Runaway Vampire

Runaway VampireMary Winslow was on her last road trip that she had taken with her husband before he had passed away. Mary’s trip will soon get sidetracked when she ends up hitting something with the RV. Mary will find her life turned upside down when she helps the man she had hit and will find there was a whole knew world she never knew.

Dante Notte had been kidnapped with his twin but Dante was able to escape. He will land himself in trouble when he is injured but that will lead him to his life mate. Dante will stop at nothing to find his brother and keep hold onto Mary.

Runaway Vampire is the twenty-third book to the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands. So with this series I have found the newer books just don’t interest me as much but I keep reading them because I have liked this series. This newest book was interesting. I liked it and in the beginning I was brought into the story pretty fast. Then I found myself slowing down. It wasn’t like it was bad or anything but the story for me slowed down and that made it harder to get through.

Dante’s character was a man on a mission which was to get away from his kidnappers and find his brother. I liked that even with his life mate around his priority was his brother. Although a lot of his time will go to Mary as she his his life mate. Mary’s character was a sixty year old woman who had a hard life in her earlier years. The bad years was her marriage to her husband but they had gotten over their troubles. I wasn’t loving how Mary had stayed in her marriage after her husband cheated multiple times but she forgave and that gave her a chance at happiness. Mary’s interaction with Dante was comical especially when she was an older woman who was looking at Dante with hunger in her eyes. She resisted but once she becomes immortal there is no stopping her character from jumping Dante’s bones.

The bad guys you really didn’t get to know much and I hope you learn more but that might come into play with the next book as that will feature Dante’s brother. It might take me some time to read it but I will get there.

Wicked Sexy Liar

Wicked Sexy LiarLondon Hughes was happy with her life. She surfed, tended bar, and hanged out with her roommate. Then things change when she meets Luke Sutter. They will have a one night stand followed by a couple more times but London will know it wouldn’t last because of Luke’s reputation and her trust in the opposite sex.

Wicked Sexy Liar is the fourth book to the series Wild Seasons by Christina Lauren. I really liked this book.

London’s character is a confident woman except when it is with men and relationships. She had been burned by her ex which left her doubting love. I liked that London was trying to live again and open her heart though it will take some time for that to happen. Luke’s character was a good guy but he very much was a player and he enjoyed it because he was in it for just sex. Though when you get to the deeper part of the Luke your heart will break for him. When he broke things off with Mia a little of him died then too. That was why I was happy to read that Luke was opening himself up for something more with London.

This is the last book of the series but there could always be more written. If another story is written I would like to see either Dylan, aka Not Joe, or Magot. Maybe one some story with them getting together.

The Player

The PlayerBlair Hansen had loved one man who broke her heart and made her wary about trusting. Then five years later she found a man that she going to marry though he was someone she didn’t love as she didn’t believe in it. There will be a problem when the man she had loved shows up and he is determined to remind her of what they used to have.

Garrett Lowry knew he had screwed up five years ago and was making it up since then. When he sees Blair at a hotel he knew that had to take the chance and win her back. Though it will be hard as the woman he once loved was buried deep inside.

The Player is the second novel to the series The Wedding Pact by Denise Grover Swank. I really loved this book, it was a very well written story. Now I had loved the first one which in my opinion was much more lighthearted than the second book. The second book was more on betrayal and how trust was lost and how it had to be earned.

Blair was a woman who had been betrayed and has hardened her heart when it comes to love. She is considered cold but really that is just her exterior, she is afraid to express her feelings because she could be rejected. I found it sad for Blair that she was getting married to a man she doesn’t love but finds him stable, and someone who would not cheat. Personally I really disliked Neil from the start and much more at the end. I liked that Blair will find the strength to go with her heart again but it will not work out like the fairy tale story you want. So Garrett’s character was a good guy that made a mistake, though Blair had her part in that mistake. Then he makes a mistake which gives truth to her suspicions. I hated that Garrett goes that route but five years later he is certainly making up for that mistake. I like that he will try and do anything he could be get Blair back.

In the book there is a really well written twist that makes things much more difficult for Blair and Garrett to find that happy ending. As the reader I am yelling at the book for Blair to figure out the truth before it’s too late but it wouldn’t be that easy. Since Blair is insecure about relationships she will make a lot of bad mistakes before she figures out the truth behind it all.

I will be reading the third book next.


EligibleEligible by Curtis Sittenfeld is an adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. My first reaction when I heard about this book was to jump for joy. I loveĀ Pride & Prejudice, have since I was seventeen years old. Well in this adaptation the Bennett family is in present day and all the sisters are adults, no young teenager insight. The story will follow all the sisters but of course will focus more on Liz.

Alright, my first thought after reading the book was that it was long. Second thought was I liked it. Was it my absolute favorite adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, no, but it was good. This book is very much the same and very different at the same time of Austen’s original story since it was being told in a modern world. What I noticed in Sittenfeld’s book was that the characters were very flawed and they were in the original story but their flaws are much more pronounced and up to date with issues that are dealt more commonly in today’s world. Though with these flaws also came some humor of the situation and I thought Sittenfeld wrote those parts well.

I think what threw me was Liz and what she does with Jasper. It made me think less of her but I was still waiting for her to realize her mistake. Also I will say that the romance between Darcy and Liz was something that almost happened out of thin air. Though Sittenfeld will make sure that a romance does happen because what would an adaptation of Pride & Prejudice without Liz and Darcy.

The Substitute

The SubstituteMegan Vandemeer was in trouble. She had found her fiance cheating and immediately broke up with him. The trouble was she hadn’t told her mother about breaking up with Jay and the wedding was now only a few days ago. Megan will find a solution when a man she met on the plane ride will volunteer to help.

Josh McMillan was going to Kansas to find out who really stole his patent before the deadline was too late. His plan was to get close to Vandemeer and as luck would have it he would meet a Vandemeer on his plane to Kansas, except it was the daughter. His plan will change as he volunteers to help the daughter, but Josh will soon be in way over his head.

The Substitute is the first book to the series Wedding Pact by Denise Grover Swank. I really loved this book, it was cute, fun, and a little crazy. I will admit that it was also very predictable but I really didn’t mind that. I was just enjoying the story.

The concept of the story is that three friends were told that the men they were going to marry would not happen and that there would be another man who would come into each of their lives. So Megan is first of the friends whose wedding will have a problem I liked Megan’s character. She was a good person who had a lot of things going for herself except she was afraid of her mother. It wasn’t that the mother was bad but she could be judgmental. The mother gets better and you find out a little information that helps you like the mother a lot more. Then there was Josh’s character. I liked him for all his planning and you knew he was not a bad guy or even malicious. He will be lying to why he was really helping Megan, but he was trying to help his employees keep their job. So the attraction between them is almost instantaneously. They fight it but with close proximity there is no help for them.

The friends, Blair and Libby, of Megan were polar opposites of each other. They had their own parts in the book whether they were helping or hindering the crazy scheme of Megan. I liked her friends and I know that I will enjoy reading their stories.

The Husbands Secret

The Husband's SecretCecilia Fitzpatrick finds a letter written by her husband that is only to be opened if he had died. Cecilia is obviously curious and her husband will become frantic with the mention of the letter. Cecilia will open the letter as she will wonder what her husband is trying to hide which unfolds a mystery and will change several lives.

The Husband’s Secret is a novel by Liane Moriarty. I was recommended this book by my book club and I thought I would give it a chance. I was certainly intrigued with these three women, Cecilia, Tess and Rachael. Their stories are separated by chapters but throughout the book they will blend together as they are interacting with each other within the book.

I liked how Moriarty wrote the storyline with these three women and how they are connected someway to each other in the circumstances of Janie’s, Rachael’s daughter, who was killed years ago. Now there was some pretty horrible things that were written in this book with what happened to some of the characters like what Cecilia found out in her husbands letter or the despair Rachael was feeling since her daughters death. For me though I was drawn towards Tess and her problem with her husband and cousin. I felt bad for her and wanted her to find a way to be happy again. She finds it with Connor who was connected to Janie as a potential boyfriend back in the day and was the prime suspect in her murder. I liked Connor so I was hoping he wasn’t the killer.

I thought Moriarty built up the scene well when the true killer was revealed. I wasn’t expecting the person to be the killer but it made sense and the book just takes off from there as the characters who were living in ignorance were now driven with guilt. The need to tell the truth is great for some while others just want to bury the truth, but the truth never stays buried forever.

In the end the secrets were mostly out and people have moved on but the guilt of certain things were still there. Moriarty ended the last chapter and how she explained that the characters will never know certain facts about how their lives would have been impacted if they did go to an appointment or hear a person shout out to them. So for me the ending I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ending. It was a good ending to the book but it wasn’t the happy ending that you would normally like. Of course this is not a cheerful book.

Scandal of the Year

Scandal of the YearJulia has manged what most society would think appalling, a divorce. She has done the unthinkable only to survive, for if she stayed married much longer she would die. Julia will find her freedom only to have ruin one man’s reputation, the one man she cared for.

Aidan Carr, Duke of Trathen, is in need of a wife but with the latest scandal it was hard to find a woman to look past that. He will find help from the last person he thought would help, the woman who created the scandal, but the more time he spends with her he will know she is the woman he wants.

Scandal of the Year is the second book to the series Abandoned at the Alter from Laura Lee Guhrke. I was very entertained with this book and with this author. Throughout most of it I just wanted to find out more with what happened to Julia and if she and Aidan would have their happy ending.

Julia seemed cold and insincere in the beginning and that made me not want to read the book but once you get past those thoughts Guhrke will show you what type of woman Julia really was, and that was a good woman. She was kind but ultimately fearful and too scared at what life could bring her thanks to her marriage. Throughout the book I wanted to know what had happened even though you had a pretty good idea. Aidan was a good man no matter what situation he was in which was refreshing. I liked that he did have a lustful side which had him needing Julia and it created that passion filled romance between the two characters.

There was a twist that I didn’t see coming with Julia and Aiden. It made sense because of how Julia felt about the entire situation. I was glad that it happened that way as the next time it would mean something more.

I am trying another one of her books next that is from another series which I had picked up randomly from the shelf.