Taking a break with “Just A Taste”

Got a taste for passion open up one of the books to the New York Blades series from Deirdre Martin and find out how two chefs will heat it up in the kitchen.

Anthony Dante is head chef of Dante’s for years. Its his families business and he loves it. Over a year now he has become a widower as his wife was killed in the line of duty. Sparks will soon fly as a woman from Paris will try to make her way into his block.

Vivi Robitaille is from Paris but she can’t be there and have her dream, a dream of creating a Bistro where people will fall in love with the food and each other. With the help of her half sister Vivi will strive to make this Bistro work. What she doesn’t not factor in is how her heart will find it to another, Anthony. But as the two battle for their restaurants will there be any room for love?

As the first book I read from Martin I liked it. It was cute and the characters were real in being stubborn with their feelings and they had to be worked on to realize what they truly wanted.

The back story on both Vivi and Anthony led to further their character development which added to the appeal to the plot.

Just A Taste is the seventh book in the series New York Blades.

Table for Two by Nora Roberts

Summer Desserts and Lessons Learned are the two books that have been written by Nora Roberts. She combines them in this one book called Table for Two. The two stories are all about two chefs making their food for enjoyment and love.

Summer Desserts

A young woman Summer Lyndon is an amazing pastry chef and is wanted everywhere she goes. Blake Cocharan wants her for his kitchen and for himself. The two will fight each other the whole way and past mistakes will come into play.

First book of the series was very cute to read and puts you in the right mood to read more romance. Summer and Blake’s characters are feisty and entertaining. You hope for a happy ending the entire time. I like the addition of the parents which leads to aggravation and happiness.

Honestly I love reading Nora Roberts books because they are always entertaining and I know that there will be a happy ending through the struggles. The hopeless romantic in me thrives on those endings. Starting the first book out it is a little slow but then everything starts to pick up. The characters are described and the plot is thorough.

Lessons Learned

Summer’s friends Carlo who is a lover of all woman. He is very charming and nows it. Juliet will be along for the ride but working with him. Sparks will fly but Juliet will only go so far as she can’t trust love all the way. Carlo will try to help her but it will take the two of them to finish it.

I loved this story. Carlo is the perfect classic romeo. I love how Roberts makes him charming even when he is making a mistake. I also really liked how Roberts created Juliet to be a very vulnerable and strong at the same time.

I am naturally a fast reader but when I was coming to an end of Lessons Learned I didn’t want it to end. There were struggles and cliche moments that you come to expect. The man is a player and the woman is too trusting or can’t trust him but the book need those struggles and conflicts to make the characters believable. To make them relate able to the reader.