Dare to Rock

Dare to RockGrey Kingston had wanted fame and fortune and he got that but now he wanted more. He wanted the girl he had left behind. Grey knew that he had to prove to Avery that they could make it which was hard when his manager and a stalker were making trouble for them.

Avery Dare had loved Grey since high school but knew that she never wanted his lifestyle. With Grey back she has hope but she will be hesitant to trust him. Though Avery will have more to deal with especially when reporters are bringing up her father’s past.

Dare to Rock is the fifth book to Dare to Love series by Carly Phillips. I really loved this book.

Avery’s character was fantastic. She is a bubbly and confident woman when she does her job but on the inside she is still scared and a girl who has panic attacks. I thought how her attacks started was so sad and I hated that it was coming back because of the reporters. Though Avery is strong and she will get through the trouble. Grey’s character was not the cliche rocker which I liked. He cared about his work and wanted what was best for his band mates. I liked that Grey had to work hard to win back Avery.

The problem that occurs are the threats that Avery receives because of some crazy fan of Grey’s. The woman is psychotic and it shows in her behavior. I thought that James gives a good twist on how this woman was so successful with her threats.

Spoiler Alert: I have made mention that I really disliked the father and the way he doesn’t inquire about Avery especially when she is threatened really pissed me off. He tells her that he is annoyed that because of her antics his past is coming back out. Though Avery will finally get through to her father. She gives him a speech that I was hoping one of the kids would give, that let him know how hurtful he has been to them. From how the father was acting towards the end I think there is a chance he will be there for all of his kids.

I am taking a very quick break for the next book but will be back. I will also be reading about the New York Dare’s in the series NY Dare to Love.

Some Like It Hot

Some Like it HotHarper Summerville is at the town Razor Bay for one purpose which was to examine the charity that is asking for grant money. As she was the one who ran the foundation that her father started it was her job to investigate if they were a credible organization. Harper will find herself being pulled into this town, making new friends and having things heat up with a certain Deputy.

Deputy Max Bradshaw does his job well but at times he feels he is being pulled in all different directions. He will find himself being pulled once again when he will be attracted to a new girl in town, Harper.

Some Like It Hot is the second book to the series Razor Bay/Bradshaw Brothers from Susan Andersen. I have read the first book which I did like. The second book follows the same pattern with some heartwarming scenes along with plenty of steamy scenes as the main characters get together. I will admit it took me some time to get into the book but that was more than likely because I had to keep putting the book down, so my attention was drifting. As I moved halfway through the book I was able to sit down and just read leaving me to enjoy the rest of the book.

Harper’s character was caring but at first she was a little cold as she was just doing her job. It was when she started to really volunteer you saw that she cared for those kids. Max was good man and good cop. He did right by things and helped out when he could especially with kids who were not privileged. I liked that he was taking a chance finally with Harper but you knew that by her not telling them all that was going on there would be an argument coming her way. Personally I didn’t think it was such a big thing to get all angry about. She wasn’t exactly lying to anyone, just not admitting the whole truth.

Andersen has written the next book with Luc and Tasha which I will hopefully getting soon. It sounded like at the end they had a connection of some sort so I am sure we will find out in this next book which should be the last book. That is unless there is another half brother out there yet to be discovered.

Trust Me

Trust MeSkye Kellerman was attacked four years ago by a deranged man but she was able to get away by stabbing him with a pair of scissors. He was put away but with only three years in prison he gets out and Skye is preparing for the inevitable attack but this time she wouldn’t be alone with her friends and Detective Willis behind her.

Detective David Willis knew that Dr. Oliver Burke was the man that attacked Skye four years ago and wouldn’t let anything happen to her now that he was getting out early. He will do everything to protect Skye who he can’t stop thinking about which is threatening his reconcile with his ex wife. He will becoming closer with Skye as her life is being threatened.

Trust Me is the first book to the series Last Stand by Brenda Novak. I have read Novak before with the first book from Whiskey Creek, a series I will have to get back to, and really liked how she wrote the plot and characters. This book was completely different with a cat and mouse game that the main characters had to play in this thriller.

From the first page I was hooked. I like these kind of thrillers as it gets you thinking about what is going to happen next. The only thing that threw me was I felt that I was coming into the story already being told but it is still very easy to follow. There is no story before this but it was the crime that happened several years ago.

I loved Skye and David. Each of them were compelling characters for their own reasons. Skye went through a traumatic event and made it through. She wants to move on and wants David but doesn’t want to be hurt as she knows that he will be going back to his ex-wife. I liked that David does think about going back to his wife but it is to care for her as she is sick with MS. He has a lot of trouble staying away from Skye, he is not cheating but he feels like he is cheating on giving his son a normal life. There is a point in the book that will have David feeling just fine that he can be with Skye which I was happy that Novak put in so they can have their happy ending.

The villain in the book is clearly known within the book as there is no doubt but there is a good twist at the end of who was connected to the man that Skye shot. I was surprised but it made sense as that person was clearly going out of their mind.

The Last Stand series is one I want to keep following. The organization in the book intrigues me as do the characters. I will be on the lookout for the second book from the series or which ever one I come to next.

A Lady of Persuasion

A Lady of PersuasionSir Tobias Aldridge has been jilted. His heart was not touched only his pride. Now he sees a woman and gets lost in her eyes. He will tempt Isabel to be his bride and hold on to her so she doesn’t slip away.

Isabel Grayson wanted a husband of wealth and a title and absolutely not to fall in love. She will find herself falling under Toby’s spell, but will she be able to adjust her life.

A Lady of Persuasion is the third book and final book to Tessa Dare’s series Toby and Isabel Trilogy. I really did like this book not as much as the first two but overall a really great book. I think it was because I really didn’t love Toby as a character, I didn’t hate him. I guess I thought overall his character was a little immature with his own needs and his thoughts of how to treat a woman. Again nothing horrible but he treated them like a fragile flower and not giving them a chance to show their strength. Then there was Isabel who was stuck with what she believed and was not really bending her own views when it came to this new life she was now in. So I guess they were both pretty flawed. It was enjoyable to read how they overcame there own flaws and found a way to work a relationship with each other.

Now that I have finished this series I know that I have to go to another one of Tessa Dare’s. I am off to the Spindle Cove series. Hopefully they are available for me to check out.

Slow Ride

Slow RideTuesday Jones has just lost her father and is trying to get through her grief. She will soon find herself being comforted by an ex race car driver and it will turn into much more.

Daniel “Diesel” Lange has had plenty loss and tragedy in his own life. He wanted to help Tuesday but also wanted her romantically and was filled with lust for this woman.

I was waiting for the fourth book but it was already checked out so I went on to the fifth book, Slow Ride. Erin McCarthy writes a steamy plot so far in all these books in the series Fast Track. So Tuesday is a blogger that can be a little harsh when writing her stories. She calls it like she sees it, but is a good person with a few little problems. Diesel is a wonderful character. He is the strong manly type but cares and can relate to what is happening with Tuesday but he is still closed off to his past. I think both characters are dynamic and actually are very much a like being flawed. Tuesday has a becoming alcoholic problem and Diesel is too afraid to move on.

Now what Erin McCarthy does in this book is getting the characters into some really steamy scenes and there is a lot of sex between these two characters, and I mean a lot. The sex is what gets them together but its overcoming their own personal tragedies that keeps them together. That is if they can get it right. The sixth book I am reading next is Jacked Up.

Lip Service

Lip ServiceSkye Titan always had done what her father asked her to do, she proved that by dumping her boyfriend to marry a man he selected eight years ago. Now that Skye is single her father is telling her once again to marry the man of his choosing. This time around Skye is not as cooperative especially when her old flame shows up.

Mitch Cassidy did not consider himself to be a hero even though he fought and saved many. He lost a leg in the Navy Seals and thought himself finished. He will travel back home to see many things have changed except for the intense feelings for his ex girlfriend.

So already reading the first book  of the series Lone Star Sisters I already know who the villain is supposed to be in Lip Service but Susan Mallery goes further and gives us more to hate. Jed is the ever loathing father that I really am disliking especially how he pins his children against each other and of course uses threats against them. Then there is TJ who is the new suitor who I knew was working for the ultimate bad guy, Garth who seems to get worse and worse. There was also Mitch had a moment of being the villain and even Izzy had played a little of the villain by not thinking about what she was doing. In the end she was doing it to show her sister but it could have been done a different way.

Now even though I really love reading so far this series it made me cringe. My hands were curling the pages of the book as you went further and further wanting to know when everything will burst. Lone Star Sisters has no readily happy ending as there are many obstacles that keep getting in the way. I hated that Skye was a little on the weak side when facing her father but with her past it is understandable. I thought Mitch was a diamond in the rough after he got over trying to get his own revenge on Skye.There was a lot of hurt that happened throughout their interaction but they were able to heal.  I loved that through it all there was a second chance that brought them together and a happy ending for them is possible.

So the ending has two big things that happen. There is a very harsh threat from Jed to his daughter which finally severs the ties she held on to and then Izzy is in a dangerous situation where she could have been killed. Is Garth going after Izzy now? Is he going further in the plan and trying to hurt them not just their reputation? The answers will hopefully be answered in the next book which I will be starting next.

Music of the Heart

Giving time to others was hard for Cassandra to do but when it was for charity she was willing. Thrust into the limelight Cassandra played many concerts at a young age but now Cassandra does not play concerts. She stays in her house only to do as she wants but now the Greek tycoon will change her life.

Neo Stamos had a goal to be a billionaire and he made it so with his friend. But now Neo has lost a bet and must take what his friend has offered. A years worth of piano lessons with a prodigy. Neo did not know what to expect with Cassandra but soon she would fill his world and complete what was missing.

The Shy Bride which is written by Lucy Monroe is a modern day short romance novel. Neo is the strong, cultured man with little love in his life. While Cass is the shy, innocent woman who has not had the chance to love. Together they make the connection and blossoms a relationship that starts from friendship.

I liked that Monroe creates the characters to become friends first as it was needed to let them take the final plunge into love.

Lucy Monroe will continue the Traditional Greek Husband series with the sequel and last book which will have Neo’s friend and business partner finding love.