her live there to protect her from her uncle, but he will find that there are other things that will become a problem with her being there.

Bound by Night is the first book to the series Bound by Amanda Ashley. I liked the book, it was a book that went by fast for me. I felt that in the beginning of the book the story resembled Beauty and the Beast, which I liked. So vampire books are all very different and I like when author’s give the vampires a little something different than the classic myths. Well most of the facts about these vampires were from the classics but there were a couple differences. One difference was that taking blood didn’t need to be done everyday or in their case every night.

Elena’s character was for the most part scared and a little weak but that was only till she found the courage to get out of a bad situation. She is resilient but in the world that she will be thrown into she wouldn’t be able to handle everything that comes her way. Drake’s character was a vampire that didn’t want to follow in his father’s path. He didn’t like the ways of the old. I liked that about Drake and loved that he wanted to be with Elena more than anything though there will be plenty of ways that will make it difficult.

I am reading the second and final book to the series next which will be with Elena and Drake’s daughter.

Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most WantedGenevieve McInnis is no longer the woman she was when she left a year ago. She will find salvation as she will be freed by another clan but it will not be easy to get away. She will be kept there by Bowen who will give her a chance to have a normal life than the one she had been given the past year.

Bowen Montgomery came to the opposing clan expecting a fight but most men have fled along with their leader. He will help the ones that were left behind but will mostly concentrate on Genevieve who needs to have a champion after all that has happened.

Highlander Most Wanted is the second book to Montgomerys and Armstrongs. Maya Banks follows up right after the first book with Genevieve and Bowen’s characters meeting at McHugh’s land where Ian is dead and Patrick has fled. As a sequel this was a great follow up story. As before I was pulled into the story, perhaps not as fast but still quickly enough and I stayed entertained throughout the book.

Genevieve was one who had a brutal past year as she was taken against her will and was used by Ian over and over. No one dared stopped the treatment but the torment stops when Ian is killed. There is a surprise that shows she was part of Eveline abduction but things are explained and she is not the villain. Although from all that you learned there was little doubt she was a villain for even a second. Now with all the ill treatment you will smile when she discovers true happiness in the arms of Bowen. Bowen seems like a harden warrior but he falls hard for Genevieve the moment he sees her, scar and all. I liked that when he found out the news at what she had done there was not complete judgement. He looked at the situation and then asked the rest of the story from her.

The villain is Patrick who ran away in the beginning but he wouldn’t be forgotten. The other villains of the book are his clan members who shunned Genevieve as a person but all will be rectified at the end.

A complete happy ending did not happen right away but at the very end of the book Genevieve and Bowen would have that perfect ending they deserved.

Can’t wait to read the next book. It will be with Brodie and Taliesan unfortunately it wouldn’t be out until November which is a long time away but there are always more books to read.

Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a ScotEveline Armstrong has let those around her think she was unwell for the last three years to avoid a marriage to a horrible man. Now she is being sent to another bad man to be his wife. Eveline will soon learn that the man himself was not bad and he was one that she could love but it would be struggle as his clan was avid about mistreating her.

Graeme Montgomery did not want to marry the daughter of a sworn enemy clan but he would do his bidding. Graeme will meet his intended and will be shocked at her beauty. He will not have a problem with her especially as he finds out what is really wrong with her. Graeme will fight his clan to make sure his bride is protected but he wouldn’t be able to stop all the treachery.

Never Seduce a Scot is the first book from the Montgomery and Armstrong series from Maya Banks. I have seen this book on the shelves as I walked passed down the aisle of the romance section. I knew it was to be part of a series but the second book wasn’t out. Now with the second book out and available I snatched them both up.

The first book to the series Never Seduce a Scot was what I expected from Maya Banks. A good setting, interesting characters and steamy scenes. I really loved this book. It was easy to get into and you stayed interested from start to finish. This story reminded me of her other series Highlander. This one was made differently with Eveline being deaf. It added an interesting element to show how clever she was and led you to feel for the girl. Though you felt sorry for Eveline she was not one to be backed into a corner. When she wanted to she could defend herself. Her new clan did not make her life easy as she was challenged at every turn. Graeme was a man who did what needed to be done. He was strong and loyal to his clan. At first I didn’t know if he was going to be a really tough guy but instead he was well balanced between strength and generosity.

From all the hurt that the clan gives to Eveline a love blooms between Graeme and Eveline that will melt your heart. It is really sweet to read the progression of Graeme as he fought the feelings that started to develop for Eveline. Now Ian was despicable as a villain. What you learn about him you want him to have a miserable ending and justice will happen but not until the very end of the book.

Highlander Most Wanted is next.

A Warrior’s Taking

A Warrior's TakingBrogan Mac Lochlainn has heard of the magical stone that holds great power and he now needs this as he is in charge of the protection of the clan. Brogan will travel far into the future to find that stone at Ravenfield and will find unexpected help.

Sarah Granger is the governess to her two charges and protector. On a chance walk of the beach she will find a man on the sand. Sarah will be weary of the stranger knowing there is more to his story, but will find herself melting whenever he is near.

I have tried the second book of this series Warrior by Margo Maguire and after been blown away with the plot and characters there was no doubt I would love this book, and I did. A Warrior’s Taking was a great first book to the series and started this quest of the stone out right.

Now once again it took me a moment to get into it because the magic is not something I always read about but it was well down by Maguire. I loved reading about Brogan and Sarah’s story because I already knew the outcome thanks to the ending of the second book. Brogan is the tough warrior, the older brother and has the task being put on himself. He doesn’t understand much of these people but he will find himself helping Sarah find a future. Sarah was a character that was strong to the fault and tried to protect her charges knowing that danger could fall on her doorstep.

The mystery of this magic and the enemies that follow Brogan will have an impact in the story and of course follow into the second one. I did like the idea of time traveling and how they go about finding what they need to save them.

A Warrior’s Taking is a love story that literally travels through time and a really great two part book series.

Highland Belle

Brigette Devereux was ready to get married but she thought her groom would have had the decency to be there for the wedding. Brigette was forced to marry by proxy with her groom’s brother but she would not take that laying down. Brigette will soon runaway from her new family only to come across a stranger who captivates her interest. Little does she know this is her husband.  Wedding bliss will not be immediate for the pair as once they come to the MacArthur land trouble will not be far behind.

Lord Iain MacArthur came upon his brother expecting to find his bride only to discover she has disappeared. Iain will travel to find his bride and will but will take this time to disguise his identity to learn more about Brigette. Iain will win his brides heart but it will take time and understanding as they work together to trust one another. Of course trust will be hard to do when there are several obstacles which will be placed in their way.

Going on to my next series of Patricia Grasso I was able to find her very first book, Highland Belle, of her first series Deveraux. As a first book this was fantastic. There is a lot of fire between the characters that makes this book entertaining. In Highland Belle there is not so much betrayal but lack of trust. Half the time I was shaking the book hoping the characters would trust each other truly.

Both characters of Brigette and Iain were fiery in the book making their story that more interesting to read. There was also I think for both a sense of naivete that Grasso gives them. They were naive for different reasons but it made you like them all the more.

Grasso has many side characters going on with their own parts that really added to the story so it was not just Brigette and Iain’s. I loved the family of Black Jack and Percy. Magnus was a nice touch in the story as well I liked how he played the knight in Brigette’s situations.

The villain was told as he is an enemy of the clan but there is another who is Antonia. You will know she is a schemer the moment she arrives on the page. Throughout the story I truly disliked this woman and was happy that justice was served.

Patricia Grasso gives a solid happy ending for the couple which left you satisfied. Kathryn the eldest sister is up next.

Highland Avenger

The thirteenth book of the Murray Family series is Highland Avenger by Hannah Howell.

Arianna Murray Lucette has been married for several years in a lie with verbal abuse everyday of her marriage, but now she is free. Though freedom is not so easy for Arianna as she is soon on the run with her husbands illegitimate children to the outside world. She will find sanctuary in the arms of a man that will make her believe that love is possible.

Sir Brian MacFingal will find a woman he thinks is dead but soon finds out she is alive and not alone. He will rescue Arianna and her two wards from the danger that awaits her from her husbands clan. Brian will protect her body with his own and try to heal the wounds that are on the inside of Arianna while trying hard not to fall in love.

I thought it pretty amazing how Hannah Howell created the series as this family could go on and on, and I have a feeling she is not going to stop anytime soon. I liked this story as it went back to an enemy the Murray’s had been fighting over time but its been a while since they were spoken.

The main characters were fun to read about and I like how Howell brings in Arianna’s family to be the protective type. Our main man Brian plays the same role as many of the men of Howell’s series where they don’t understand what they are throwing away. Of course a happy ending will find its way to the pages.

I wonder now which Murray will have their story told.