Romancing the Countess

Romancing the CountessSebastian Madinger, the Earl of Wriothesly, was devastated to learn that his wife and his best friend were having an affair and seemed to be running away when they died. He will want to keep this a secret but it will be hard to do when his best friends widow is causing scandal as she is not playing the grieving widow.

Leah George had stopped loving her husband after she found him with another woman. Now that he was dead she wanted to be free and decided to shock society which will bring scandal to her name. Her antics will be stopped, or attempted, by Sebastian who wants to move on. Leah has other things on her mind, freedom from the rules of society.

Romancing the Countess is the first book from Belgrave Square Affair by Ashley March. I liked the story, wasn’t blown away by it but it was a good story to read.

Sebastian and Leah are the ones who were hurt by their spouses who were in love. I felt for Leah as she was the one that found out about the affair first hand. I wanted her to be strong but at the time it was too shocking. I was glad that she found her courage to be more outspoken even though it was unorthodox according to society’s rules. Sebastian I understood his character but I felt like I wanted to yell at him because he was forcing Leah to keep being a shell of herself. She doesn’t listen to his advice which is good as she needed a way out of her life. I liked Sebastian for the reason that he was a good dad to Henry.

The couple were on the verge of seduction at the house party but then everything chances after the house party. Romance for these two characters was something that became very quiet. It was almost nonexistent as they both had to deal with different issues that were stopping them from finding that love between them. Love will blossom between Sebastian and Leah, it just takes a while.