Dec the Holls

Dec the HollsHolly was not having a good day when her car suddenly would not start. She will be stuck in the parking garage until her boss comes out and helps her get home. She will be surprised that Declan will start to notice her. His hungry stars will make her start thinking things that she could not have with her boss.

Dec the Holls is a standalone novel by Jasinda Wilder. Obviously this is a Christmas novel. I thought that this was a fun and sexy novel.

Lust and love begin to form quickly for Holly and Declan. Normally I would say that this went a little fast but it was that type of story where everything moved fast. There were sweet moments especially when Declan interacted with Holly’s children. I liked both characters of Declan and Holly. Holly was the overstressed mom down on her luck while Declan was the overstressed boss who was feeling unlucky in love.

Their love was a slow build, well it went fast, but it wasn’t them just jumping into bed and having sex. Declan seduced her but seduced her in a way that felt he cared for Holly and wanted something more.

Dec the Holls was a good sexy holiday story that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Tempt the Devil

tempt the devilOlivia Raines is the most sought after courtesan in London. She chooses her partners carefully and leaves them when she is done with them. Lately she will be bored but when she meets Julian Southwood there is something that intrigues her and knows he will be her next protector.

Julian Southwood, Earl of Erith, was searching for his next mistress and will find her when he spots her in a crowd. He will want Olivia Raines from the moment he saw her and will get her, his need to possess her will be great. He will be able to capture his prey but will find out that there is more to Olivia than just a notorious courtesan.

Tempt the Devil is a novel by Anna Campbell. I have only read one other book from this author and remember loving it. This book is very much the same with my feelings, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I could not put it down, even though I had to since I had to work, but it was a struggle. So when I did finish the book I was cheering and wanting to read more from Anna Campbell who is becoming an author that I will be on the look out for more of her books.

This book held some mystery of what Olivia was hiding in her past. I knew it would be tragic as you clearly understood that what Olivia did was something she did not enjoy. You get to hear what had happened to her when Olivia finally lets in Julian. Now Julian was kind of like a villain with his demanding ways but he changed, not to a perfect gentleman but more gentle, mostly due to finding out certain facts of Olivia. I liked that he changed some as he became a better fit for Olivia.

The romance between them is not exactly a happy one. They were in a situation that was where the male was usually the one in charge but with Olivia she made sure her suitors understood their place. That is of course not the case as Julian likes to be the only one in charge. That will create many problems but leads them to grow and learn to trust each other as things are shared. Though it is not that easy. They don’t just learn to love and live happily ever after. There will be problems but with how Campbell wrote the ending it was worth going through the trouble to get that happy ending.

I have one other book from Anna Campbell which I will be reading next.

Romancing Lady Stone

Romancing Lady StoneLady Cecilia Evangeline Stone is in search of her son who is getting married in a few days. She wouldn’t be there to congratulate her son but to stop the wedding as he was going to marry an actress who was too old for him. Cecilia will have problems along the way in Russia but will be rescued by Mr. Levin.

Konstantin Alexie Levin was on the way to London to collect money that was being given to him. It would be a fresh start but before he could leave he will stop to help a woman. The attraction is instant for Konstantin and he will want nothing more to be with this woman but she will be an aristocrat.

Romancing Lady Stone is a novella to the series School of Gallantry by Delilah Marvelle. Well its been a couple years since I had found my first book by Marvella. The books I have read by this author haven’t been amazing that is until I read this book. I really liked this novella. Maybe it was because it was shorter and more to the point, I am not sure. Well I am sure that I liked the characters of Cecilia and Konstantin. They were a mismatch from the start and with her being a little older it would never do in society. Then there was Konstantin who was a former criminal. I liked him and even though he was 10 years younger than Cecilia he had a maturity that kept up with her. He was good for her as well in a way of letting her spread her wings. I liked that it was a romance that would beat the odds and win because it will, it just might take a little convincing between the both of them with the help of destiny.

I liked Cecilia’s character as she was a mother and was older but in life she hadn’t really lived and Konstantin brings that out in her especially the sexual side. Out of all the books I have read by Marvelle the one spot she always will write well are those intense love scenes. I guess for myself I just couldn’t get into the characters or the plot that was forming in the books. I really didn’t have a problem with the novella and I really did enjoy it.

So since I liked this novella I will have to try out this series School of Gallantry to find out if it is like this novella. That will be coming later as my pile of books hasn’t had the chance to decrease as I keep adding to the pile.


Nicholas: Lord of Secrets (Lonely Lords, #2)Nicholas Haddonfield does not want a wife but due to his ailing father he has promised to find one. Nicholas will come to the rescue of Leah Lindsey and make her his wife. He will be direct when telling her that he will never love her and never want children with her. He knows this will break his wives heart but it is the only thing he could do.

Leah Lindsey needed to escape from her fathers clutches. She will find a savior in Nicholas as he will marry her knowing all about her father. She will come to love her husband but the problem will come when it will not be returned. Her home will become her prison until she can show her husband to love.

Nicholas is the second book to the series Lonely Lords by Grace Burrowes. As I wasn’t too impressed with the first book I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this book. Remember Burrowes writing is very well done it was what was going on with the characters that I wasn’t loving. So in the second book I was more compelled to read this book. For me I liked this one over the first book.

Leah is a woman in a bad situation and its not getting any better. She has traded one prison for another it seemed. I liked that she fought for her husband and how Burrowes wrote how Leah felt it nearly broke your heart. In the end I wasn’t sure Nicholas deserved a second chance with his wife but as I wanted that happy ending I was willing to forgive Nicholas stubbornness. Now Nicholas was a stubborn man for not telling Leah what he feared or what was going on in his life.  You wanted to shake him for being an idiot and not explaining everything as he was ruining a good thing. I do get his fear and it would be terrifying especially if you didn’t know all the facts.

The villain is obviously Leah’s father who was a vile man who needed to be shot. That doesn’t happen but there is some justice at the end.


Mary Poppins

Mary PoppinsMary Poppins is a classic story that you have either read as a child, an adult or have seen the movie. I had only seen the movie when I was a child and numerous of plays when I was younger. I had just seen the play this past year which got me thinking about the book and how I have never read it. What got me to read the book was watching the DVD of Saving Mr. Banks. I fell in love with that movie and I wanted to read the famous book of P.L Travers.

The book Mary Poppins is similar to the movie but the book does have a lot more detail with the activities Mary Poppins and the children encountered. For me there seemed to be quite a difference in detail but that is what happens with books turning to movies. The movies can’t have everything that was written. In the book there is more of a whimsical atmosphere because there are more activities that the children get to embark on and of course lessons to learn.

I am a visual person so the movie was very entertaining to watch but with how Travers writes you can certainly image everything that goes on in the book. There are also illustrations that accompany this book which were done by Mary Shepard. The illustrations are not done on every page but they are given at the right moments to convey the story.

Mary Poppins is a story that can be read and enjoyed at anytime no matter your age.

The Next Always

The Next AlwaysBeckett Montgomery along with his brothers and mother are restoring the historical inn that has seen plenty over the years. Beckett is the architect of the project and all he does is work on the Inn that is until he starts hanging out with the woman he has wanted since he was fifteen years old.

Clare Brewster has known love and has survived her own tragedy when her husband was killed overseas. With three little boys there was not much time for anything. She will start a relationship with Beckett all thanks to her curiosity with how the facelift of the inn was going.

The Next Always is the first book from Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy by Nora Roberts. I can rely on Roberts to give me a book that tells a story. This is a prime example as she goes into detail of the town, the Inn, then of the characters who all are described with their own flaws and background story so it feels like you know them and that they are realistic.

Beckett is kind and a loving man who has his urges which all seemed to be pointed toward Clare who was starting to accept his attention. I loved his interaction with the kids which was done perfectly. He was knight in shinning armor for Clare who needed it even though she didn’t want to admit it. Clare was a good woman and mother who was trying to get by. She gets swept up by Beckett. Of course having three kids gets difficult having a life which gives the book humor as the kids are interrupting things.

I had liked the book from the start as it was a good story then Roberts throws in a small supernatural twist with a ghost that inhabits the Inn which plays a part later in the book to help Clare. I figure the mystery of the ghost will be something that will be kept up through all three books. I am intrigued with who the woman is and why can only some see her or at least sense her thanks to the scent of honeysuckle. Then the story gets a little more meat to it with a problem that will be happening to Clare, and Beckett will be helping her along with his brothers and her friends. The intensity of the dilemma escalates rapidly once the person was identify as a problem.

I have the second and third book of the series which I will be reading next.

Big Sky River

Big Sky RiverSheriff Boone Taylor is a widower trying to get used to having his kids living back with him and still trying to get over the death of his wife. Boone doesn’t like the fact that he has feelings starting for his neighbor and will soon start resisting that pull of attraction.

Tara Kendall has made Montana her home but she misses her step kids and will now have the chance to see them again. Tara’s only problem will be with her next door neighbor who she thought was a jerk turned out to be better than she realized.

Big Sky River is the third book to Linda Lael Miller’s series Parable, Montana. With this next book I liked it. It wasn’t my favorite of the series but overall enjoyable.

Boone was a widower and very moody at times but it is understandable. I liked that he finally got his act together and shape up with his kids and pursing Tara for an actual relationship. Tara is hard working and loves her step-kids. She grows a backbone finally when dealing with her ex-husband and when dealing with Boone. What I liked about the two characters was that their relationship did not start with love at first sight. It was an uphill battle for both of them to get over their mistrust and grief.

Casey and Walker’s story is next in Big Sky Summer.