Fat Free and Fatal

Fat Free and FatalSavannah Reid was always looking for work and her friend, Detective Dirk Coulter, and ex-partner on the force got her a bodyguard gig for a celebrity. Savannah figured it would be easy until dead bodies started to show up.

I haven’t found many mystery novels that I liked to read or wanted to read more after the book was done. I am always searching for something that peaks my interest with a who done it plot. I think I found something with the book Fat Free and Fatal. Picking up the book I did not know it was a continuing series from the author G A McKevett. The series is called Savannah Reid. I started the series at the twelfth book and even though it was a book in progress with the characters you are able to read it without feeling like you are missing everything.

So about the book, it was fun to read. The mystery had characters who were a little quirky. I liked the character of Savannah obviously. She was snappy with her comebacks especially with Dirk, had some wit, humor and was good at her job. I liked Dirk as well. He was the cliche of an overworked cop but was a good man. There wasn’t any romance between them but you can tell that there is something there and I look forward to reading about how it will progress.

The murder/mystery aspect kept you on your toes with misdirection and it wasn’t a doom and gloom type of mystery. There was humor and the mystery was kept lighthearted especially with the type of characters in the book.

I think that I found a mystery series that I like, now I just have to start from the beginning to see how Savannah Reid got her start. If the beginning is as good as the twelfth book then I will have a new series to read.

Chasing Perfect

Chasing PerfectCharity Jones is new in town and looking forward to helping out the town with her new job.  She will find herself in trouble when she comes face to face with the town’s celebrity Josh Golden and sparks will soon be flying.

Josh Golden is back in his home town still recouping and trying to move on from the demons that were in his past. Meeting Charity he knew that she would be off limits as she was the girl you married but he could not stay away especially as she helped him heal.

Chasing Perfect is the first book to Fool’s Gold series. I had started the series in the middle only reading two books. I was intrigued and wanted more which only meant that I had to start at the beginning. Since I loved the two books I had read I was thinking this would be another fantastic book from Susan Mallery and it was. There was charm and great back story with the characters of Charity and Josh, also with supporting characters, with a few added surprises.

What this series has going for it are the many characters that fill the book. Susan Mallery keeps the characters developing and with that this series can keep going. I picked up several of the books wanting more than just the first one so the next book on my list is Almost Perfect and Finding Perfect. I am really excited to keep going with the series.

“Jude’s Law” by Lori Foster

So this book was another that went by very quickly.  I loved reading about how Jude and May.  These two characters were funny, interesting and real.  The story line is that Jude Jamison is a celebrity living now in Ohio trying to get out of the lime light of Hollywood, but not just for his celebrity status.  Jude is hiding out because he was called a murderer.  A young starlet, Blair was killed by a bomb while in Jude’s limo.  Jude left a few moments before the bomb went off.  So he is hiding out in Ohio and finding interest in other things, May Price.

May Price owns the local art gallery that Jude buys from.  Although May is fascinated by Jude she doesn’t show it.  She is too self conscious of herself.  This is due to her self image.  She has curves so what!  That is not a bad thing but to May it is.  Also her family doesn’t help matters.  Of course Jude finally lets her know that he has real interest in her.

Their romance is enhanced as trouble comes to Tim, May’s brother, who owes a lot of money to a loan shark.  Jude is then mixed into this problem as a victim to be killed by Tim instead of Tim owing money.

Okay so this book was really good.  The characters were fantastic.  I was drawn into all of their lives.  May and Jude were my favorite but Denny and Ashely were absolutely fantastic.  Ashley was the best thing for May.  She was like a sister or something more.  I liked the excerpt of Quinton Murphy and his interaction with Ashley.  I am interested in seeing how that blossoms in the next book.

But there were characters I didn’t like.  Of course there was Elton but he was the bad guy.  The ones I didn’t like were May’s family, her parents and Tim.  Tim I could handle as he changed his attitude and ways, but he was just too spoiled and ungrateful to May it made me mad.  Though her parents were the worst.  While I read about them I wanted to have them thrown on their butts  and out of May’s life.  I think that a book that can get me frustrated while reading is great to read.