Cyn and Raphael have faced many dangers together but now there will be one coming to them, a spy. This spy will have one goal in mind which is to take Raphael’s sister to his master.

Unforgiven is a novella, number 7.5 in the series Vampires in America by D. B. Reynolds.  I have taken such a hiatus from this series. I wanted the series to grow so I had several to read in a row. So back to the story which I loved. This was a great story to get back into the series because it featured my favorite couple, Cyn and Raphael.

This novella is just a taste of the troubles that are yet to come in the eighth book, which I can’t wait to read. This novella held a lot of substance in a short story. Cyn and Raphael were amazing as usual. I loved how easily the Raphael’s men read the spy and how confident the spy thought himself to be. It was humorous. Then there was Alexandra. She was a character that I never really liked especially after her betrayal in the previous books. She certainly was portrayed well with the spoiled princess routine, though you don’t have to worry about her for long.

The mystery behind the new master who is coming after Raphael is intriguing and I can’t wait to know more.

I am reading Vincent next.

Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little DreamRachel Stone had a plan which was to come back to where she had lived with her late husband and find the five million dollars he had taken from all his followers. Rachel will not be welcomed into the town but will find help from an unlikely man, Gabe Bonner.

Gabe Bonner wanted to die but he could not do that to his family. He was just doing things to keep himself moving and not really living life, then he meets Rachel and her son. He doesn’t want them around but he will notice the longer they stay the more he felt alive.

Dream a Little Dream is the fourth book to the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. With every book I keep thinking that I will like one story better than the other, but that hasn’t happen. I really love each story so far, I can’t get enough of these books.

This book was about healing. Rachel needed to heal from the pain of being an outcast that she lived with thanks to her husband. Though she was a fighter and would do anything to help her child. Gabe has pain from losing his wife and son a few years ago. I felt my heart breaking for Gabe especially right int he beginning when you find out what he keeps in his nightstand. Obviously these characters were going to be together and heal each other but Phillips doesn’t make that journey easy for them. There is a lot of mistrust and guilt that is between them. I did like though it was Rachel who got to Gabe. She didn’t pull back and be calm around Gabe like his brothers did. That was a big part that allowed him to heal.

There was some bad things happening to Rachel. It was because others blamed her for the way her husband had acted. You knew who the person was pretty easily but there was another that will be after Rachel. I thought it was someone else because of how they acted, but I was wrong. There is another twist but this one will be happy.

Ethan’s story, Gabe’s brother, is also being told in this one. I liked Ethan but he fought too much of what he should be doing. I liked that he does accept his path and of course the relationship with Kristy. Kristy’s character I loved because she was the plain woman that decided to change for herself. She will get the man she had loved, Ethan, but she makes him work for it.

I am reading the fifth book next.

The Best Man

The Best ManFaith Holland was dumped by her fiancee at the alter but not because of another woman. She is devastated that the man she loves will never truly love her back so she leaves. Three years later she is back to help out with her family only to come face to face with Levi Cooper who couldn’t keep quiet about her almost husband.

Levi Cooper was the local police chief of his hometown and three years ago helped stop a wedding that would leave two people unhappy for a life time. He will soon run into his best friends almost bride and will find that he might want to get to know Faith a little more but is weary to be around her still.

The Best Man is the first book of the series Blue Heron from Kristan Higgins. I fell in love with this book. It was mushy, full of emotion, heartwarming and heartbreaking all wrapped up into one story.

I have not read anything from Kristan Higgins before but I liked her detail of the characters as there was a lot of back story of Faith and Levi. You really got to know the characters well and why they act the way they did. Faith was someone you wanted to find that love she craved and for her to really move on to different techniques to finding an eligible man to date and love. It was cute how she deciphered the men but found out that it wasn’t full proof. Now Levi I wasn’t sure I wanted to like. All the time he was petty to Faith and as a character he was hard and stubborn. Of course thanks to the background you understand why he is so tough. I wanted him to loosen up earlier in the book but Higgins will find a way to break the shield he holds onto.

This story had ups and downs all over the place with Faith’s personal life, her family and especially with Levi, but a happy ending does come true.

For a first book to the series I drawn in and am looking forward to finding out more from this series but until then there are several other novels that don’t belong to a series of hers to read.


Meena Harper has been let go of her old job but picked up a new one with Alaric’s group. This is a new world being opened up to her but her past will haunt her in the form of her ex boyfriend the son of Dracula and her loyalties will be tested.

OverbiteI have to say that I enjoyed Overbite from Meg Cabot. You are back with the characters you learned about from the previous one and this time I was able to get into the book with more ease. It was also shorter making the book more compact in the details.

Now what I liked about this book it went into a little more sabotage with the guards and into how it all worked putting more emphasis on Alaric who I loved in the book. Meena is of course the star and still is. I liked that she was a little more at home with her job with the guards but still having not a complete grasp. As I finished the book I noticed that it appears to be a two book series which I am okay with as I was quite happy with how Cabot leaves Alaric and Meena giving hope for a future.

A Land More Kind Than Home

A Land More Kind Than Home

A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash was the next book from my book club. This book is Wiley Cash’s first novel.

Jess Hall was an adventuress young boy who  loved his older mute brother Christopher. Jess was ferociously protective of his brother especially as he spied his mom and his brother at the church. He didn’t like what he saw but before he could do anything it will be too late. Jess’s world will begin to unravel and turn upside down as secrets come out.

When I first started the novel I wasn’t sure if I would like it. The pace for me started a little slow. You were grabbed though with the question of what happened to Christopher “Stump” and once I got a few pages into the book I was hooked. You are given different perspectives throughout the book at the start of several chapters. This gave the book a well rounded plot and characters. There was definitely emotion that was invoked in me as I read this book which really was for Jess and Christopher. The rage went for the Pastor and the church which practiced their own kind of healing. You wanted the Pastor to suffer for what had happened to Christopher. I will say justice was given but at a cost.

Now what made this book club meeting a little different was we had the chance to speak with him on Skype. This was a fun experience as we were brought more insight to how the book had come to be written and where the inspiration was found.

Dark Water by Linda Hall

A woman on her own with an eleven year old daughter hiding in a small city, Fog Point, hiding from a past that is about to catch up to her.

“A private investigator and whale-watching tour guide based out of an old, purple church, Jake Rikker is caught off guard by the request of his new client.  Up-and-coming jewelry designer Elise St. Dennis wants him to find something-not a valuable object, but the menacing ex-con who has traced her to the small town of Fog Point.

Elise is desperate and afraid to go to the police.  Sensing an attraction with the pretty, enigmatic designer, Jake throws himself into helping someone who clearly needs him.

Aided by May, a crusty widow and his business partner, Jake sets out in pursuit of the stalker.  But as they draw ever closer to their prey it becomes terrifyingly clear that they have become not the hunters but the hunted.”

Elise St. Dennis and her daughter Rachel came to Fog Point ten years ago on their own with almost nothing but now Elise is a thriving jewelry business owner and her daughter is a gifted student.  All is okay on the outside but behind close doors there is a problem.  Elise is a very emotional woman with a hidden past that is coming back now to haunt her as Wesley Stroller the ex-con is out of jail and he his coming for Elise and her daughter.  Elise gets the P.I.’s, Jake and May to help her.  She claims that she contacted him through the jail because she felt sorry for ex-cons and he started stalking her through the web.  Worried now that he is out Elise wants protection but when ever something happens there is almost to no proof only to Elise’s eyes.  Jake wants to believe her and tries to help but May is not so convinced for she starts her own investigation to find Elise St. Dennis has only been around for nine years.  So who is Elise and her daughter and what is really happening?

This book blew my mind with the twist and turns.  I was confused and intrigued by the suspense, mystery of the plot and characters.  Through the book there were many characters and back stories that were being told and that is where the plot got confusing but I kept turning each page trying my best to figure out what was going to happen.

The character of Jake and May together as P.I.’s I loved.  Jake was a great guy trying to get his life together which is why I did not want him to be with Elise.  Usually I like romance stories but this one didn’t sit right.  Elise was not right for him.  Too many secrets and she was too cold.  Now there was May who was an older woman but she still had fight in her.  I loved the fact that she really worked to uncover what was happening in Fog Point with Elise and she found it.

Wesley Stroller is an interesting character as the ex-con who found religion in prison.  All he wanted was to find Sarah, Fiona and his little girl.  But Elise was unconvinced and was sure that he was after since he was obsessed.  So what was Wesley really after?

The one character that I loved was Rachel St. Dennis, Elise’s eleven year old daughter.  Rachel was a very shy girl and very bright.  Her one passion was whales which was perfect in Fog Point since whales populated the area.  Aside from being bright and shy Rachel was a good daughter but felt out of place.  She didn’t understand her mother and her actions.  Rachel was able to spy on her mother and see all that she was doing.  The great part of this book was that Rachel wrote letters in her journal which gave the reader information about what her mother was doing.  Things you didn’t know.  They lead to theories in the book on who Elise was and what she was really doing.

The ending of the book was a different kind.  It was happy but not the happy cookie cutter type of ending.  It was sad for certain characters but had promise of a happy ending.

Linda Hall created a thriller with “Dark Water”.  It was an excellent suspense/mystery novel.  I was on the edge of my seat with each page.

A Bride for a Bit

“A Bride for a Bit” is a collaboration of four authors who each write a story on one of the sisters, Matty, Corrie, Bess, and Bertie and their adventure in Lickwind, Wyoming in the 1800’s.

“Misreading an order fro bridles, a New England farmer sends his four sister-in-laws as mail order brides to Lickwind, Wyoming.  When four women step off the train, astonishment turns to mayhem as the men of the town suddenly spruce up and make time for courting.”

The first story is “From Halter to Alter” by Cathy Marie Hake.  The sister get off the train in hopes of finding their own place in this world, happy to get away from Ellis.  Jim Collingswood came that day expecting to pick up bridles winds up with four sisters waiting to be brides.  Matty is the oldest and takes it upon herself to find something that they can do.  Not long do the men come asking and even though Jim denies it and fights his feelings he winds up kicking the suitors away from the girls.  And at that point Jim wants to be with Matty and she loves Jim.  Finally Jim will get the courage to ask Matty.

The second story is “From Carriage to Marriage” by Jannelle Burnham Schneider.  This continues with the sisters.  Matty and Jim are happily married but now it is Luke’s turn, Jim’s younger brother.  Luke since meeting the girls has been protective but more so for the mother to be Corrie.  He wants to court her but she is mourning her husband.  Luke does everything he can to help Corrie.  Corrie on the other hand wants to find some dependence.  Starts to bake and sell her products.  With a few bumps in the road with the soon to be babies Corrie decides that the mourning is through and Luke will have a chance.

Third story is “Pride to Bride” by JoAnn Grote.  Bess is the bossey one of the family but she does so to protect her sisters.  To find her place in this town she decides to start teaching and cooking.  Through this story Gideon is the saloon owner and wants to court Bess but he thinks he is not good enough.  Bess is a respectful woman and he tries to protect her reputation with whom she is teaching too but it is no use since Bess is determined to help anyone, even Gideon himself.

The last story is “From Alarming to Charming” by Pamela Kaye Tracy.  A boy when Thomas Hardin left the town now comes back to it six years later only to find a few things change, like the Craig sisters.  Trying to find himself in this town he gets mangled with the youngest sister who was very much a tomboy.  Bertie sees the new comer and wants to change what she looks like.  She wants to catch the attention of Thomas Hardin but she also wants to change into the woman she is becoming.

This was a great set of stories about the Craig sisters.  It was fun to read, cute, and had some romance intertwined.  I loved how they were shipped out but made something of themselves while changing the town forever.  I really loved the last chapter in the book as we saw four years later and how all of their families grew.