Suddenly Last Summer

Suddenly Last SummerElise Philippe was the chef and Snow Crystal and loved her job. She also loved the family that had taken her in, saved her from her past. Elise thought she was safe but she will be wrong as a one night stand will turn to more and that will have her scared.

Sean O’Neil did not do relationships. His job was his life and that was how he liked it. Sean will find himself being dragged back home when his grandfather falls ill. Though this time Sean will not find the task too difficult especially with Elise near.

Suddenly Last Summer is the second book to the series O’Neil Brothers by Sarah Morgan. I really liked this novel.

Elise I really loved. She was a character who lived life, had passion but behind those smiles was a very scared and damaged young woman. I hated what had happened to her and how it was effecting her still. I liked that she was able to live again with Sean as he tried to get past her barriers. Then there is Sean who was mister unavailable all the time. I liked how he started to change to be a man who cared for more than just his job.

Its funny with how the novel starts off with Elise and Sean are so alike with their personalities, both having a relationship phobia. They were the perfect couple as things were kept light and without complications, but then something changed and feelings started to intrude upon them. And I liked that Sarah Morgan did change them but it was not an overnight change, it was very much a gradual change.

The other characters of this O’Neil family were great. I loved the stubborn grandfather, Walter. All he wanted was the best for his family but he just couldn’t express his feelings that well.

I can’t wait to read about Tyler in the third and final book, which I will be reading next.

Dream Lake

Dream LakeAlex Nolan would wash his sorrows down with a bottle of whatever was available. He had been doing this for most of his life. He did not like the man he had become but was not going to change that is until he met Zoe. He will resist the temptation knowing he was not the man for her but little by little his resistance crumbled.

Zoe Hoffman needed help fixing up the house where she would be living with her grandmother. She will get help from Alex who will tell her to stay away from him but she will not listen. Zoe will find herself falling for this man even with all his own personal battles he had to face as she has her own struggles with taking care of her ailing grandmother.

Dream Lake is the third book from the series Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas. I was wondering if this was a book I would like with a character like Alex, but of course I did. I think I found those faults of drunkenness and surly behavior to be a major flaw but could be redeemed and was throughout the book. I liked Zoe for her strength and always to see the good in people. The pair are an unlikely couple but it works as they lean on each other for comfort. Their relationship was sweet and lustful. There is heartache and the ending took a surprising turn but a happy ending came about giving all the characters a second chance.

Kleypas also adds to Alex’s story little bits of his brothers story or at least what is going on with them during that time period. I like that at times and this was one of them because it made me curious to find out the other two brothers story.

It was interesting with the twist of the supernatural in the book and how the ghost and Alex formed a bond that kept them together. I wasn’t expecting a ghost and how he was connected to the characters in the book. From the sounds of it this series will follow the path of supernatural with Justine with witchcraft. I don’t know if the theme will follow the first two books but I know that I will be reading them to know more about the Nolan brothers.

French Pressed

French PressedClare Cosi owns a popular coffeehouse, the Village Blend but her time will be preoccupied with her daughter who is dating a married chef who soon ends up dead. Clare will have to prove that her daughter is not the suspect to the murder and will have to find the murderer.

French Pressed from Cleo Coyle is the sixth book to the Coffeehouse series. She is a new author to me. I got the book as a freebie from my library. I hesitated at first since this is clearly a mystery. Mysteries and me do not always mix. I just can’t get into the stories or haven’t really found the ones that captured my attention. French Pressed is similar. I was able to get into the story with the characters and did like the idea but I wasn’t anticipating the story.

There is also a whole back story with the characters since I walked into the series. I feel that it could be read and understood easily but there are still some parts that you are missing with how the characters meet or what went on in their past. Especially with all the crimes Clare found herself around.

I will still be trying out mysteries to find ones that will make me love the genre.

Getting more than room service

When you are about to loose your job you will try anything but it will stop at using someone for sex for Em Harris. She wants to save her job by getting a head chef to be the host of a culinary show but she will not use her attraction to him to bag him for the show. Em though will have a hard time concentrating with Jacob Hill giving her those stares and tempting kisses.

Room Service was a steamy novel from Jill Shalvis. The book is part of a collection called Do Not Disturb. I really liked this novel it was sensual and you could not get enough of it.

Em Harris was a fun character as she fell instantly for the chef without truly knowing he was the chef. Their banter back and forth was fun and kept it light even though more feelings were involved. Jack was also a great character with his over sensuality every time he looked to Em.

I liked that it was staged at a sex-themed hotel which brought out the unique situations and two great side characters, Liza and Eric.

Room Service was a fantastic novel from Shalvis and you will want to read it again and again.

Hungry For You

Calen Valens who is part of the Argeneau family is done looking for a lifemate. After two thousand years he knows he will never have one. Then Alex is thrust into his sight and sparks fly. A lifemate but it gets tricky for Calen as he starts out lying to his mate. Calen will work beside Alex to help her in every step which includes saving her life as accidents find their way to her.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Willan is a cook on edge of a nervous break down as nothing is going right with her preparation of her second restaurant. To make matters worse her cook was tempted away from her. Now Alex has to find a new chef but luck gives her a break when Calen comes her way. Of course things are never that easy. Calen is not who he said he was but still her heart is racing every time they touch. She wants to ignore the feelings but it gets harder and harder to do.

Hungry For You another book from the Argeneau Family series number fourteenth written by Lynsay Sands.

I liked that Sands gave all the Willan girls their chance to find their own immortals so they could still be a family. Alex was a fun character as she was always stressed and Calen was stern but in a comical way.

The book had minimum lies and betrayal which I liked. It wasn’t about the ultimate bad guy they are chasing but one that you don’t exactly think as one which left you guessing. Technically I had a feeling I knew who the bad guy was but it was not for the reason that was found out at the end.

Hungry For You to me was a happier go lucky story as it was cute and fun to read.

Twice The Temptation

After reading two books from Cara Summers I found myself looking for more. So far the books I have seen from her are the Harlequin Romance series. I decided to continue on that route with Twice The Temptation. This is a collection of two short stories, Playing with Reese and Saving Brie, from the series Forbidden Fantasies.

Playing with Reese

Reese Brigtman is on the road to becoming a big success as a televised chef that is if her producer would ever make up his mind on the location. Mac Davis wants it all to work for his show and has now the perfect location. Now all he has to do is convince Reese to use her house. The only obstacle is singles weekend, an old flame and a couple of ghost.

Saving Brie

Brie Sullivan is witness to a murder and now is down a bodyguard but soon Cody Marsh takes the position. Together they go into hiding at the haunted house of Haworth. Things don’t go as plan as there are several difficulties they will face, one being taken with desire and wanting nothing else. It doesn’t help that this is the singles weekend all about fulfilling fantasies.

I have to admit I liked the stories. They were complete stories but sometimes wished there were more details within the story. Each story was about 120 pages. They were quick, steamy and had a fun plot. I am interested in reading about the other two sisters who came before Reese. The ghosts were a fun element of the story which gave it a little of the paranormal romance.